Monday, November 2, 2015

Venus, Mars and Rahu Conjunction in Virgo November Transit

In November this week, the Mars and Venus are exactly conjunct while they simultaneously changes signs leaving Leo and entering Virgo on Monday, November 2nd. When they enter Virgo Mars and Venus will be joining up with Rahu (North node of the Moon) one of the eclipse points and just to make things more complicated.

Mars and Venus when together generates passion and excitability, on the downside argumentative behavior. Venus planet of harmony suffers from being too close to Mars planet of conflict, so don't expect much in the way of agreement and at its worst Mars the planet of war indicates  destruction of love, harmony and values and there is another problem, Virgo is the sign of debilitation that means that Venus and it significations are weakened in this sign.  Because Venus is the planet of love and acceptance doesn't working so well in analytical, critical and perfectionist sign of Virgo. There is Rahu also present in Virgo and now add the energy of Rahu to Venus and Mars. Since Rahu is an eclipse point, its nature is to cast a shadow over things, in other words to obscure and distort the energy of a planet that comes in contact with it. Additionally Rahu has the nature of desire and obsession. Mars and Rahu are classified as natural malefic planets in Vedic astrology. so they both are in capable of doing harm.

So Venus the value, integrity, agreement and capacity to compromise of Venus is suffer due to Venus with Mars and Rahu in Virgo Sign and selfish self gratification becomes the priority for the Venus.  Also the combination of Mars and Rahu the planet of aggression and victory with the planet of obsession and confusion creating an intense pressure to respond to any challenge whether real or perceived. This results in unnecessary anger ill-conceived actions and a high potential for violent events and problematic in people life and will cause difficulties in that sector of your life where the sign Virgo falls in your chart.

So how it will affect individual sign according to each ascendant:

Aries Ascendant: The Mars, Venus and Rahu conjunction will be affecting your sixth house. The house of work and service.  The Intense passion of this triple conjunction will fire you up in your work environment and may even spark an infatuation with a coworker just be careful Rahu can indicate deception including self-deception. The sixth house represents health and disease, Mars is the planet of accidents and with Venus and Rahu suggests going to far with your enthusiasm which may bring some unpleasant situations.

Taurus Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your fifth house.  The fifth house of romantic affairs where it will ignite the passions and the need for more physical expression but beware about when Venus the planet of love is in the company of two malefic planets it activates the downside of Venus which is selfishness. Fifth house belongs to children and this energy combination will make behave erratically and will likely generate difficulties in your relationship with children.

Gemini Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your fourth house. Affecting your fourth house of security, stability and relationship with your mother.  This fourth house related with inner peace and happiness and this combination of planets puts the focus on self gratification.  Mars as the planet of conflicts is not conducive to harmony in the domestic sphere or for happy relations with your mother and for your inner peace.

Cancer Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your third  house,    of personal desire passion and excitement. With these three planet conjunction pile up in your house of personal efforts. Since this energy is a self serving so you have to be careful with any of your third house things, like relations siblings, neighbors and others that you encounter in your daily operations. Your selfish desires will bring misunderstanding, bitterness and argument.

Leo  Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your second house.  second house concerned with speech, value money and the acquisition of desired material objects.  The impulsiveness of the triple conjunction encourages expenditure in the pursuit of material satisfaction.  The excitement and passion of this three planet, all will find expression through your speech which will become combat and challenge with anyone and family relations will not be harmonious.

Virgo  Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your first house.This  triple conjunction will act  in a very personal way as the energy directly affects your conscious and awareness.  Others will find you hard to take as you are more forceful and volatile in behaviour than usual. With this transit you tend to arouse others to oppose you. You will feel restless and you feel needs to physical expression. The  best to have some work to do preferably alone or get out and do some sports or other physical activity.

Libra  Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your twelfth house.   Mars the planet of conflicts and  in the 12th  house of the subconscious, and is problematic for inner peace. Venus is good in 12th house if it is placed alone but in combination with Rahu and Mars is not so good. Venus in Virgo, the lower side of Venus is brought out in selfish self-indulgence behaviour. So here in the 12th house of bed pleasure, so be careful of giving into your basic instincts.  

Scorpio  Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your eleventh house.  The 11th house of goals, ambitions, profits,  gains friends and Associates.  Since this triple conjunction has an inherent high degree of desire and  it's energy fits in eleventh house with the goal oriented quality of this sector. But just be careful of your forceful ambitions arousing the fire of your friends and Associates.

Sagittarius  Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your tenth house.  So the intensity of Mars, Venus and Rahu will be manifesting through your actions in the world the usual self-righteousness. You gets even stronger with this transit making you even more outspoken with a potential to distance from others. Careful that your career and professional actions don't backfire on you.

Capricorn  Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your ninth house.  The ninth house of ethics, morality meritorious deeds,  beliefs and religion.  This problematic combination of planets is not conducive to the operation of your ninth house. The tendency is to get hung up on your own personal truth which puts you in conflict with others. Rahu don't let you share your beliefs relations with guru  and father and you can also suffer. This is not a good time to make decisions about your future.  

Aquarius  Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your eighth  house. This could be a difficult time since these three planet conjunction is itself already problematic and in the eighth house as the house of big changes and chronic problems has some definite downsides. So careful that you don't give into selfish impulses that incline you toward secret activities that could result in humiliation and punishment.

Pisces  Ascendant: The Mars, Venus, and Rahu conjunction will be  affecting your seventh house. The seventh house of one-on-one relationships, so this is a problematic transit for your intimate and all other your relationship with spouse and partnership. You can expect some difficulty in this area of your life which will likely arouse enmity in your partnership and with others One-on-one relationships such as business, partner and or clients can similarly be a source of trouble.  

This transit will be over in just a few short weeks. The Mars, Venus and Rahu combination will be at its most intense during the first half of November. Later in the month after they spread out a bit the energy becomes less difficult to deal with it. At the end of the month Venus leaves Virgo and enters Libra that the planet of harmony and agreement will be totally in the clear and have big relief from debilitation, Mars and Rahu.