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Ketu (South Node) influence in Divorce, Marriage, Relationship Astrology

If we have to consciously breath.. i guess we will all have faced a situation when we would have forgotten to breath and would be in trouble :-). Like breathing we do lot of things subconsciously.. in some ways they are the habits that build up with time .. we don't think about it.. but just do it  like wise when we are in marriage we let our guards down and be who we are without any pretension.  For a marriage to work there are couple of following things that are needed .. some are subconscious influences which with habits we try to overcome.
  1. Love,Respect, Compromise for each other (Venus)
  2. Have no ego in relationship (Sun)
  3. Having a feeling of Disconnect (Ketu/South Node)
  4. Crazy in love & Relationships (Rahu /North Node)
  5. Aggression, argument and fighting  (Mars)
  6. Emotions, mind, imagination (Moon)
  7. Understanding things correctly (Mercury)
  8. Learning, teaching, higher wisdom  (Jupiter)
  9. Commitment and Duties (Saturn)
For this conversation we will consider Ketu (South Node) as a planet in relationship, its influences and how it can get us near a divorce if we don't understand it the subconscious influences and change our habits and approach in relationship. 

Ketu (South Node) Ketu is the south Node of the moon. It is the body without head. As we can understand if we cut head from the body the body is much larger than head. Ketu is past life painful experience which we don’t want in this present life. Ketu which have no head means can’t think, directionless, confusion, don’t listen because it already have experienced in past life (overconfident related to those things where it sitting in the birth chart.), dissatisfied, self critical towards own things because want perfection, isolation and separation.

Let's consider one by one how these are important..

Ketu (South Node) can cause dissatisfied : When Ketu in 7th house then Ketu wants perfection in love and lot of unreasonable and unusual expectation from partner. So it  is a natural dissatisfaction, it is so natural .. it is like being dissatisfied for necessary reason. This dissatisfaction can cause in them and they loose interest in partner and create a distance in relationship.  A person with a Ketu influence should question when they are not happy in a relationship to see if there is a valid reason for it. 

Ketu (South Node) can cause isolation, separation: Since Ketu is transformation and want change. So when Ketu placed with Venus it want change in love and their love life them to that extend that they are no more interest in this materialistic world.  The person may want to explore higher meaning of love and stay separated or isolated which is not good for a relationship of this materialistic world.. Once should try to be connected to people around if you want to enjoy life and relationship. 
Ketu (South Node) can cause a person to be self critical: When Ketu in 1st house then Ketu expect perfection in personality. So if a person is not able to get the perfection they feel that they have not done enough. You should not be that critical about yourself..if we take self criticism on to the extreme side then it turns into inferiority complex ..when we have inferiority complex we don't enemies to drag our-self down or defeat ourselves..( Rahu in 7th house ) we are enough.. We need to be mindful of this as it can be very damaging in the relationship.

Ketu (South Node) can cause a person to be critical of others: Ketu wants perfection so they are not happy with what other do if it is not perfect. Since perfection is a matter of opinion. It is hard to make the ketu person happy. A Ketu person should try to be reasonable in a relationship, otherwise it will be hard for others to be with you. 

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