Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Atma Karaka in Astrology

Jaimini has become the second most widely used system of Vedic astrology in the world. Jaimini’s principles discussed in detail in the Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. Technique used in Jaimini astrology gives remarkable and specific predictions using distinctly different methods.

There are seven Jaimini karakas. They are judged in terms of the planetary degree placement, regardless of sign placement, from the planet in the highest degree to the lowest degree.

Atma Karaka ( the planet holds highest degree) is the indicator of self. Atmakaraka planet the Own self, considered the strongest planet of all seven graha, and significator of the Soul, Self, physical appearance and vitality. The Atmakaraka is the lord of bondage and liberation. He is the king of the birth chart its means every planet's works according to the atmakaraka planets.  Just like a king who have the authority for putting one in jail and freeing one from jail and free them from jail or pay them honour according to their good or bad deeds.  Similarly Atmakaraka is also a king of the individual and atmakaraka planets is have the main authority over happiness and sorrow for the individual depending on the condition of the atmakaraka planet. The sign and the house placement of atmakaraka in navamsa chart shows or  gives us a clue as to the desire of the person and the nature and  vital information about the nature of the atma (soul) of the person and and its spiritual development.  

Sun is the natural soul indicator for everyone but if sun have the highest degree in your chart its means Sun is atmakaraka in your birth chart. All the other rules applies as well.  Atma Karak planets give result according to the dignity, house placement and  conjunction of any other planet with atmakaraka planets. The life journey’s of the person can be easy or difficult it depends on the atma karaka planets.  

But the general meaning of atma karaka are like this:

1. SUN as the AK indicates that the native has to learn to overcome his ego and should become humble. The Sun is the natural king and the deep desire to rule will manifest as leadership in various things.

2. MOON as the AK indicates that the native should be very caring and compassionate. The Moon is the indicator of basic emotions so they should be taking care of other people's emotions.

3. MARS as the AK indicates that the native should refrain from all forms of violence and stick to the path of ahimsa. Mars is the strength and gives the desires to win battles and proves its strength.

4. MERCURY as AK indicates that the native should control his speech and be truthful at all times, communication should be pure, and Learning to face the truth.

5. JUPITER as AK indicates that the native should always respect the Guru, and care for the children, learning about spirituality, wisdom, stay hopeful in all situation and be generous with everyone.  

6. VENUS as AK indicates that the native must have a very clean character and refrain from illegitimate sex or lust, and accepting relationships the way they are.

7. SATURN as AK indicates that the native cannot give sorrow to others and will have to share the sorrow of many others, facing harsh truths, and loneliness of life.

8.Rahu and Ketu can not be atmakaraka but if they are sitting with atmakaraka planet then they have influenced on atmakaraka planets. Conjunction of these two nodes on atmakaraka planets can cause life to undergo many changes and up and down in life.

If a malefic planet is the atmakaraka, it indicates a high level of spiritual development with difficulty, whereas a benefic planet as the atmakaraka indicates easy way of spiritual development. Malefic atmakaraka  shows that the present incarnation is meant to suffer or redeem many of these accumulated sins. Such suffering is meant to cleanse the atma/soul and make it more spiritual. e.g. If atmakaraka rules 8th house it shows sins of past life need to cleanse.

Other condition of atmakaraka planets:

1. All retrograde planets indicate deep-rooted desires from a past incarnation and such desires are invariably tough to manifest in this lifetime as well. The retrograde planet has a lot strength/power to try again and again. Such strength to try again and again occurs because desire is strong and  the objective or goals of the person fails. Retrograde atmakaraka indicates a deep-rooted desire as being the cause of the birth and that the soul cannot rest in peace until the objective is achieved.

2. Combustion of AK gives spiritual insight because rays of the combust planets comes from the Sun and Sun  burnt up the impurity of the planet, but person does not feels so good in the process.

3. If the Atmakaraka is debilitated or conjoined with malefics then it gives miseries like bondage

4.  If it is exalted or conjoined with auspicious planets then it frees the individual even if he is bound by other planets. But also depending on the house rulership of the atmakaraka planet.