Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New Moon in Taurus June 2016

The New Moon in Taurus with Venus on june 4th, 2016. When the Sun and Moon come together in the sky it is known as New moon or Amavasya. The new moon will be new in sign of Taurus and it will be in the nakshatra of Rohini which literally means the ‘’red one’’ or the ‘’red cow’’ or ‘’the growing one’’.  This amavasya falls on saturday so this is known as Shani Amavasya and have its own significance in vedic astrology. Those people who worship shani devata, this new moon is very powerful and have capacity to ward off many problems of related with saturn.

The New Moon is like the point where the Sun (masculine) and (Moon) feminine come together and initiate a new cycle for the month.  A New Moon in Taurus so this is a time when we're going to be really feeling into that Taurus theme of connection, beauty, comfort, love and family and wanting to connect with what feels good to us and also assessing where we feel appreciated and respected and we want to go deeper into that. What we value and accumulated, so all these are theme of the month or the next 30 days. This New Moon happening in the nakshatra of rohini the star known for good value for the effort. Rohini Nakshatra allows for growth and creation on all levels, bestowing great creativity. The Moon is in Rohini is about contentment, peace and being happy.

This New Moon is closely involved with another planet the energy and has a major influence on the month energy.  Venus the one of the planet of relationship, pleasures, appearance and guidance are exactly conjunct the new moon. Venus rules the sign Taurus so this magnifies the qualities of Taurus the sensual materialistic side. There's another influence on the other side of the zodiac directly opposite the new moon is retrograde Saturn in Scorpio and retrograde Mars aspecting New Moon. Saturn is the planet of harsh realities, obligations, restrictions, and delays so it puts the aspects on Venus and all the New Moon. Therefore the energy of the month makes it worse. Saturn is the reality check planet so New moon will not pleasing as should be. The new moon aspected by retrograde Saturn and Mars create the energy of challenges. Indicating situations that can develop into some unpleasant situations easily and require dealing with discordant conflicting circumstances.  This new moon is taking part in a difficult planetary pattern suggesting that the next four weeks will be quite frustrating.

Mars is the planet of action and moving things forward there's still retrograde still moving backwards until June 30 so not the best month for doing something really important. Mars is where we break things in life and where we don't feel respected and appreciated. Mars aspects the Moon at the initiation of the cycle shows a good time for you to have the courage to break attachments and break connections that are not working out in your life. It's hard to do that for any kind of relationship with people but it's time to really examine the connections not working and you may the courage to do. So it's a great time for creativity and for bringing greater connection into your life and making sure that those connections are valuing and that your valuing others.  It is a good time to rethink the change the transform them or maybe even break them for better.

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