Saturday, May 28, 2016

What's Stopping YOU from Success & Happiness?

I think the whole idea of of seeking help from self analysis , mentor or a astrologer is to be able to understand what needs to be done to be successful and happy. It can range from how we perceive the world, how the world around us deal and engages with us. At the end of the day success and happiness cannot come to us till be engage in KARMA..eventually the influences and habits will guide us to take action and engage in life to be able to achieve what we want.

  1. Is it your Mind.
  2. Is it your habits.
  3. Is it lack of your skills.
  4. Is it the people around you.
  5. Is it the system around you.
  6. Is it inability to engage with people.
At the end of the day, nothing will changes unless we act and decide to make a change. If we are a drifter or on others mercy .. we cannot get what we want. If we want to have something then we need to be the person taking action and engaging in life. Being righteous is about doing the right thing and it is the toughest it is not my opinion or your opinion it is the right thing to do. We get so caught up in i am right or your are right that we forget that there is always a right way of doing things. 


Astrology can help you find your natural inclinations/talents. Which can speed up your path to success & happiness. Following are some of the resources that can help you understand yourself, mind and the world around you.

Self Analysis & Improvement

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Full Moon in Anuradha Nakshatra May 2016

On 21st may there is Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio with Retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn. Full Moon is the halfway point in the monthly Moon cycle and it is harmonizing energy with Sun and Moon. Full moon is not a beginning point but it is midpoint of Sun and Moon opposition. So the Sun will be in Taurus and Taurus is about it's values, stability, following our own inner values your first which we inherit these from her family and then later we develop around value systems and if these values are solid structure like solid foundation in life then they give us support. This is why you're close possessions are reflection of your values of what you value. Moon in Scorpios is opposite of Taurus, where we question our values, solid structures and core principles. In scorpio things are something more restless, stressful and the fear of those things that we cannot control things that are beyond our control. The Scorpio theme of restlessness and imagined fear and worry about those things that we can not control of family and friends around us. Taurus is solid, stable and fixed energy of life, but this is an illusion of stability and structure that we sense in Scorpio. So when the moon is exalted in Taurus because it calms down the mind and it's debilitated in Scorpio because mind is restless. So Sun in Taurus is trying to strengthen the emotions and stabilizing emotions by aspecting Moon in scorpio.

Scorpio is a Sign of emotions and drama so that we can then stabilizing and go deeper into what's below the surface. On the surface of the water there's a lot of waves, below the surface it's calm and peaceful water (emotions). So we need to sink down into the heart in order to connect the true source of of emotion which is love true source of all emotions. Love is the source of all emotion. Scorpio sign is very devotional sign once Scorpion get over their fear in the heart. So Full Moon in scorpio is going to be facing these lessons. Full moon in Scorpio brings that contrast of taurus qualities that says it's good to have this material comfort and consistency but you need to go deeper literally into the scorpio principle to feel truly stable.

This Full Moon happen with retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn. Mars in Scorpio is powerful and now is because it's retrograde it also is opposite to the Sun is so is power and will come together and share. Mars in scorpio have power to manipulate and influence others. However, these two retrograde planets with Full Moon is triggering lot of tension that can be flash out in feelings of anxiety, confusion with family and friends. The full moon in Scorpio is it's sign of debilitation in other words some of the down side of the emotions comes through in this sign, like negative emotions. The conjunction of Mars and Moon known as Chandra Mangala yoga in Vedic astrology. This yoga in emotional water sign Scorpio amplifies some of the less desirable qualities of the mind. Like being overexcited, irrational actions, anger towards women and generally destructive tendencies. So you may suffering from anger due to mistakes or having problems being misunderstood by others on this full moon in Scorpio.

This Full Moon happens in Anuradha nakshatra. This deity empowering Anuradha is Mitra, the Vedic god of devotion and friendship. This nakshatra teaches us to a solidity our devotion and friendship with others. Anuradha nakshatra is a mysterious emotional, and deep desirous sign. Which ultimately leads into higher spiritual devoted life. So on this Full Moon relationships can become more vulnerable and passionate. Doubts on relationship and destabilize feelings will be more on this day. So everyone have to be very careful at this time not taking harsh decisions, try to adjust, and try to working together and it is useful time to find your own voice to empower yourselves by communicating needs and listening to others.

On Thursday, May 19 Venus leaving Aries and entering Taurus. Venus rules Taurus a planet in its own sign is strong. But there are a some of problems. Venus getting closer and closer to the Sun in other words entering deep combustion. So significations of Venus is weakens and its potential for creating benefits reduced. Venus enters Taurus it moves into position to be directly across the zodiac from its enemy Mars which is retrograde on the other side of the Scorpio sign. Mars is strong in its own sign Mars and channeling the energy of retrograde Saturn which accompanies. So Mars has even more malefic by aspecting on Venus. So Venus already weakened due to combustion and plus direct aspect of Mars on Venus it is more damaging. Venus has a hard time for the next couple of weeks. Compromise of agreements will be harder to achieve, your love and romance will hit a rough patch and financial markets will be stressed.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Power of Retrograde Planets Astrology

Retrogrades are probably the most confusing aspects in astrology. Many people born with many retrograde planets in their birth-chart. In astrology a retrograde planets shows the energy is not behaving normally and therefore retrograde planets disruptive in general life. Depending on the sign and house position and aspects of a retrograde planet would add more flavor to the Interpretation. With retrograde planets in natal chart, people sometimes look to the past to find solutions for their current problems. Retrograde planets do not work to their best potential. It is not that they don’t work well, but the individual with the retrograde planets does not apply them much in his current life. Instead, he is trying to fit the present world into his past encounters. For example, with Jupiter Retrograde tend to avoid teachers and questions about belief system, because of past life experience related with Retrograde Jupiter was not good. 

Some people have multiple Retrograde planets, which can bring powerful karmic lessons to that person and that bring the past life in mix with present life.  The more Retrograde planets a person has, the more confusing his life becomes and he grows more introspective and develops within himself a separate life which can be isolated to the outer life. In birth chart, Retrograde planets repeat previous incidents or issues from former lives which were not fully finished with. Retrogrades occur on an subconscious level, and if an individual turns his consciousness levels then that person will come to discover a great awareness and how to deal with it. Since retrograde planets do not behave normally as do direct planets, interpreting them can be confusing. The meanings of Retrograde planets are determined by the sign and house they occupy, along with the aspects they make. Retrograde planets work differently and need extra work and understanding. Retrograde planets brings past experience or past knowledge of the previous life in the present life.

Here are some example of famous people who have retrograde planets and become millionaire and they are Steve job and Zukerberg Mark.

This is the Birth Chart of Steve Jobs

He was Leo ascendant and he had two retrograde planets Mercury in Capricorn (serious thinking) and Jupiter in Gemini (experimental sign).  Mercury is the karaka of speech and communication.  Since Mercury was retrograde Steve would spend hours in practice, he became so good , Steve Jobs is considered to be the best. A person can take this information in 2 ways, I am not good i should channelize myself to other skills or I am not good, but i should work hard on it to be good at it. Since he was a deep thinker due to mercury and experimental due to Jupiter he was able to come up with amazing products and designs.

This is the Birth Chart of Mark Zuckerberg

He is Aries ascendant and he have three retrograde planets; Saturn in Libra, Mars in Libra, in 7th house of business and Jupiter in Sagittarius sign in 9th house of higher vision. Saturn is the planet of commitment and long terms goal, Mars is the planets of action and personal strength,  Jupiter is the planet of higher vision and direction of life. Mark was able to bring up Facebook against all odds, retrograde Mercury makes him to think differently and re validate his thinking again and again. If we do it right we come back with better answers with less errors.

These are two amazing people with retrograde planets who provide so much to the world. Astrology can help you understand your natural tendencies which can channelize for your advantage or fix them for success and better life.  Steve Jobs was a rebel & explorer of new techniques, he was able to influence the world as very few did. We should use Astrology to understand where are our strength are for to better understand about yourself.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Saturn and Mars retrograde in Scorpio 2016 for each Ascendant

On February 20th Mars changing sign and join Saturn in Scorpio Sign on Saturday and will stay there until September 17, 2016. Usually Mars moves through a sign for in six weeks but this time Mars will be going through a retrogradation into Libra, from June 17 to July 12 2016. So it will remain in Scorpio Sign with Saturn for longer time almost for 7 months. The verse thing of this conjunction is that Scorpio is intense sign and Mars and Saturn both are arch enemy. Saturn and Mars in Vedic astrology both are classified as natural Malefic in other words planets that are capable of doing harm. Having two of the natural malefic together in Scorpio sign of the zodiac for an extended period of time is generally not a good, and this energy pattern will remain for a large part of 2016. Mars is tamasic planet and in own sign it became very strong. Mars is the planet of action, aggression combat, hasty and impatient. Scorpio is a sign with an instinct for power for Mars and good for making secret plan and plot. Scorpio also has a talent for secrets and underhanded actions. 

Scorpio being an water sign so it also very emotional and strongly passionate sign. Since Mars rules Scorpio this combination creates an emotional stress. Mars in Scorpio known for courage, aggression and recklessness. So what happens when Mars get together with Saturn. Saturn is one of the planet of responsibility, structure, restriction and control. Saturn is in many ways is the opposite of Mars. Since these two planets energies are not quite conducive towards each other and putting them together for an extended period of time produces a lot of tension and stress, which can then explode into violence. But there is some good use for this energy pattern. Mars is action and Saturn is focus. Scorpio is a sign fascinated by power strongly motivated by desires Mars and with Saturn in Scorpio manifests his desire as focused, determined action, purposeful, no compromising and can be unscrupulous actions. Saturn can provide energy for accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks whose energy power good time for over the next several months. So if you have a project that requires a period of determined effort this would be the time to do. Mars and Saturn is the combination for blasts and earthquakes on mundane level.

Mars and Saturn conjunction for potential outcomes for each rising sign as indicated by the corresponding house position related to your birth chart.

Aries Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your eighth house of change, transformation, partners wealth, financial involvements with others, chronic problems, secret actions and humiliation. This is overall a difficult transit since malefics in 8th house can bring on hard to deal with changes in your life. Financial arrangements with your spouse or business partner will likely hit a rough patch. There could be some hard to deal with health problems. Careful of the temptation to indulge in any clandestine actions, they could backfire on you and you could suffer humiliation.

Taurus Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your seventh house of the other people and relationship. Which could be the spouse, business partner, client or even a direct opponent. Saturn and Mars put pressure on your relationships and being opposite to your first house of self these two malefic will create the feeling of opposition. Your life become something of an uphill battle. A positive use of this energy powder would be to focus on efforts and accomplishments in your professional field because 7th house is 10th from 10th house.
(According to bhavat bhavam concept).

Gemini Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your sixth house of service, employment, enemies and litigation. Two malefic planets transiting in sixth house cause problems but also provide energy for solving those problems. This is good for working hard at your place and do not fight with your colleague. Mars and Saturn can build up negative energy with others but the good thing is that this setup is equally bad for your enemies and helping you to take the necessary steps for your victory. Take extra care for your health, and doing exercise on the daily basis is good idea. You should have patience when dealing with co- workers and taking care of your pet if you have.

Cancer Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your 5th, the auspicious house of creativity, romance, speculation, investments, amusements and children. Two malefic planets transiting in the fifth house of romance does not favor smooth relations with your lover nor is it favorable for children and do not usually prosper under the influence of two malefic planets.. But for non-living significations this energy pattern could be helpful such as making concentrated efforts towards a creative project, speculation, and investments. Taking care of yourself while playing, otherwise you can hurt your self.

Leo Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your fourth house of home, domestic life, mother, vehicle, security and deep-seated feelings. Saturn is the planet of buildings and Mars is physical activity. Therefore doing home projects and vehicles repairs are good use of this energy. But do not be a part of any politics in home. Having two malefics in the fourth house is not favorable for domestic affairs and not a good combination for throwing a party. There could be problems for your mother and your relationship with her may suffer. Having patience in verse situation is the answer for your inner peace.

Virgo Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your third house of ego, skills, talents, efforts, personal desires, everyday routines and younger siblings. The combination of Saturn and Mars is good in this part of the chart for focused efforts, initiating energy for intensive projects and forceful communications. But not good for your live significations of this sector of your life. Your younger siblings, close relatives, your neighbor will likely endure some problems and due that you may suffer. As third house is the house of short distance travelling, so take care of while driving otherwise you may face some problem.

Libra Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your second house of money, food, close friends and family. This combination indicates for tension within the family whatever has been brewing gets aggravated. Saturn is the planet of work and Mars is action so on the positive side you get a boost putting your extra effort for getting more cash into your life. But two malefics in the second house can still manifest as extra stress in the finance side as well as leading to bad choices for the action. Take extra care in eating food outside in restaurant and take precaution while dealing with any financial matters.

Scorpio Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your first house of the self, identity and your experience in this life. This combination will make you to be more forceful, focused in your interpersonal actions. But the uncompromising energy of Mars was Saturn is not favorable for smoothness and relationships. If you are facing some challenges, you are likely to express yourself in unpleasant ways. Holding back yourself doesn't help you. Mars was Saturn produces a pressure and ready to blow. Best thing to do is to have some project to throw your energy into and avoid those who might oppose. Scorpio ascendant does have a reputation for being nice rather scorpions are intense have dark side of energy and having these two malefics in 1st house making more intense. You need to take care for your physical health in this transit.

Sagittarius Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your 12th house of jail, hospital, sleep, meditation, and dream, is problematic. This is the house of expenses, losses, subconscious, betrayal and hidden actions. Careful of impulsive actions that lead to unintended consequences. Someone may be acting against you behind your back, but with this energy pattern you are equipped for dealing with a hidden enemy in uncompromising way. On the plus side is very good for making headway with institutions. This combination in 12th house is not good for sound sleep. You may face some sleep trouble during this transit. Joining some spiritual institute is good for your inner peace.

Capricorn Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your 11th house of profits, friends, goals, ambitions and the elder sibling. Two malefics transiting in this house are supposed to be good because they make you more determined to reach your goals. But watch out that you don't become so determined that your overbearing towards the 11th house people; your friends, associates and your elder sibling. concentrated effort represented by Mars was Saturn in 11th house can also be helpful for rewards and gains.

Aquarius Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your tenth house of your actions, success in the world actions in your community and that includes conduct in society. Mars and Saturn in 10th house means you determined and focused on your path towards success in gaining status and position, but at what cost. Careful not to alienate the people around you especially those in superior positions such as your boss, and government authorities.

Pisces Ascendant: Mars join Saturn in your ninth house of father, guru, professors, higher higher education and long distance travelling. Two malefics in this house are generally not good for relationship with your father or your group, it is likely to go downhill. You may face problem in long distance travel or with any professor in your college. Mars is the planet of conflict one together with Saturn the planet of harsh reality tend to make you less inclined to adhere to ethical and moral standards. The only possible benefit here might be making concentrated efforts in your higher studies.

If you have planets in Scorpio or the opposite sign Taurus, this combination will have their effects to planets in these two sign as well and will have to suffer the opposition from Mars and Saturn.

Jupiter is still retrograde and conjunct with Rahu which keeps everyone's beliefs on the boil. Jupiter is the planet of truth which is rather hard to locate when obscured with the eclipse point Rahu. Rahu conjunction with retrograde Jupiter continues to manifest over the next couple of months. Jupiter will return to forward direct motion on May 9th and it significations will then slowly return to normal.

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