Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Jupiter Transit in Libra 2017

Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and Jupiter energy shows morals, beliefs, and growth in spirituality. Jupiter also shows higher education, media, news, publishing, travel, and foreign relations.

Jupiter in Libra:

Jupiter entered the sign of Libra on September 11, 2017 and will stay there until October
11, 2018. Jupiter works best in mutable and cardinal signs that allow for beliefs and opinions to change and adapt. Jupiter is at home in a fire sign (Sagittarius), which is known for its honesty and inspiring others with their beliefs. Jupiter is also at home in the water sign (Pisces) being generous and expanding one’s compassion for others. 
Jupiter in the air sign of Libra will expand public relations, publishing, social media activity, and international business. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of love, beauty, art, refinement, luxury, and music. Libra sign are known for being balance, cheerful, popular, and try to make happy everyone. Libra, denoted by a scale, is concerned with fairness, justice, and equality.

Jupiter in Libra is concerned with relationships, marriage, public relations, and any one on one interaction which bring luck. This would be a good year to get married and form a personal or business relations. Working with other or any business deal will bring luck. Equality in relationships will also be a concern while Jupiter transiting in Libra. Jupiter in Libra is concerned with the legal complicity of relationships. What is the right way for people to treat each other? Jupiter in Libra give emphasizes on the public relation, and right way to judge these relations. Libra sign is symbolized by the scales of justice. Legal cases and court battles may also grow in interest in 2017 as people weigh in with their opinions of a particular case and how our justice system is functioning in general.

In Indian astrology, Jupiter is Venus’s Enemy. Jupiter in a Libra, a sign of Venus is pushing beliefs and opinions on others, which is not the best way for Jupiter to operate. Jupiter’s transit through Libra means an extra boost of high vibrational energy in relationships, it could lead to doing too much expectations in relationships and also being too easy on others and not have enough practical considerations to keep it together. Libra is the sign of relationship and Jupiter is the planet of teaching. So Jupiter can stir up and expand the imbalances in relationship. Arguments with others, right vs. wrong, preaching and teaching does not work in relationship. Jupiter in Libra can project ideals onto partners, situations and experience let downs when reality shows up. It can also project expectations onto anyone, Anything and can expect everyone else will operate with high morals and honesty.

On positive side Jupiter in Libra is an auspicious year for marriages, court cases, any kind of counselling, and dealings with the public relations. Increasing your one on one interactions, may benefit your life in many ways and will allow you to enjoy a wonderful year and can give full of progress and success with a partners. Jupiter in Libra may give abundance in art, music and entertainment.  Jupiter in Libra brings us the themes of diplomacy & deal making and Jupiter makes these deals big. Jupiter in Libra brings us classic developments on the timeline of personal & global social change. There are many associations for the socialization process of Libra, all of which are up for expansion over the next year Including: style’ in fashion and design -social networking PR & marketing, deals social justice, the law -business and commerce.

Those people have Jupiter in Libra they will be experiencing ‘Jupiter Return’ as he comes back to its natal position in your horoscope. Jupiter Return is incredibly significant age points in life when we expand into fresh territory, often involving travel or higher learning to trigger fresh meaning and purpose of life for the next 12 year cycle.