Friday, February 1, 2013

Losing weight no Starving and Exercising

I recently watched "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" movie. I got so inspired that i started my weight loss journey. I lost 13 lbs in less than 2 months without starving or exercises. This is amazing and great for me who has been struggling with weight. 

I was on green juice  (Breakfast & Dinner) recipe in the bottom
AND (For lunch)

Boiled Black Chickpea(kala chana) + White Chickpea (White chana) + Mung bean (Green Mung daal whole) + Baby Carrot (Non Cooked) 
Boiled Kindny bean + black bean + Mung bean (Green Mung daal whole) + baby Carrot (Non Cooked)

(Chickpeas, bean and daal were socked in water for 24 hours and then half cooked in pressure cooker with Black pepper, Turmeric and Sea Salt)

other suggestions No Sugar, No Wheat , No Rice 
A bottle of warm water between Breakfast-Lunch and Lunch-Dinner (keep sipping when you feel hungry)

I think everyone has there own reason to loose weight, but we all want to.. who is getting on the higher side.For some inspiration are the kids who wants to play with you for long hours, for some looking good, for some is just feeling great.

after couple of months of no Oil.. I have started taking one tablespoon of Olive oil and you may try Raisins if you feel low on sugar.

For me I love it , I feel energetic , attentive and ready to go.

"Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" was a free movie.. is now paid view on YouTube.


Here is someone who did a juice fast and her journey

Here are the content of the green juice. You can use any other green vegetables also. I used Vitamix (with half filled with water). In the movie the person used Breville Juicer

Content of Green Juice

    1. Kale
    2. Celery
    3. Cucumber
    4. Granny Smith Apples
    5. ½ lemon (for some lemon is not suitable)
    6. ginger
    7. Carrot


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