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Debilitated Planets in Astrology

We live in the universe and we live on the planet earth in the Universe. Life got created on the earth due to the vibration of the planets. The main planets considered to create life is sun and moon. If there is no sun and moon there will be no life like if there is no father and mother a child can not be born.

All planets are in some ways related to our life in a chart and have influence on us.

Sun is the father.
Moon is the mother.
Mars is brother or male friends.
Mercury is sister or daughter.
Jupiter is guru and husband in wife’s chart.
Venus is wife or girlfriend.
Saturn is uncle or old man. 

These all planets have some influence in our life. These all planet exist with in us in the form energy of astral bodies. 

First we should understand the concept of a planet's energy and what is the meaning of debilitation. Planets are debilitated when they don’t meet their original nature in the sign.

Sun Debilitated in 10 Deg. in the Sign of Libra. Sun is the king like father is the main head in the family. A father is the person who provide his family food shelter and everything the family needs, But he does not want anything in return. This is the true nature of sun/father. Sun rises everyday it gives light to everyone but did not ask anything in return. Sun sacrifice himself to give life to others. Sun in Libra is not in his true power. it has to ask to others for any decision. it has to compromise which he don’t like, to overcome this he behave like dictator and shows to others that i am important i did many thing to all of you. This is not the true nature of sun that is sun debilitated here.

Moon Debilitated in 3 Deg. in the Sign of Scorpio. Moon is the queen like mother. Mother is the person in a family who take care of every one with pure selfless love and not wanting anything in return. Mother receive everything from her children whether is good or bad. Moon’s true nature is to have peace whatever the conditions of life. Scorpio is watery sign and water shakes very easily here moon become very restless, feel very insecure and have fear of unknown things here moon is not at peace therefore moon is debilitated in Scorpio.

Mars Debilitated in 28 Deg. in the Sign of Cancer. Mars is the energy with in us who fight for the right cause with the dignity. It is courage, action, discipline and our black and white thinking. Cancer is a emotional sign and when we are fighting there is no need of emotions. If emotion comes between we can not fight rightly and with courage. In Cancer the fighting ability of mars change here mars fight with cunningness it loses its dignity. Therefore mars debilitated in cancer.

Mercury Debilitated in 15 Deg. in the Sign of Pisces. Mercury is the intelligence, intellectual thinking, communication, ideas, doing business ability,focus and gathering information. Here mercury loses its power of thinking because it become too emotional, when we get emotional we loses our ability of thinking and can not focus on things. We become nervous, we can not communicate properly the person start crying. This is why mercury is debilitated in Pisces.

Jupiter Debilitated in 5 Deg. in the Sign of Capricorn. Jupiter is the energy with in us of our higher knowledge, guru, spirituality, hope, and wisdom. Jupiter is the wisdom which want to know what is beyond life. Jupiter want to teach people. Capricorn sign is the sector of life where we need to do hard work it is the sign of karma. Here we can not sit, we have to do lot of hard work for our daily needs/bread and Jupiter doesn’t like it. This is why Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn.

Venus Debilitated in 27 Deg. in the Sign of Virgo. Venus is the energy of happiness with in us it is our capacity how much we can compromise to get happiness. Venus is the planet of love how much we can love others without any complain. Virgo sign is the intelligent sign here Venus energy goes into the fault finding of others. In Virgo Venus not in its true form therefore it get debilitated in Virgo.

Saturn Debilitated in 20 Deg. in the Sign of Aries. Saturn is the planet of karma, hard work and manual job. Saturn is the like old person who is serious and have experienced life and matured in life. Saturn is neutral because it become old and old people behave in a neutral manner, they have patience and are non-biased. Aries sign is very impatient , fun loving, not able to sit in one place move around all the time which Saturn doesn’t like, here Saturn is not in its true form therefore Saturn is debilitated in Aries.

Every planetary energy is assigned some influence/work in our life. If they remain in their original form they work well but if they are not in their original form they can not do well. The lesson of of debilitated planets is that we have to overcome our weakness and evolve to be a better person and to connect the source energy.

Following are the remedies of the debilitated planets. Once you understand the true nature of the planets with these remedies you will be able to overcome effects of debilitation..

(Remedies for weak / debilitated planets in birth chart)

Remedy of Debilitated Sun

Remedy of Debilitated Moon

Remedy of Debilitated Mars

Remedy of Debilitated Mercury

Remedy of Debilitated Jupiter

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Remedy of Debilitated Saturn

Remedy of Debilitated Rahu & Ketu

Friday, October 25, 2013

8th House (moksha house) in Astrology

If we look at it the life it is very much align with the principal of the universe. There is sector of life which is align with a house in the wheel of the zodiac

We are born on earth its mean our body came into existence that is the 1st house of the zodiac.
2nd house where we grow that is our family.
3rd house is interaction with our sibling,
4th house is nourishment from mother,
5th house is house of creativity,
6th house is house of our daily life struggle,
7th house is house of relationship, partner, sex, attachment with people,
after that we have 8th house. 
8th house is considered to be trans-formative house in  astrology.

But how does it transform peoples life. 8th House is ruled by sign Scorpio and the planet Mars. 8th house also represents fear of losing thing which we accumulate in the 7th house. It is the house of joint asset with our partner because it is second house from the 7th house so it is gain from your partner. This is the house of sudden gain like lottery, inheritance, someone went away from your life and give property. This is the house of secrets, income of government through taxes, the occult science, the psyche power, intense feeling of emotions, and healing capability of someone. This is the house of incurable diseases, accidents, hidden or underground things like oil, gemstone, graveyard natural calamity. This is house of unseen things like ghost or mysteries.
This is the house where we have no control of things, we have to face whatever comes our way.
This is the house of transformation through painful thing in our life. We incarnate in this world to learn our soul lesson and go back to source energy. At some point in life everyone have thought of who we are, why we are here, what is life. If life would be a rose garden maybe we won’t think about bad things of life, but life is beautiful at the same time it is ugly as well. When we suffer some kind of harshness like death of someone we love, any financial crisis in life, some incurable diseases, someone cheats us, fear of losing someone we love , natural calamity. We have no control over these things we have to surrender our self to God and accept whatever it is. This is the only way and in this process we change a lot or transform.

This is the house of obsession, jealousy, murder and crime. Mostly people harm the ones they know(7th house). When we are in love with obsession and we in fear of abandonment, separation, loneliness or losing.. then that person can harm someone. This leads an person into
guilt and it lead to transform or change. Here the person embrace spirituality through bad experience of life. This is the house of karmic backlog, means what we have done in our past lives we have to pay in this life. Therefore this house is not in our control, we need to suffer according to the suffering we have given to others in past lives.

The person have suffering in 8th house depending on the planet and its sign in the 8th house. Here we should learn to surrender(let it go) the things which are not in our control.

The planets in this house and the ruling lord of the 8th house brings the change in someones life. Different results can be experienced with different planets in the 8th house. When a person is going through dasha of 8th house lord or planets sitting in the 8th house the person will feel sudden up and down in life. The suffering depend on the planet ruling the 8th house and where it is placed in the chart.

8th house transforms life through painful things in life and in the area of life where we have no control. We have to surrender to the almighty GOD and strengthen our emotional weakness through the fear and anxiety. After we overcome our fears of life we can learn more things about life that is why 9th house come after 8th house. In 9th house we are learning about bigger picture and meaning of life. One should not entangle in too much materialism we should also learn or look what is beyond life.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Venus and Moon together (conjunction) in Astrology

Venus represents pleasure of life, relationships, comfort, convenience of luxurious items like a car, air conditioning, clothing, jewelry, wealth, and beauty inside the home. Since Venus signifies pleasure, it can be any kind of pleasure sex, art, entertainment, interior decoration, anything related to having fun represents by Venus. anything which give happiness and pleasure is Venus.

Moon is the emotions, mind, imagination, mother, emotional response to the environment, how we react to the surroundings.

When Venus and Moon come together these people are creative they are capable in dealing with cloths, they can be good designer, expert in decorations, scents, flowers and other basic tactile business . they may interested in acting, modeling and crafty arts. they like to be happy all the time by doing something related with venus stuff. these people want luxury, comfort , security, and wealth. they want pleasure and sensuality in a relationship.

How ever this conjunction give different result according their sign placement.

Venus and Moon in Aries: These people are very outgoing, especially with a view towards the good life and fortune. they have a quick and active mind, and they like to do things when they involve beauty in some way. This will probably help you to achieve fortunes and associations with those things that attract them. such as wealth.

Venus and Moon in Taurus: They are a lover of pleasure and wonderful surroundings both in and outside the home. they love to eat food. they have abundant clothing, jewelry, vehicles, etc. most of the time they think about beauty and pleasure.these people very are very artistic in life.

Venus and Moon in Gemini: These people are a natural networker and an intelligent, friendly person.these people are expert in doing attractive and charming communications. they may like work in advertising company, scriptwriter in film industry and can be good story writer.

Venus and Moon in Cancer: These people are very emotional and caring in relationship but they very changeable in their emotions. these people are very motherly and feminine in nature.they are fond of comfort and luxury, they want security in relationship. these people serve in a loving way and they feel pleasure in giving to others.

Venus and Moon in Leo: These people very independent type of thinking they are the leaders. they like to recognize and make their own decisions. they have a royal type of attitude. they like to enjoy the finer things in life, such as love, romance, beauty, pleasant surroundings, nice clothes, entertainment, etc. they like to pursue whatever they desire. they don't like to be being stopped.

Venus and Moon in Virgo: These people are very are very Inquisitive and experimenting mind. they are sharp and intelligent. they use their mind to get the things what they want in their life. these people have healing capacity. they interested in the knowledge of medicine and healing. they feel happy in serving underprivileged people. these people like pets.

Venus and Moon in Libra: These people have very balanced mind. they like to talk sweetly and behave nicely. they are the most sensual kind of people. they are very liberal in approach towards life. they are very adjusting in behavior and very pleasant personality.

Venus and Moon in Scorpio: They like to enjoy good things in life but they have an intense and agitated mind Therefore, they may go for what you want in life a little too strongly, such that arguments, separations, anger and other difficult fiery events take place, causing some pain to them . they must try to exercise calm and the gradual approach, when pursuing their desires.

Venus and Moon in Sagittarius: They use their mind in learning philosophy, culture and religion.they like to decorate temple and organize any spiritual events. Venus in Sagittarius is not comfortable they have funny relationship and tough relationship to others as they may not get along so smoothly. they may have uncommon experiences of happiness as well as distress.

Venus and Moon in Capricorn: They have a calm and an attractive personality. these people are down to earth,sensible and a good worker. they are very structured and organized mentality. their house is very neat and clean. and very nicely organized. these people little stubborn and independent. they focus their mind in how to earn money.

Venus and Moon in Aquarius: These people have independent and a loner type personality. they are social and light hearted and wealthy people. they have attractive personality. these people involve themself in social gatherings of something good for the society. they feel good if they do good for the social welfare. they think on the large scale and want to do something good for the world.

Venus and Moon in Pisces: These are people attracted to beauty of the other world. they are very spiritual and live in another dimension of the world. they continue to seek the things that they desire, Ultimately they may end up aware of the great universal scheme of things.these people kind of escapist from the household responsibility. they are fond of dancing and music.

While looking at the chart an astrologer can see strengths and weakness in a chart by sign and placement of a planet. There are some remedies for weak planet to reduce bad effect of planetary energy in their life.

People go to the astrologer when they want to know their future or they are in difficulty. By studying the horoscope we can see the karma or destiny which is related to the past life. An astrologer can  give advice how to overcome by bad karma. Bad karma can be overcome by the practice of spiritual life style.those who live with principle of the universe can overcome by all the reaction of bad karma.Otherwise everyone needs to live according to their good and bad action of the past.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Venus and Mars together (Conjunction) in Astrology

Mars and Venus are the two main planet of relationship. Mars is the planet of individuality and Venus is the planet of love and others. When these two planet are together/conjunct there is a high possibility of  problem in relationship

Mars is will power and vitality, it's our ability to take action. Mars is very impulsive and spontaneous It also represents anger. Mars represents the sexual energy, physical side of love, passion and energy

Venus is our capacity to compromise in love, relationship, Venus also presents passion, pleasure, happiness, creativity and arts.

When Venus and Mars sits together it always make a person very intense sensuality , sexual passion, passionate and someone who is dynamic in their approach in love and relationships.

The Venus and mars conjunction differ in sign placement .. following are the highlights 

(i think it's worth the time to understand this combination & articles in the list)

Venus and Mars conjunction in Aries: 

It is generally easy for them to make relationships. they are quite very impulsive and very passionate with regards to entering new relationships. they have too much of sex drive and their love is more of physical side. they are very passionate about beauty as well as action .they are inclined to art, adventure and romance.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Taurus: 

These people have great passion for love and beauty and they use their energy to attain it. they are very sensual in love. they may may be over indulgent in food, drinking and luxury of life. they can be good singer.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Gemini: 

These people are very experimental in relationship. they are very playful and amusing in behavior. they are very fun loving and enjoy outdoor activity with partner but not loyal towards partner. loyalty comes after certain age. they need to understand serious of relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Cancer: 

These people emotional in relationship and very Skilled and proficient in many arts and poetry,. they have an attractive personality. but they may suffer distress on account of their partner due to their emotional nature. they need to control their emotions in relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Leo:  

These people are Warm-hearted, zesty and passionate they have a charming personality. popular with the public and in the opposite sex. they try to attract people around them and try to be center of circle.these people like to be dressed well. they need to learn that everyone is important.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Virgo: 

 These people are very intellectual in relationship and their passions are good and controlled. If they do get too attached to some desire, they may use cunning methods to attain their aim,although very critical in relationship may create problem due to over critical in nature. they should learn not to criticize people in relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Libra: 

Although these people are very balanced in relationship but have very strong sexual drive. they may neglect their spouse for the sake of another one. they should try not over indulgent in sex activity otherwise may lead to health problem. they need to learn how to be faithful.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Scorpio:  

These people very intense and strongly attracted to love, especially sexual love. these people want to explore sex deeply. they may be over possessive towards partner. they are very very passionate about beauty and arts. they need to learn give freedom in relationship to the partner otherwise relationship can be suffocating.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Sagittarius: 


These people are very  vibrant, sexual, charismatic, passionate, free spirit, spontaneous in relationship. They are romantically and sexually adventurous, active, and outspoken. They have direct and blunt approach to love and sex and making it easier and feel satisfied and they know what they want in a relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Capricorn: 

These people are kind of serious approach in relationship they also very sensual and also enjoy a relationship but they starts slowly and stay loyal to partner.they like certainty in a relationship, they are very dedicated partner. good have this conjunction sign for long term relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Aquarius: 

These people are active in social life they are very conscious and very shy in love, they are very soothing in relationship which attract others towards them.they are a hard worker, but happiness comes later in their life.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Pisces:  

This the best conjunction sign. these people do things in life is very nicely. these people are very confident. they are artistic, charming, generous and loving. they feel very secure and they can give that back to other people. they feel appreciated and satisfied.

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