Monday, March 3, 2014

Ketu (South node) Life Lesson (Karmic Backlog) in Astrology

Each life has a life lesson that encompasses the following three types of lessons. 

1) Those related to a karmic debt (if one exists).
2) Those necessary for human evolution.
3) Those needed to balance negative patterns established in former lifetimes.

Ketu/South Node portray negative patterns from the past, usually related, that may realize in the life task. The Ketu/South Node depicts characteristics or tendencies developed in former lifetimes that may interfere with growth or with accomplishing the life task.

Generally, the Ketu/South Node's sign indicate problems with that sign. Ketu/South Node its sign, its house, the aspects to it and their houses and signs and the house it rules.

Although both Saturn's sign and the Ketu/South Node are likely to be problematic, this will be true in different ways and for different reasons. The Ketu/South Node's sign is often a sign with which we have. Had so much experience that we may have neglected its opposite sign (or other signs) and come Entrenched in some of the Ketu/South Node sign's negative expressions while developing its gifts. The same could be said about the North Node's sign: how it will be expressed depends

On past life experience with that sign. The North Node's sign may be relatively undeveloped or, in an older soul, it may represent gifts. Regardless of the individual's level of development, the Ketu/South Node's sign represents qualities we must learn to express positively and integrate with the North Node's positive qualities. The Ketu/South Nodes' house, like its sign, represents an area of life in which we may have been Overly focused to the detriment of other areas, making it necessary now to focus on the area of life in which the North Node is found. Here again, depending on the individual's development and Experiences, the degree to which this area of life is a problem will vary. But for anyone, the message is to focus on the North Node's house and integrate the area of life represented by the Ketu/South Node into the North Node's affairs.

The Ketu/South Node in Aries: Selfishness, self-absorption, self-contentedness, lack of awareness of other people’s needs, lack of cooperation, contentiousness, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, Impatience.

The Ketu/South Node in Taurus: Hedonism, attachment to pleasures and comforts, Materialistic, greedy or miserly, lacking vision and a spiritual outlook, possessiveness, stubbornness, Resistance to change, inability to let go of things. 

The Ketu/South Node in Gemini: lack of focus, indecisiveness, superficiality, lack of perspective and a Philosophical approach, changing too easily, not following through.

The Ketu/South Node in Cancer: dependency, lack of an independent identity, lack of objectivity,Moodiness, depression, emotionality, insecurity

The Ketu/South Node in Leo: Egotism, pride, self-absorption, domination of others, willfulness, need to Have one’s own way, stubbornness, blind passion, overly dramatic.

The Ketu/South Node in Virgo: overly analytical and critical, judgmental, workaholism, immersion in Work and mundane activities, perfectionism, overemphasis on detail, anxiety, worry.

The Ketu/South Node in Libra: dependency on relationships for fulfillment, indecisiveness, lack of an Independent identity, overly compromising and compliant.

The Ketu/South Node in Scorpio: Losing oneself in others, dependency, going to extremes, creating Crises and dramas.

The Ketu/South Node in Sagittarius: Losing oneself in impractical abstractions, wandering from place to Place or from idea to idea, accepting ideas without sufficient logical analysis, narrow-mindedness, Dogmatism, self-righteousness.

The Ketu/South Node in Capricorn: Ruled by ambition, greedy, power-seeking, social-climbing, emotionally repressed, coldness, harshness, selfishness, controlling, dominating.

The Ketu/South Node in Aquarius: being a follower, lack of passion and emotion, emotional Detachment, impractical idealism.