Friday, October 17, 2014

Mercury Retrograde in Houses

Generally most of the people born with one or more than one retrograde planets in their birth charts. Retrograde planets behave differently than direct planets. These people process information differently than those who have Mercury Direct. Mercury is that planet of rational thinking, communications, decision-making, and gathering information. Mercury retrograde in birth chart; the person have some life challenges related to self-expression, speech, writing, computers, public speaking and anything to do with communication. Mercury retrograde could be making some mistakes due to some misunderstandings runs through in life. Some examples of a natal Mercury retrograde is difficulty in reading (dyslexia), stuttering, having a terror of public speaking, feeling like you are never ‘heard’, or difficulty speaking your mind clearly. However, these people good in reevaluating, rethinking, reflecting upon details, and communication. Their perceptions, ideas are often creative, bright and innovative. Their inner mental process is very powerful, highly intuitive, and imaginative.

We all have challenging aspects of our lives. The point of any challenging aspect of Mercury retrograde, is to work through it, gradually improving and growing in that particular area. These are the general effects of mercury retrograde where native needs to take precautions in his/her whole life.

The effects for Retrograde Mercury in house

First Houses: Mercury retrograde in first house of self. Be suspicious of all communications. Check carefully about what you said was what got heard and vice a versa. Your relationships with others will be off everyone appears to be behaving irrationally and your own self-expression seems abnormal. Your expression of communication with others may misunderstood, and you are not able reflect who you are on the inside.

Second House:
Mercury is the planet of communication the second house is the house of speech, family, and self-worth. You need to be extra careful of what you say with your family members, there may be misunderstanding between you and them. Being the second house of personal finances you require extra attention to avoid mistakes related with the finance. if mercury placed with rahu it can give any speech problem e.g. stuttering or phobia in speaking.

Third House: Mercury retrograde in third house of communication, efforts, skills talents, relationships with siblings, and neighbors. Mercury has a special affinity with the third house so it's being retrograde in this position can be especially aggravating everyday routine actions will tend to run into problems. It can give misunderstanding between siblings and neighbors. Your efforts and intentions will likely be misinterpreted by others.

Fourth house: Mercury retrograde in their fourth house of home life, mother, car, assets, comforts and security. Communications amongst those who share your home or with your mother will likely suffer. Often you think more about home security and comfort.

Fifth House: Mercury is retrograde in fifth house the part of life that includes lovers, child, entertainment, creative projects, teachers, teachings, and speculation investment. you may face problems related with fifth house things. There could be delays in communications and or misunderstandings with lover or child or teacher and problem in study and learning.

Sixth House: Mercury will be retrograde in sixth house, the house of struggle and difficulties health, disease, employment in the workplace. Poor communication and misunderstanding with coworkers. If you get sick there is a higher likelihood of misdiagnosis and or misunderstanding with your health practitioner. You need to understand any problem correctly before seeking a solution.

Seventh House: Mercury will be retrograde in seventh house the house of partnership, clients and marriage. Communication is very important in relationship. Mercury retrograde in seventh creates some problems in seventh house things. This requires an extra effort to understand your spouse, client or business partner. Mercury is the planet of business transactions therefore business deals with distant customers or supplier purchases that require extra precautions.

Eight House:
Mercury retrograde in the eighth house. The eighth house is the house of financial involvements with others, and with your partner. You need to take extra care in finance dealings with partner and business. The eighth house is also scandal and humiliation and since Mercury is the planet of communication. Be extra careful of what you say or write since it could put you in unpleasant situation.

Ninth House: Mercury retrograde in the ninth house of beliefs, religion, guru, long distance travel and higher studies. Communications with Guru or group will run into misunderstandings your good deeds may get misinterpreted or be unnoticed by others. Needs to extra precaution while traveling or long distance traveling.

Tenth House: Mercury retrograde in the 10th house, the house of public, your career, profession, business and community involvement. Mercury retrograde making rational decisions, behaving abnormally in public or in career place. This can be harmful to your status and position. it can delay your career and your work and can also give two career.

Eleventh House: Mercury retrograde in their 11th house of goals, ambitions, friends, associates, profits and rewards. You could be misunderstood by friend, social circle or misinterpretation of a communication with an associate profits.

Twelfth house: Mercury retrograde in their 12 house of expense, loss, strangers, foreigners, dreams, the subconscious mind and meditation. Mercury retrograde in 12th house can be problematic for unknown. However in the area of introspection, dreams, and meditation Mercury retrograde can be beneficial since the planet of thinking encourages self-examination.

Retrograde planets also affects the house which they rule in your birth chart. e .g Aries ascendant; mercury rule the 3rd and 6th house, therefore it also affect those houses as well.