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Saturn Return in Astrology

What is Saturn Return in astrology and how to interpret the Saturn return in your birth chart? Maybe you heard about the phenomenon known as the “Saturn return,” but don’t know what it will mean specifically for you. After reading this blog you will understand what is Saturn return, and the types of themes that you might expect to see emerge during the course of that period in your life.

How to check when your Saturn return will occur?

We all know Saturn is slowing moving planet. There is 12 zodiac sign and Saturn stay in one zodiac sign almost 2 and half or 3 three years. So if you multiplied by this number to 12 zodiac sign it comes to almost 30 years. So its means it takes almost 30 years to Saturn come in the same sign of the zodiac. So if you want know your Saturn return, you need to know in which zodiac sign your Saturn was when you were born. Since “Saturn return” is the period of time when Saturn returns to the same zodiac sign in the sky. You need to know both the sign of the zodiac and the exact degree that Saturn was in when you were born. E. G if you born Saturn in Libra, it will stay in Libra for 2 and half or more than that. After that it will in entered in Scorpio and stay there another 2 and half or 3 years. Like Saturn moving in all the zodiac sign for this period time. So it takes almost 29 years 7 month or 30 years to take around of zodiac. So when it comes to again in your sign in Libra it is your First Saturn Return. The Saturn Returns comes at ages twenty-nine and the first return is when we truly come into our adulthood. When it comes again after another 30 years it known as Second Saturn Return and it comes at age almost fifty-nine, and the second is when we come into our maturity or elder years.

Saturn returns, it is important to understand. The Saturn Returns are times of great change in personality, and life. There can be and opportunity and can also be times of crisis. Saturn return in life gives you some clear guidance to work with and what will happen during that period of your life. Saturn Returns Marks a time when we have an opportunity for deep change and life renewing. Saturn Return makes you aware your personal and social security. Saturn Returns can be times of rough passage, May Mark times of hard work and self-questioning.

Each Saturn Return Marks the entry into a new life. Many people going through strong Saturn return, May be surprised and face major changes in their lives. It is not so easy, In this time you might encounter tricky people, events, and situations that challenges you. At each Saturn Return we are challenged and look at the drama of our life as our responsibility and not blame anyone else. Saturn passages are the times when we change the outer appearance and inner structures of our lives to make a better fit.

During this time you might face difficult breaks of the relationship. You are not getting job, or you’re so sick you can’t enjoy it. “Letting go” is another key word for this time. On positive side it’s also a time when opportunities present and new possibilities are discussed, but the heaviness of saturn on your heart slows you down. But If you follow through with your new vision, you’ve taken the first steps towards a true new beginning. Saturn likes to create forms and structures but Saturn wants strong foundations. We’re being asked by Saturn to re-write our personal life story with our own previous experience of life.

The first Saturn Return, appears to change the outer life in more drastic ways, and is simply more stressful. The second Saturn return can actually be rather quiet and inner oriented. These two Saturn Returns that transform our psyche. It could be described as a shift from the immature thinking to a more grounded mature thinking. Satur tend to frustrate and delay, feel serious and depressive, and then we are called to change. Saturn’s gift to humanity is depression. `Many people see depression as a low emotion, but it is more than a low emotion. These “emotions” allow us to hit inside and figure out the solution of our most unpleasant time.

“Every problem is a gift - without problems we would not grow” - Anthony Robbins.

The Second Saturn Return,
in the late fifties, is also a time that calls for concrete actions in the real world, but it can be more inward. As the body ages, depression and physical difficulties assured to arise, yet as the body becomes less active, it’s a chance for the soul to evolve. The second Saturn Return is that if you deal maturely and you gain the gift of wisdom. It’s time to slow down and allow more sweetness and companionship into our lives. And if we’re going to be ambitious, we need to do it in a way in which we can bring something even better, and guide someone as well.

Where Saturn Return is going to impact you. 

For this we look to the house where Saturn is located in your birth chart. 7th house of relationships, then the Saturn return will have to do with relationships. If your Saturn return is in your 10th house of career then Saturn return will have effect your career. 

Effect on Houses that Saturn rules

When Saturn returns back to its natal position it will not only activate related to the house, but also activate the houses that it rules in the birth chart as well. You also should pay attention to the houses that Saturn rules in the chart. Saturn rules two signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. You need to check in which house these signs falls in your birth chart. e.g. If you are Cancer ascendant means Saturn rules your 7th and 8th house. Its means Saturn also affects your 7th house of relationship and 8th house of sudden up and down in life.

During the Saturn return there can be as many as three houses being activated. There is the house that Saturn is placed in birth chart and then there are the two houses that Saturn rules. This explains why the Saturn return is often experienced as a particularly crucial time in several different areas of life. 

Effect of Saturn Return in House:

First House: Identity, confidence, the body, physical vitality, physical appearance, personality.
Second House: Family, close friends, finances, possessions, money, resources.
Third House: Skill, communication, siblings, neighbors, short distance travelling.
Fourth House: Inner peace, mother, home, the living condition, the family.
Fifth House: Education, children, romance, creative pursuits, personal development.
Sixth House: Health, debt, Illness, work, service, subordinates, enemy
Seventh House: Spouse, relationships, Marriage, partners, other people in general, business.
Eighth House: Transformation, the possessions of others, other people’s money, loan, inheritance, death, longevity.
Ninth House: Higher education, foreign travel, people from other countries, religion and philosophy, beliefs, guru, parents.
Tenth House: Status, career, reputation, purpose of life, superiors, boss.
Eleventh House: Income, social network, friends, social movements.
Twelfth House: isolation, places of confinement, retreat, loss, hidden enemies, charity.

There will be themes associated with the house where your natal Saturn is located in your birth chart, it will become prominent during your Saturn return.

How to survive Saturn:
Spiritual life is the cure for Saturn. If we are living in accordance with Divine law, (Saturn) we are forever happy. If we go against it, we will be “cursed” There are, of course, many other ways you can propitiate Saturn, and get on his good side.

You can feed crows, do prayer, do puja of Saturn.

Recite Mahamrityunjaya Mantra to Shiva. It wards off illness and death.

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