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Saturn Transits (Gocher) 2014 From Ascendant/Moon

Transit from the Moon is the most common astrological technique used in India. In this technique the planets transit different sign from the Moon sign. It is very common technique used by vedic astrologer to find out the job, health and longevity. It is depending on the Janma rasi or natal Moon. This technique is very useful in for those people who don’t know their birth time as well who know their birth time. However those people know their ascendant they can check this transit from their ascendant. They also feel the effect of Saturn transit  in the life area where Saturn rule houses in their birth chart according to their ascendant. e.g. For Leo ascendant Satrun rule 6th and 7th house from ascendant, so Saturn also affect these areas of life.

Saturn is moving from the air sign of Libra into the water sign of Scorpio on early November 2014 and stay there for two and half year. This is big things for all of us at his transits trigger major changes in our personal life and in our world. Saturn only changes signs in two and half year on, so when he does it signifies a significant shift in life themes. This is a big astrological event in many ways.

Planet Saturn (Shani Dev): Saturn transit into Scorpio on early November 2014 and it will stay there at for two and half years. Saturn is the planet of time, reality check and awareness. It rule over death and rebirth and is the karaka of eight house. Scorpio sign relate to more about deeper psychological and emotional stress, fear, worry and regeneration, and going deep into things, and transformation. Scorpio rules the intimate merging of two people, and assets of partner. Scorpio rules the people who you share your money and possessions with, but also the people and groups that manage our assets like Banks, loaning institutions, creditors, tax agencies, the government since they regulate taxes. So transit of Saturn in Scorpio automatically focused on these issues of Scorpio. So Saturn in Scorpio there is a lot of Scorpio issues will be visible. Transits of Saturn in Scorpio trigger the Scorpio themes in our psyches.

Saturn takes years 29 years and 7 months to travel the entire zodiac. It is enough time for Saturn to taught us wonderful lesson of karma. Saturn is tough, loss and teaches you, what you need to learn whether it be easier or tough. Saturn's rings are never easy, it demand discipline, maturity and growth and evolution. That is why it is recommended, for those people who have Saturn in 7th house should wait until 30 years of age so that they become mature enough about relationship and able to handle the pressure of relationship. When Saturn moving into Scorpio which is transformative and evolutionary sign. Scorpio is very powerful energy, Saturn will broad brush about issues surrounding Married life, and collectively redefines what partnership. Scorpio has to do with the merging completely with another person, both factually and by combining your resources, Saturn will demand you combine all your resources.

The Sign of Scorpio: Scorpio is the powerhouse of the zodiac. It is the power to create, to produce, to regenerate, to evolve, to die and be reborn are the Scorpio energy. Saturn in Scorpio is not bad as Saturn in Aries sign. Both sign rule by planet Mars, Saturn in Aries is debilitated but not in Scorpio. Although Saturn and Mars inimical to each other but Saturn in Scorpio is not so bad as in Saturn in Aries. Saturn is the planet of control but in Scorpio sign also sign of emotional strengthening. Saturn and Scorpio sign both are karmic and painful, its mean double dose of karmic lesson gives you too much pain but at end it will be good for soul evolution. Get ready for that.

Saturn Effect of this Transit (Gocher) of Jupiter in Cancer for each Moon Sign:

Saturn Transits for Aries Ascendant/Moon:
Saturn is moving 8th sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Eighth sign is sudden up and down of life, inheritance, joint venture, healing, chronic disease, occult science, spiritualism and hidden things about life. Overall you cannot expect any good results from Saturn. Avoid doing any kind of investments for the next two and half years. You May suffer from health problem and you would have lost energy on your physical health. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages since you will easily get addicted with the Saturn in Scorpio. Business also affected, there can be problem in joint assets with your spouse. Unfortunately this is one of the worst. Stay focused on prayers and meditation. The only good thing with this aspect is people will start getting faith on our traditional values such a strong belief in divine power because nothing in your control, and the value of timing, family love and relationship.

Saturn Transits for Taurus Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 7th sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Seventh sign represent partner, relationship, spouse, and business deals. It would create a lot of problems with your spouse. You need to have enough tolerance to adjust your spouse otherwise, it can create lots of fights and arguments. In worst cases you or your partner could enter into extramarital affairs which can affect your name and fame in the society. Singles will get into love affairs with the person having wrong attitude very low social status as Saturn is the planet of labour people. You will also have go through many painful incidents with respect to your business partners. Having your parents as very good support is to pass this hard time. It is not a good time to look for a match and get Married. It is going to a very much testing and it will be very hard for you to accept the failure in business. You need to work hard to control your business.

Saturn Transits for Gemini
Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 6th sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Sixth sign represent conflicts, enemy, court, hard work, health, disease, colleagues and employees. You will develop lots of hidden enemies at your workplace. You May expect at least a demotion or layoff notice. If you are unemployed or want to switch your job Saturn make your life problematic. Saturn in Scorpio in 6th house gives you courage to win over hidden enemies. You May suffer from any health and emotional pain and give dullness in life. You will get cured with simple medication you will also give more importance to your health You will have to face different set of problems and you will be emotionally feeling very sad. Work pressure and tension will be more at your workplace. Now it is the time to put your hard work and handle your finance carefully and avoid taking any important Decisions during this time. If you are not careful, you May have possibility for to face lawsuit and huge financial losses, and grievance. You need to focus your mind on to prayers and meditation

Saturn Transits for Cancer
Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 5th sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Fifth sign represent children, creativity, speculation, romance, lovers, spiritual practice and studying scriptures. Saturn will make your life miserable with respect to children, love and relationship. If you have love affairs then it is the one of worst and you will have go through many painful incidents with respect to your romantic partners. Since you will become very possessive towards your mate but your mate will start moving with others easily and there is no surprise if you get into any broken relationship. With the current Saturn transit you cannot expect any romance. If you are not careful it can lead to mental depression. As support you can rely on your parents to pass this hard time. If you are single and you are young it is better to stay single. Saturn simply does not like you find a good match during this time. Avoid any investments in stock Market, games such as options trading, lottery playing in casino games etc. You May lose money in these things.

Saturn Transits for Leo
Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 4th sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Fourth sign represent mother, inner peace, nurturing, caring, home comfort, security, assets and vehicles. Saturn in the fourth house is a known place for depression. It takes away away your inner peace by Separating from your mother or country. You May face problems with your mother and family. Saturn are not in good for any in any real estate investment and property buying at this time. As there can be chances of delay obstruction and cheating can be occur from opposition. For students you will not be able to focus on to your studies. It is not a great time for you to invest in in the field of movie arts politics etc. You need to be very careful with your attitude and behavior since it can collapse your name and fame in the family. Due to family problems, both your physical and mental health will get affected during this time. You need to learn let go, things which are not in your control just let it go and involve yourself in meditation and spiritual practice.

Saturn Transits for Virgo
Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 3rd sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Third sign represents courage, communication, skill, siblings, peers, neighbors and short distances travelling. Saturn slows down and hampered your communication so pay attention to your words while communicating with others. As Saturn always delay and obstruction, You need to stay quite cautious while driving as you are prone to short distance accidents. Hard time with Siblings and neighbors just ignore them or get ready to handle them without any complain. . Good time for skill improvement, which will be used in future business. Keep changing on a positive direction and you May get huge win against your peers (competitors). Saturn here gives discipline, perseverance and determination. You will accomplish your goals for you will not give up, even though you have to work much harder.

Saturn Transits for Libra Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 2nd sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Second sign represent family, value system, close friends, wealth, good food, and face. The focus shifts to the 2nd sign which relates more to the family and also the finances and movable assets. Saturn can manifest money in the 2nd house but it is allocated so it limits your freedom and creates restriction. Saturn transiting your 2nd house will cause delays and restraints from receiving money that is rightfully yours. This would not be a time to overextend yourself for you will have regrets later. This is a time to conserve money and work harder, for great rewards are due. Legacies and inheritances are coming but with the restraints and rules. There can be oral health issue, like dental surgery, and becomes an expensive necessity. Ingestion and food and drinks intake May need to be watched out during this transit.

Saturn Transits for Scorpio
Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 1st sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Saturn will be in your sign, this can be called the extreme-cold-core of the transit. Saturn in the 1st house will give responsibilities. Over work can give you exhaustion and tiredness and it can slow you down. Suddenly you become serious towards life. You are feeling mature, and gloomy. It is easy to lose weight for you are more disciplined and able to structure your time. Some of May feel Depression, and melancholy, since the Moon is debilitated in Scorpio. The effects can be distressing. The pressure is coming on the emotional towards self directly, It is not just the self which is impacted but the social opportunities in work which are hampered. You May get mental stress and obstacles in work. The best remedy for stress is do prayers and meditation have to be made for the alleviation of the problems.

Saturn Transits for Sagittarius Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 12th sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Twelfth sign represent isolation, meditation, retreat, ashram, dreams and foreign land for religious purpose. 12th house is not good except few thing like charity, and generous nature. Malefic in 12th house is not good. Saturn is reality and when it transits the house of self-undoing, it can surface old hurts or pain we have buried long ago. Saturn in the 12th house is usually a time of endings affecting all areas of life. Experiences and events of the past can surface shame and regret. Some personal issues can come into question or discussion. You need to stay alert from your opponents so that you can avoid any mishappening related with 12th sign. Transit of Saturn in 12th deprive from sleep and give anxiety problem. This is a transformational time and necessary for spiritual development. This clearing prepares us for a new phase of life. Saturn is the significator of all the 12th sign things. Just take advantage of it. Learn how to let go and surrender and be happy in loneliness. Although Saturn, Scorpio sign and 12th house are not sound good, but you can make it good, if you know the value of silence. Just go for some meditation and spiritual practice this time will not come again.

Saturn Transits for Capricorn
Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 11th sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Eleventh sign represent opportunity, friends, social circle, elder sibling, income, hopes and wishes. Saturn in the 11th house clears out unnecessary relationships and friends. The truth and reality about people will came out and you cut out friendships. A friend disappoints you and drains you of energy. You feel lonely without friends. The 11th house indicates our ultimate desires and Saturn will finalize and build the foundation to manifest your goals. Disappointment over past achievements motivates and initiates a transformation, for you will reach your peak performance and desires. The realization of meaningful goals and aspirations will manifest now. Your income will hampered for short period of time.

Saturn Transits for Aquarius Moon: Saturn is moving 10th sign from the Ascendant/Moon. Tenth sign represent career, status, reputation, and achievements. Your boss simply does not like you, no matter what you do. Scorpio is fix, business and hardworking sign. When Saturn comes in 10th house in Scorpio sign it will promote your business from the hard work. It is time to restrict, slow down, and bring things together. It is the time to pull back difficult, and streamline your business to conserve time and money. Saturn is revered as the planet of your just rewards, so according to your efforts you will be rewarded for your honor and firm hard work. Bosses at work place make your life difficult, but you have good stamina to deal with it. It time to to stay cool and calm and don’t react emotionally if anything happen in work place. You can achieve many things in life as 10th sign is the Saturn own house. Saturn is strong here for work.

Saturn Transits for Pisces Ascendant/Moon: Saturn is moving 9th sign from the Ascendant/Moon.  The 9th sign indicates father, ancestral blessings, spiritual inclinations, pilgrimage fortune, higher education, learning interest, receipt of communications and long distant connections and long distance journey. Saturn in the 9th house can make you cynical to life but more realistic. Through difficult experiences spiritual growth has transformed your awareness and outlook on life. Realization of limits and boundaries will change your life direction. Answers that give your life purpose manifest in everyday occurrences. The truth will set you free. Saturn transiting in their ninth house the house of good luck, beliefs, father, higher learning, and long distance journeys, tends to limit one's good fortune the relationship with father or group could get a bit frigid your studies become more difficult and burdensome and any long-distance travels you do make will be due to responsibilities.

Remedy :

1. Help handicapped, old and needy people. As Saturn rule over handicaped and old people .

2. Feed crow because Saturn bird is crow.

3. Pour water on shivling on Saturday. Ask for forgiveness for your mistake in your past. Because every planet under the control of shiva.

4. Recite Hanuman Chalisa along with special worship process. Because Lord Hanuman freed lord Saturn from the jail of Demon Ravana. It is because Lord Saturn doesn’t give evil effects to the devotees of Lord Hanuman.

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