Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Moon Aspects in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Moon aspects all of the planets in the same house and in the opposite house.
As we know Moon is conscious, mind, and emotions. Moon wants bonding and wants happiness all the time. Moon aspects to other planets bring clingingness but confusion due to emotional longing and a desire to merge.

Lets check it out effects of Moon aspect on each planets.
Moon Aspects Ascendant: Ascendant or 1st house is the your personality or self.  When Moon aspecting the Ascendant, a person is likely to be a bit more makes you moody, especially the stressful aspects ( waning moon). If you have the Moon in conjunction with the Ascendant, you will have qualities like cancer sign, you can be sensitive, precautionary, and caring person. The opposition can also give a moody, and sensitive partner. The stressful aspects, (moon in Scorpio) however, are also likely to demand more nurturing.

Moon Aspects Sun:  Moon is the planet of mind and emotions. When moon aspects the ,Sun
by Conjunction, Can increase moodiness. What you are on the outside and what you feel inside is the same. This increases your consistency, and enthusiasm, with a natural feel for new beginnings, and you have many  ideas and resources. Your approach towards people can light up your life and others as well. you are visionary and you have good clarity of mind and visions of what can be achieved.  You act on instinct and inner feelings Conscious and Unconscious.  when Moon aspects Sun Opposition (180°) its mean you were born on full moon and you try to balance yourself emotionally.  You know how to live in harmoniously in the present, mediating, negotiating, and balancing one side and the other, whatever it may be. you have good balance relationship until it falls in 6th, 8th, and 12th house.

Moon  Aspects Mars: Mars means action, energy, aggression and sometimes this can manifest as arguments, but without the action energies of this planet nothing ever gets done. The stressful aspects can really shorten the temper and tend towards an increase in argument. The mother will most likely be aggressive than normal. Moon aspects Mars generally believe that a good offense is the best defense. The harmonious aspects also increase the emotional need for action. The Moon is mind and aspects on Mars lead to an active imagination. This energy combination gives you boost and get tasks done. But, you have to learn to control and channel those strong emotions first. You tend to experience things strongly, a life perhaps filled with powerful emotions. Mars is a ambition this could be just the sense of living out your ambitions, fulfilling them and this may be connected to sports or public events.

Moon Aspects Mercury: Mercury is the planet of communication, rational thinking, intellectual, ideas and logic. Moon  aspect to Mercury gives a new vision or way of seeing things, perhaps relating to improving the mind knowledge wise. Whatever it is, it lights up your mind  and generates memories, stories, and thoughts of the past, the mind is naturally are at home with anything that furthers the mind, whether that be through study (words, speaking, writing) or just generally feeling thoughtful. . When Moon aspects Mercury in Opposition (180°), increase the desire to take short cuts in all things.  it create confusion in the mind, Your  instincts are constantly telling you to do something other than the conclusions you reach by logic and not thinking things through before you speak. if this energy channelize it can be great source of strength and that would mean strong, instinctive communications ability.

Moon Aspects Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, The Guru or Guide, teachers, and Wealth. When Moon aspects Jupiter gives Visions of success, new ideas of ways to work with the public, with younger people, and/or with your own internal support system, to improve it, and in the process of taking an inner optimism that always seems to bounce back no matter what the circumstances. But the Moon also rules the feel good all the time and Jupiter is expansion. Watch your weight if you have the stressful aspects. Moon aspects to Jupiter increase the desire to be generous and cheerful. When Moon aspects Jupiter  in Opposition (180°), the person will experience at least some sort of success related to efforts or plans to work with the public in general, or younger people in particular. Your mother is the person in your life who gives you the wisdom of life.

Moon Aspects Venus: Venus is the planet of  love, relationship, happiness, and karaka of wife. Moon aspects on Venus shows love for family and younger people, loving emotions, love for mother, and caring for people. You may have a natural vision of concern and love for family, children, and the things of the past, in general. When Moon aspects Venus  in Opposition (180°),
You are charming and have love for luxury and comfort. With this aspects, this is more likely to be done to excess. Since the Moon is feelings and Venus is the expression of love and sex, this aspects tend to cause feelings to be expressed sexually.  Venus is the natural ruler of money and possessions so you can be too much of a spendthrift. You have to force yourself to handle financial matters more effectively.

Moon Aspects Saturn: These two planets are just opposite in nature. This aspects bring controlled emotions, heavy Feelings, Thoughtfulness, Loneliness, self discipline, Sad Stories, public duty as a responsibility. You may have serious thoughts, perhaps sometimes a little too heavy for those around you. Saturn is the structure and organization, so these thoughts can turn into solid plans for organization or reorganization. When Moon aspects Saturn  in Opposition (180°), You are self-discipline, whether private control of your feelings or public control of the crowd. You can be too rigid with your feelings, this can make you lonely. Your mother emotionally detached with you.

This is the general interpretation of Sun Aspects to the planet. The Aspects differ according to the Sign and House placement.