Friday, February 13, 2015

Saturn Aspects in Astrology

In Vedic Astrology, every planet aspects all of the planets in the same house and in the opposite house. However, in addition to these aspects, Saturn have special aspects, Saturn also aspects the 3rd and 10th houses forward.

As we know Saturn is the planet of restriction, blockage, problem, delay, and determination. So Saturn aspects to other planets brings seriousness and determination but also fear, worry and anxiety. Saturn is taskmaster and shows harsh reality of your past life karma. No one can escape from eye of Saturn, be ready for that.

Lets check it out effects of Saturn aspect on each planets.

Saturn Aspects Ascendant: Ascendant or 1st house is the your personality or self.  When Saturn aspecting the Ascendant, a person is likely to be a bit more nervous and sensitive, vulnerable, self-critical or self-doubting, cautious, and serious nature.

Saturn Aspects Sun: Sun is the planet of ego and self esteem. These two planets are just opposite in nature.  This is not so good aspect for the self esteem for the person. As saturn is the planet of humiliation. It makes person humble by giving humiliation. Saturn just crushes the ego of the person and make better person in long run. However sometimes this aspects found in very reputed people. Sun is karaka of father, So the person have tough relationship with father.  

Saturn Aspects Moon: Moon is the planet of mind and emotions. When Saturn aspects the Moon, it  shows a controlled feelings and the external environment by building walls of protection, resulting in fatigue, depression and loneliness. The person have hard time in to be happy and very serious approach towards public.  Moon is the karaka of mother, So the person have tough relationship with mother.  

Saturn Aspects Mars: Mars is Impulsive, impatient and aggressive. Here again these two planets opposite in nature, interact with each other. In this aspects Mars get benefit but Saturn not. Here Saturn infuse it quality to Mars and make him productive. This the reason Mars exalted in the sign of Saturn. The person have patience and have control in anger and impulsive behaviour.  However this aspects can give blast.

Saturn Aspects Mercury: Mercury is the planet of communication and rational thinking.  Saturn aspect to Mercury hampered communication and blocked intelligence of the person. Mostly these people  are quiet and don’t like to speak much. Depending on closeness of the aspects can give speech problem and understanding in mathematics. However sometimes this aspects can give good focus on studies.

Saturn Aspects Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of expansion and Saturn is the planet of constriction. Jupiter is hope, optimism and higher wisdom. Saturn is the planet of harsh realities and realistic. Saturn just convert person hope and higher wisdom into reality. the person is realistic related with his hopes and wishes and willing to work hard for it. However sometimes this aspects aspects give atheism and dogmatic beliefs.

Saturn Aspects Venus: Venus is the planet of  love, relationship, happiness, and karaka of wife. Saturn aspects on Venus shows problem in relationship. Lot of effort is required in making relationship work. The person may marry an older partner, and it might happen late in life. This also shows that relationship is very boring but committed. Relationship is mature and long lasting.. The relationship may lack love and warmth and there is lot of fear and anxiety in relationship. Saturn is the cold planet and Venus is creativity, so the person may have talent in snow or ice creativity.

This is the general interpretation of Saturn Aspects to the planet. The Aspects differ according to the Sign and House placement.