Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sun Aspects in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Sun aspects all of the planets in the same house and in the opposite house.
As we know Sun is the ultimate power, Sun is pure light, Sun is the mild malefic planet.  When Sun aspect to another planet it clarifies and illuminates by its light and show the on truth and righteousness. However in close degree Sun combust the planet, this overview of planets aspects without combustion.

Lets check it out effects of Sun aspect on each planets.

Sun Aspects Ascendant: Ascendant or 1st house is the your personality or self.  When Sun aspecting the Ascendant, a person is likely to be a bit more confidant, sunny, powerful, cheerful, and bossy, in natured.

Sun Aspects Moon: Moon is the planet of mind and emotions. When Sun aspects the Moon,
by Conjunction, the person is enthusiast, with a natural feel for new beginnings, and you have many  ideas and resources. Your approach towards people can light up your life and others as well. you are visionary and you have good clarity of mind and visions of what can be achieved.  You act on instinct and inner feelings Conscious and Unconscious.  when sun aspects moon Opposition (180°) its mean you were born on full moon and you try to balance yourself emotionally.  You know how to live in harmoniously in the present, mediating, negotiating, and balancing one side and the other, whatever it may be. You have balance relationship with mother and father until it falls in 6th, 8th, and 12th house.

Sun Aspects Mars: Mars is Impulsive, impatient and aggressive. when Sun aspects mars its mean you are  ambitious, aggressive, authority ambitious, energetic, Soldier, courageous, strong, strogg will, good strength, and can be Sportsman. you have strong heart and strong drive for Authority. you are self motivated when it comes to ambitions and the drive to reach your potential.  When Sun aspects Mars Opposition (180°) its mean, you are naturally courageous and brave, with a built in drive to live up to your potential. You are very much believe in a moment, with great energy and ambition, ready for anything. you are good planner and generally, good hearted and all fired up and ready for action. These plans could include sports, the military, and anything connected to physical strength and authority.

Sun Aspects Mercury: Mercury is the planet of communication, rational thinking, intellectual, ideas and logic. Sun aspect to Mercury give clarity to the mind power and thoughts of the person and you can called that as a ‘’Thinking Man’’ . The person have wise words or Ideas when it comes to matters of the mind, ideas, and thoughts. These people have natural sense of mental clarity, and enjoy planning and visualize the future. When Sun aspects Mercury in Opposition (180°), the mind is full of ideas and plans. You have clear intellectual, clear thinking, and have the powerful thoughts. They can see almost everything around them if mercury in good dignity. They always have  new ideas and new plans something may wish to share with the world.

Sun Aspects Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, The Guru or Guide, teachers, and Wealth. When Sun aspects jupiter the person with solutions or a problem solver, Successful or Prominent figure. The person is visionary and have good futuristic vision. When it comes to career or future the mind is always occupied by all kinds of fresh ideas and plans. The individual focused and overcoming any problem and and succeeding. When Sun aspects jupiter  in Opposition (180°), the person  enjoy success in career, or at least whatever have managed to put together in life. It is good not to hurry and push, and it is better to experience things and enjoy. these people always have guru or teacher or authority figure to guide them in their life.

Sun Aspects Venus: Venus is the planet of  love, relationship, happiness, and karaka of wife. Sun aspects on Venus shows appreciation of authority,  love of Individuality love for opposite sex, Love for Self, can be an artist, compassionate or authority figure one who Appreciates or Cares social being. The person have a natural love of authority, and hanged with authoritative people..  When Sun aspects Venus  in Opposition (180°), the person appreciate, and cherish authoritative figures,and are very idealistic when it comes to respect. You have a natural appreciation for those who are above you and this probably extends to your elders and to authorities, in general. You enjoy your own appreciation and probably also have an appreciation things related to the power. .

Sun Aspects Saturn: Sun is the planet of ego and self esteem. These two planets are just opposite in nature. this aspects bring authority figure with humbleness, disciplined, Deliberate or Determined, Dignified, Serious or Quiet person. These qualities cultivate the inner vision and images of better organization. When Sun aspects Saturn  in Opposition (180°), the person have  a sense of discipline and determination, which could manifest in life as a dignified, serious, or older or authority figure. You look tough person to the people because you live with rules and regulations.

This is the general interpretation of Sun Aspects to the planet. The Aspects differ according to the Sign and House placement.