Friday, February 13, 2015

The People Who Wants to talk less are the people end up talking most :-)

As we know every person have almost a different perspective so what are the chances of a person able to understand clearly that we are trying to say. So it will end up being a bit of back and forth before the other person understands our point of view.

For the people who want to  talk less are in most case lacks communication skills.. let's see .. for discussing something ... we need to know youtube Video in the bottom (How to speak that people want to listen)

  1. What are we trying to discuss should be clearly expressed.
  2. Use the same vocabulary/words. It is very important for us to use words which are understood by the listener.. we cannot talk french to a person who does not understand french. 
  3. Why is our point of view.. with out this explanation it may be hard for the other person to understand what we are trying to explain.

There is no short cut to proper communication.. lot of individuals will say the following..

1) They could have said the thing in a certain way.
2) They don't know how to talk.
3) They talk too much and nothing comes out of it.

So the whole conversation ends up being how others could have talked less to express their thought so that we have to talk less..

Either we improve our communication and way of how we express ourselves or we will end up talking more and since we don't want to talk more we will be irritated and not feel happy..

If we improve our communication and are able to express our thoughts in a clear way we will be able to achieve our goal of talking less and be happy, but a minimum communication needs to happen otherwise it will end-up being a longer talk than we  want to have.

If you cannot communicate/express and talk less then there is a complex in yourself that is letting you not to communicate be careful for that.. as that communication is the base for any civilization.. If we don't want to be part of one and live alone then I guess there is no need to improve, else we need to for peace and happiness.