Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sun in 12th House Career

In astrology as we know 12th house consider malefic house and if your 10th lord placed in 12th house is known as dur yoga means there can be trouble in your career,  but there are many other career possibilities when Sun in 12th house.

First we need to know what is 12th house ? 12th house is the house of loss. This is the house of where any one can see whether it is through internet or through T. V. This is the house of foreign land, hospital, jail, ashram, non charitable institute, behind the scene ( working in film industry), meditation, yoga, temples etc. Now what is Sun ? Sun is the power, vitality, authority, leadership, politics, creativity  etc. Now you need to mix the both of them and especially if you have Pisces energy in 5th house and Sun rule your 10th house. 

When Sun in the 12th house there are chances of you to public exposure and you can be  very pronounced leader. It's means that the person's who have Sun which is self-expression, creativity and the personal creativity will have an effect on the public. You are the person whose self expression and inspiration for the public.  Sun in the 12th house which means whoever you are or whatever you represents will inspire the large crowds. So you have the potential for leadership qualities.  You can be and politician, you can be an artist, you can be priest ( pundit in temple) and  you can be in a famous show business doesn't matter exactly in what form but whatever you are seems to interest the large scale of public.  But it doesn't mean that everybody that has a 12th house Sun will tap into this potential, because not everybody will be ready for this kind phase. 

Many people in the 12th house Sun have something very unique to offer. They have special destiny but if they cannot control and relates they can be lost in 12th house energy until they find it. So there's something that person not able to totally ready to access this maximum potential of that house and this is a very important point a person with a 12th house Sun. The more they really trying to be famous the less they will succeed, you cannot control your success. You simply have that integrity to be creative and trust  the power of the collective conscious. You cannot impose fame and recognition, it has to come to you and this is the 12th house dynamic. The more you try to impose, the more you will lose grip on it and you actually experience the other thing which is unknown. Many people Sun in the 12th house came up from past life in which they remember that they had a larger-than-life function and so coming to this life,  they want to do it again. So more they want to do it again the less it happens, so you need to just takes as it is.

Your personal individual creativity will work and its opportunities will come. 12th  house Sun can also manifesting public working regards to children because Sun is the natural ruler of 5th house and children, education represented by 5th house. 12th house is the house of hospital so you can be a pediatrician and a schoolteacher working with children in foreign land. 12th house is the related with hospital and healing so everything relating to related to the work the medical field.  Sun is giver and represents saving lives, so you can be in the business of saving public means you can be doctor and have institution e.g.  Hospitals. 

12th house is about hidden things, means where you can not express yourselves and actually it's the house in which you can have largest exposure. So in reality this is the house that is not about hiding at all. So you can be working in film industry behind the scene as a film director where everyone knows you but no one can see you. Many people go through a 12th house experience can feel overexposed and therefore they will wants these anonymity to compensate and hide for some of time in their life.  So there is no need to disappoint, if you have Sun in 12th house what you need to do explore what kind of creativity you have. There are other factors also in the birth chart which leads you to the powerful dynamics of Sun in 12th house. 

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