Thursday, April 16, 2015

Waxing and Waning Moon Astrology

In Astrology Moon is a very important planet because Moon rules our mind and consciousness. according to our mind or conscious we perceive things. The world is same, people are same but it is our internal environment which is not same and according to that, we react to the people and things around us. The moon represents our instinctual responses to life and carries our unconscious memories from past lives.

What are Moon Phases?

The relationship between the Sun and Moon in the sky is what creates the waxing and waning light of the moon each month. As the whole moon cycle from new moon to new moon is 4 weeks long. The Moon Phases refer to the moon's orbit around the earth in relation to the Sun. In astrology, the Moon influences the mind depending on whether the moon is full, new, increasing or decreasing in your birth chart.  The moon phases repeat the same cycles every month. Every month there is the last quarter and decreasing moon, also referred to as the waning moon, leading to the new moon, the new moon first quarter and increasing moon is also referred to as the waxing moon leading to the full moon, and the cycle starts over again. The first quarter and last quarter moon are ninety degrees to the sun and are exactly half in shadow, half in light. The new moon is the moon's side in darkness. The full moon is the completely illuminated side of the moon.

Mostly people think that Waning Moon is not good and does not give good result. We should discriminate in our interpretation between what is called waxing and waning aspects.

According to vedic astrology, the Waxing or increasing Moon brings new ideas and activities. The Full Moon is the fully illuminated moon, and activities and celebrations are heightened in creativity and effect. The Waning or decreasing Moon symbolizes winding down of activities, and purification. And the New Moon is a time for reflection and introspection. The waxing side of the aspect cycle is where we come up with ideas, make plans to implement them, and actually put these plans into action, building something real, something outward and usually in the physical world. This is where we give. The waning side of the aspect cycle is where we work with whatever we have built and created, coming to understand what it is, how to best use it, and what it means to us. Here we are receiving, accepting what is, and learning to work with that. Waxing Moon helps the area of life it influences to grow. Waning Moon causes external areas of life to fade, while causing one’s inner worlds to grow. With a waning Moon, we experience loss of outer world in order to gain inner fulfillment and inner growth. Those people who have waning moon if they know how to manage their emotions they can really do good meditation practice.  

Moon represents pearl, purity, healing, and white color. White holds all colors of the spectrum. Silver is the other color associated with the moon. In Vedic astrology, wearing gemstones such as pearl, moonstone, silver or white quartz used for remedies for get benefits from the Moon energy. By wearing the silver and white colors you can make a connection with the Moon and it helps you to stay calm and cool. 

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