Saturday, April 4, 2015

How we Perceive the world - Self Analysis

As they say it is all in our mind. I was trying to write this kinda article for a  long  time but then I started stumbling on Youtube videos of TED.  I couldn't have said it better than these 3 individuals. I will summarize it for you but it is worth watching these videos.

This article has a potential to change how we engage with loved one and people around us

When we have opinion or perspective it is based on the following. In personal life it will be a bit different but you get the point.
  1. Personal bias
  2. Outdated facts
  3. News bias
  4. Intuition
 (How not to be ignorant about the world)

In second video by "Emily Balcetis" on TED.. How we interpret thing based on our physical and mental conditions.. She has taken exercise as an example (for not so healthy the same distance looked longer than the individuals in better shape) , but this bias applies to us in every thing we do.. be it love, relationships , learning, work etc..

The third video is from "Chimamanda Adichie" She talks about "The danger of Single Story" (having no awareness of other opinions/facts) When I listen to it I realized.. not knowing much is also a bias in someways that we are not aware of.. lot of opinions we have are based on our ignorance .. we build our lives on these opinions , perceive people around us and the world. So we owe it to ourselves to have a balanced view.

(Some good links in the bottom of the article .. worth reading)

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