Friday, April 10, 2015

Twelfth (12th) House Astrology

In astrology, the twelfth has been called the house of sorrow, servitude, loss, mystery, and  the house of one’s own self-undoing. The twelfth is regarded as the most mystical of all houses, a place of deep spiritual realization, and enlightenment. So in some way 12th house also have some the most positive house of all.

The 12th house is the last house really shows the place where we can connect with the collective conscious and unconscious. Everyone has a 12th house and according to the 12th house condition, we can assess what is the level of evolution of the person. if you have the venus in the 12th  house  it may have different meaning according to dignity of the planet and it all depends on your level of evolution.  Everybody's tapping in 12th house for their own spiritual quest.  If we related to spirituality this is the house where we all come from this “universe’’ which means, it's the house in which we can associate ourselves with the absolute unity beyond of separation and understand that we are on the same boat we owe basically trying to achieve the same things. The 12 house is the house of surrendering to higher energies into his higher consciousness because you don't have a choice. 
The 12th house is what belongs to everyone  it's the air,  it is the resources, and it's the weather. Everything that is part of nature is the 12th house. So the 12th house relates to that collective collective atmosphere. The best thing about the 12th house is it's impersonal. You don't own anything in the 12 house, and you have no control. Everyone has free access to ask something from unknown but you don’t know whether you will get or not. Its is the house of prayer, meditation and divine powers. 
Although 12th house is the hidden house but in the 12th house you can see pain, a true compassionate person, a individuals that can really great public figures. People that can move to the collective conscious they can change history.  You can also have a person selling food in the market, because that person that has offering a public service and he doesn't choose who will come and buy his food and will go. 12th house, It's all open to the public there's no personal contact and this is what happens with a 12th house you have no control. So in 12th house you have to accept everyone, you cannot discriminate in your open store. This can be overwhelming because you have to serve these different kind of unknown people who entering in your store.
So through the 12th house we learn surrendering, acceptance of whoever will enter in your life. You have to open to everyone without any discrimination.  So there is a very strong requirement to adapt, to open, and to be flexible. You have to let go of control and see that specific energy. So 12th house feels like open to all the surprises possible and if you don't have the power of adaptation you will lost in your 12th house and you become easily overwhelmed. So there's a lot of potential in 12th house. In 12th house basically you have to flow with stream and whatever the way it will take that's where you're going. It doesn't mean that's your lost at sea or you cannot navigate your boat. You can choose whatever you want to sell in your shop. but once you exposed in 12th house you have to open up you have to adapt. 
If you don't have immunity you may be easily become overwhelmed. Those people who have 12th lord in 1st house they exposed to the public in every way, exposed to the public's ideas, exposed to the public action and exposed to the public anger as well.  It simply because they overly exposed and don't have enough of an immunity. They can become paranoid because they don't have defenses, everybody's coming from everywhere and they simply feels unsafe.
Most public figures have a very heavy 12th house or Pisces energy in tenth house because these people have to explore these dynamics. 

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