Monday, September 14, 2015

Jupiter Venus and Sun Conjunction in Astrology

A Stellium is a grouping of a three or four planets in house and sign. Any grouping of planets in a sign or house creates intensity in the birth chart. According to the in which sign and in which house Stellium occur it give great impact on life. The power of triple conjunctions is a potent connection, called an aspect between planets in which planets stand close together and they blend their energies in each other. With so much energy concentrated in one place, there’s a more focus on the areas of life it represents. It identifies something special about you a complicated combination of issues, interests, and gifts that May be a major part of your life purpose. It is often a career indicator or it can be your passion. You probably have a strong sense of a mission, purpose, or a dream that fuels your efforts. Having a passion like this one can make life quite an adventure, a meaningful journey.

So what happen when Jupiter, Venus and sun comes together in one sign.

What is Jupiter: knowledge, wisdom, wealth, optimistic, hope, Spiritual seeker, dreamer, visionary, poet, artist, dedicated helper, creative, compassionate, intuitive, imaginative, empathetic, idealistic spiritual seeker, willing to serve, forgiving, accepting, devoted, meditative, non-materialistic and long distance travelling

What is Venus: Mediator, peacemaker, beautifier, networker, social coordinator, love, desire, relationship, sociable, charming, attractive, warm, adaptable, harmonious, refined, conciliatory, affectionate, agreeable, people skills, team player, likable, able to compromise.

What is Sun: Soul, ego, father, Authority, confidence, power within you, King or Queen, center of action, high visibility, charismatic, regal, dramatic, personable, sunny, generous, encouraging, positive, focused on self-expression and self-development.

So what happen when these planets comes in one sign or in one house.

This Conjunction is very positive conjunction unless Jupiter and Venus not combust with Sun.
Combust Planets in Astrology

Jupiter and Sun are friends in astrology and Venus is love. This conjunction makes person very generous, spiritually inclined and devoted in love. The Sun and Jupiter both brighten and expand the qualities of Venus. Its means the person is very charismatic and beautiful or handsome in looks. The person having grace and elegant in behaviour. most of the time these people inclined towards wisdom and spiritual type of relationship. A man will be attracted to a well educated, sunny, and spiritual woman, and vice versa. The person is good in making relationships with authoritative and spiritual people. Their have love for father, tradition, religion, and to other cultures as well. They are interested in all kind of artistic expression. They love to traveling and gaining knowledge through beauty, culture, and exploring various societies.

The person feel good when he or she in a relationship and they can get pleasure by knowledge and beliefs. These people are very hopeful and optimistic is great optimism and they are inspiring figures to others. They have good and loving relationship with father. The father is very loving and generous in nature and knows how to have fun while sharing his wisdom and philosophy with his children. This is a great conjunction for a government job, teacher, preacher, judge, guidance counselor, mystic, or artist.

The conjunction act differently according to their sign and house placement. The above conjunction mostly related with when these planets in good sign. With an intense focus on one house and sign of your chart, the person can grow a great deal through your experiences in those areas over the years. Over the course of a lifetime, the person can accumulate a considerable body of work in areas related to the house where conjunction fall. Several different kinds of energy are brought to bear on the matters of that house.

Here is an example; How this conjunction work in sign and house:

Let's say you are Pisces ascendant and this conjunction falls in 6th house. So Jupiter is your ascendant (1st) and career (10th ) house lord. Sun is your 6th house lord and Venus is your 8th and 3rd house lord in 6th house.

Whenever 8th lord in 6th house is known as vipreet rajyoga. when eighth Lord in the sixth house; The Sixth house is the most unpleasant house of life. Obstacle, debt, enemy, court, illness and many other unpleasant things of life. When eighth Lord in the sixth house, due to fear of something the native keeps themselves busy in 6th house things which give strength to him to fight with his fears. So the person have insight of 8th house and how to navigate the difficulty of life.

Sun in own sign in 6th house is very strong and have good strength to fight with 6th house difficulty. Because sun is with Jupiter so the person is very generous and hopeful in dealing with 6th house difficulty.

Jupiter as 1st and 10th lord in 6th house shows the person having career related with 6th house.

This is my brief description of how conjunction can be analysis. Many people think that 6th house is not good but that's not true. We all have have 6th house in life but what matter how we are dealing with it.

There is lot more that matters like aspects and etc.