Friday, September 4, 2015

Moon influence in Divorce, Marriage, Relationship Astrology

If we have to consciously breath.. i guess we will all have faced a situation when we would have forgotten to breath and would be in trouble :-). Like breathing we do lot of things subconsciously.. in some ways they are the habits that build up with time .. we don't think about it.. but just do it  like wise when we are in marriage we let our guards down and be who we are without any pretension.  For a marriage to work there are couple of following things that are needed .. some are subconscious influences which with habits we try to overcome.
  1. Love,Respect, Compromise for each other (Venus)
  2. Have no ego in relationship (Sun)
  3. Having a feeling of Disconnect (Ketu/South Node)
  4. Crazy in love & Relationships (Rahu /North Node)
  5. Aggression, argument and fighting  (Mars)
  6. Emotions, mind, imagination (Moon)
  7. Understanding things correctly (Mercury)
  8. Learning, teaching, higher wisdom  (Jupiter)
  9. Commitment and Duties (Saturn)
For this conversation we will consider Moon as a planet in relationship, its influences and how it can get us near a divorce if we don't understand it the subconscious influences and change our habits and approach in relationship. 

Moon represents mind, emotions, peace and connection.
Let's consider one by one how these are important..

Moon represents mind : When mind is uneasy (Moon with Rahu or combust Moon) get's complicated. Mind is how we perceive what other person is saying and if we have a calm mind we are able to understand what is being said. Imagine if we cannot thing through what is being said and not have a stable mind.. this will cause havoc in a relationship. Meditation can help us calm our mind.

Moon represents emotions: When moon is not in a good dignity (debilitated Moon) we will not feel emotions of others ( Moon with Saturn) and will not have empathy which is a key to a successful marriage. We should try to be have empathy in relationship which can help us connect and prosper.

Moon represents peace: When we are at peace the world and the people around us look likable and beautiful.  When we are not at peace opposite is true.  Moon represents peace of mind , if moon is disconnected ( Moon with Ketu)  our peace of mind will be disturbed which directly effects our relationships. If understand your mind this can be very helpful in understanding your disconnected emotions and help in spiritual  practice. In this situation Meditation can help us calm our mind.

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