Friday, September 4, 2015

Living in the moment is Flow , Drishta /Observer Self Analysis

In Spirituality we have a state/concept about living in the moment. This is defined as ultimate happiness as we are into what we are doing and there is nothing else that is distracting.  As per the spirituality if we can live life "Living in the moment" we will have happiness. 

Some researcher have defined this as a "Flow" which delivers a focus and self immersion whenever we get so focused everything else disappears , for that to happen we need to have the building block of the moment so that it doesn't get interrupted.. so a level of competency is required to be in the flow state. 

One example my other passion is photography and I have been wanting to do it for so many years.  Around 2011 I decided that I will learn photography and be good at it. I spent long nights trying to understand the software, the camera capabilities and different  techniques. Once I was able to acquire the basic and little advance skills I was able to spend many hours and it was a joy to make people look good and bring smile on their faces. I would say I was in being in the moment / flow state.

To have the level of happiness I guess we need to know a good level of skills for what we are trying to do. 

In this case we will be only be happy with what we know.. but life is unknown we don't know what will come next so how can we be in the moment / flow probably the other way to look at life will be to start accepting what is coming our way and deal with it in a very thoughtful manner and appreciate the creation of universe. Even the things we don't like are the creation of this universe we need to accept whole heartedly with calmness and without loosing our balance. It is easier said than done.. but that is key to happiness.

In addition to the flow i think there is one more important aspect  which is  Mind & Body..

Mind has no limits and can have thoughts where as Body is limited and has constraints .. e.g it cannot jump very high , get's tired , can have lack of energy and focus.

For being happy our Mind and body needs to be in sync. Mind has to think rationally and body needs to gear-up to achieve what mind desires. If our mind is desiring lot more than a body can do then we need to make the body capable of achieving what it desires. The body needs to be fit, full of energy , flexible and healthy. With out it happiness is far away.. or we need to desire what our body can achieve. 

For the most successful people .. they have a very focused mind and they make the physical self to achieve what is desired.. Be it Steve Jobs , Bill Gates, Larry Ellison anyone who has pushed the limits to make this world a better place.

This is where the concept of Drishta /Observer comes into play. Mind is  the observer of  body and evaluate it's actions and well being. 

Become a Drishta and push limits of this body to achieve what you desire.

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