Saturday, December 5, 2015

Materialism/Bhikshu to Spiritualism , Knowing yourself

Gautham Budha was a king he gave up all the pleasure of life as he saw sorrow around him.

Bhikshu : Is a person who have no desires, lives on the charity of other.

these are 2 different contrast/opposite. When we look, one had everything and one do not desire anything.

What happens to people who do not have enough to survive and cannot be a bhikshu.

I think that is a struggle, how do we meet our material needs and still be on path of spirituality. Spirituality is about living in the present and engaging in karma. As a person who cannot give up or cannot have all. Balancing is difficult when we are engaged and have expectation. We need to take care of ourselves, But living in the present with no expectation is very challenging. 

To summarize people who have more than what they need or the people who have no desire can move fast in spirituality as they are not entangled in the needs to survive. From the above logic we need to be professionally successful to immerse in spiritual practice. 

I think this is a reason why people in west are able to go into deep spiritual practice as compared to individuals struggling for their survival.

In some ways spirituality is a state of mind, It is so simple but hard to adopt and understand. 
Living in the present, balancing Professional and Spiritual Life



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