Monday, December 26, 2016

Getting Answers for A Curious Mind

Human mind is curious and it has questions about any and everything.  You probably have tone of it as well.

  • How can i be happy
  • Why did it happen.
  • How is this possible.
  • Why people think like that.
  • Why people cannot understand me.
  • Why was I born.
  • What is the purpose of my life.
  • What is my duty

Till we have questions our mind stay curious, wonders and tries to find answers. How do we settle this curiosity? We need to be open and accept the reality and find answers by learning and educating ourselves.  Some people may help you in getting your answers , for some the questions you have may not even be a question so obviously they cannot understand and help. Since it is your curiosity it becomes your quest to find answers. Spiritualism deal with lot of these questions as spiritualism is a way of life and yogis and our elders have given us a framework. In fact now we have an issue with the interpretations of it as these are very old guidelines and the world has changed. The curious mind can  be calmed by..

  1. Accept it as it is and don't question. (What is the cost of not knowing?)
  2. Try to be a learner and find answer

We need to be a good listener and open to different perspective, Not react but respond with our actions. Responding engages us in life, helps in self analysis and find what didn't work the way we expected. It becomes a feedback loop to learn more about the changes in the society and align ourselves.  What was considered a norm 10 years ago is forgotten today and we have new norms. We have to be conscious and aware which keeps us informed and make us aware.

from my personal experience.. I was trying to learn statistics by trying to relate to what i knew.. it was very hard. Then I accepted as an new subject with open mind and was able to learn it lot faster than i could have though. So sometime the experience helps us in learning and sometime they slow us down. As humans we should be able to make a call about what to taken up with an open mind.

If we are stuck in one place, we will keep on seeing same problems and issues again and again.

I just did a math, by looking at it we have only around 7 hours (2659 hours in a year) on an average per day to learn and be better. Rest of the time is used for sustaining our existence (8 hours for sleeping, 8 hours for work, 3 hours of routine work). How many hours do we spend on regular basis on self improvement and learning?

When we are a constant learner it becomes natural to us and it is not even an effort, but most of us get into I know more and stop being open and curious, the moment we do that we go stale and uncomfortable and start loosing touch with the people around us .. which makes us question, curious and at some point in time uncomfortable to as to we don't fit any more. 

Astrology can be a good start for a curious mind as it relates to almost every aspect of  life and how we perceive and interact with it. To be at peace we need to get the answers and simplify our life.