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Venus and Mars together (Conjunction) in Astrology

Mars and Venus are the two main planet of relationship. Mars is the planet of individuality and Venus is the planet of love and others. When these two planet are together/conjunct there is a high possibility of  problem in relationship

Mars is will power and vitality, it's our ability to take action. Mars is very impulsive and spontaneous It also represents anger. Mars represents the sexual energy, physical side of love, passion and energy

Venus is our capacity to compromise in love, relationship, Venus also presents passion, pleasure, happiness, creativity and arts.

When Venus and Mars sits together it always make a person very intense sensuality , sexual passion, passionate and someone who is dynamic in their approach in love and relationships.

The Venus and mars conjunction differ in sign placement .. following are the highlights 

(i think it's worth the time to understand this combination & articles in the list)

Venus and Mars conjunction in Aries: 

It is generally easy for them to make relationships. they are quite very impulsive and very passionate with regards to entering new relationships. they have too much of sex drive and their love is more of physical side. they are very passionate about beauty as well as action .they are inclined to art, adventure and romance.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Taurus: 

These people have great passion for love and beauty and they use their energy to attain it. they are very sensual in love. they may may be over indulgent in food, drinking and luxury of life. they can be good singer.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Gemini: 

These people are very experimental in relationship. they are very playful and amusing in behavior. they are very fun loving and enjoy outdoor activity with partner but not loyal towards partner. loyalty comes after certain age. they need to understand serious of relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Cancer: 

These people emotional in relationship and very Skilled and proficient in many arts and poetry,. they have an attractive personality. but they may suffer distress on account of their partner due to their emotional nature. they need to control their emotions in relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Leo:  

These people are Warm-hearted, zesty and passionate they have a charming personality. popular with the public and in the opposite sex. they try to attract people around them and try to be center of circle.these people like to be dressed well. they need to learn that everyone is important.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Virgo: 

 These people are very intellectual in relationship and their passions are good and controlled. If they do get too attached to some desire, they may use cunning methods to attain their aim,although very critical in relationship may create problem due to over critical in nature. they should learn not to criticize people in relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Libra: 

Although these people are very balanced in relationship but have very strong sexual drive. they may neglect their spouse for the sake of another one. they should try not over indulgent in sex activity otherwise may lead to health problem. they need to learn how to be faithful.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Scorpio:  

These people very intense and strongly attracted to love, especially sexual love. these people want to explore sex deeply. they may be over possessive towards partner. they are very very passionate about beauty and arts. they need to learn give freedom in relationship to the partner otherwise relationship can be suffocating.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Sagittarius: 


These people are very  vibrant, sexual, charismatic, passionate, free spirit, spontaneous in relationship. They are romantically and sexually adventurous, active, and outspoken. They have direct and blunt approach to love and sex and making it easier and feel satisfied and they know what they want in a relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Capricorn: 

These people are kind of serious approach in relationship they also very sensual and also enjoy a relationship but they starts slowly and stay loyal to partner.they like certainty in a relationship, they are very dedicated partner. good have this conjunction sign for long term relationship.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Aquarius: 

These people are active in social life they are very conscious and very shy in love, they are very soothing in relationship which attract others towards them.they are a hard worker, but happiness comes later in their life.

Venus and Mars conjunction in Pisces:  

This the best conjunction sign. these people do things in life is very nicely. these people are very confident. they are artistic, charming, generous and loving. they feel very secure and they can give that back to other people. they feel appreciated and satisfied.

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