Friday, March 29, 2013

Remedy of weak (debilitated) Sun

Sun in astrology denotes Father,leadership,self confidence,health,government,one’s soul,and enlightenment.

When Sun not placed well in birth chart a person may faces problem related to the above things and the person behavior is arrogant, dominating, angry, irritable, low self -esteem and low energy.

Importance of sun in our life sun is the only planet which provide energy to the whole universe. If sun does not exist life on earth can not exist and if sun dies we all will dies.

LORD SHIVA is deity of Sun and Sun rules Sunday

Remedy (You will know in 3-4 weeks time if this works for you)

  1. Respect and avoid argument with your father. If you don't have father respect any fatherly figure around you.
  2. Pour water on the shiving every Saturday in the temple.
  3. At sunrise face towards the sun in east direction pour a glass of water towards the sun when we pour water the sun rays passes through the water and it energises the body and chant gayatri mantra.
  4. Don’t do any mistake regarding tax you may have government problem.
  5. Be generous in behavior.
  6. Maintain good character.
  7. Forgive everyone.