Saturday, March 16, 2013

Self Analysis and Astrology

Astrologer has to be a good Counselor . If they are just interested in making money then one needs to be careful. Someone who is pursuing astrology as a carrier needs to pay his bills. So one needs to do their due diligence to goto a good person who has a balance of good counseling and professionalism. (Probably you should feel more positive after talking to a counselor than before consultation)

I think it is a nature of a week mind that it wants to have a reason for failure and most of the time the reasons are beyond our control. Astrology has it share of week followers who would attribute their success and failure to astrology. They forget that Astrology is a tool to help us grow beyond our limitations and evolve to be a better soul/person.

I think Astrology has been misunderstood and misused for driving our life rather than to help us evolve and go beyond our limits. I believe that understanding of inner mind, Knowing our flaws and weaknesses should enable us to be able to fix them . The challenges we face in life we need to overcome with understanding and learning

I think we should use Astrology as a tool to understand the working of inner mind. That is why we need to be conscious and engage in life. Our chart highlights the area of challenges that we need to overcome at a subconscious level.

If we have good self-analysis, understanding of emotions and understand why we do what we do is a good start. Meditation if done correctly can help in balancing our emotions and will make us aware of our actions.

A astrologer can help you in your Self Analysis by looking at the chart and share the energies which is a driver for a behavior. This information can help a person correct /address some of the things and lead a better successful life.

Astrology Predictions  are like a weather report..

for be careful there is a possibility of rain tomorrow
  1. Someone decides to have fun in rain. 
  2. Someone decides to not go out of the house. 
  3. Someone decides to have a umbrella to not get totally wet.
So in some ways we have the free-will / ability / decision to action.The people who starts living their chat e.g I have these bad planetary positions that is why I am like that.. is the week people. With help of astrology we need to evolve to be a better person that is evolution.

 How to Change Fate (Freewill) Astrology

Astrology is complicated and is Vast.

One needs to have the correct date time (some assessment can be made in absence, it is time consuming ) and location of the birth. I think, to be able to even consider an analysis by a Astrologer a astrologer should be able to tell some of the past events or some characteristics.. based on that one can consider the analysis done by the astrologer.

keep in mind we are responsible for all of our actions and have freewill and we don't have control over external factors.

One-on-One(1on1) with yourself (Self Analysis) Astrology

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