Friday, April 18, 2014

Career in Astrology Through Nakshatra Part 3

Career in astrology in a deeper level assess by nakshatra of career associated house and planets. Nakshatra of Ascendant, Sun, Moon and 10th house lord are naturally shows interest and capabilities in you. Ascendant nakshatra shows your basic interest throughout your life. Sun nakshatra shows what your soul want to do and Moon nakshatra show where you mentally naturally inclined and 10th house’s lord nakshatra is your work in life. Check your  nakshatra of career associated house and planets, Ascendant, Sun, Moon and 10th lord nakshatra and guess where you are more inclined it can be your career path. Nakshatra associated with North Node (Rahu) and South Node (Ketu) can be your soul purpose. Nakshatra of these Lunar Nodes makes you naturally compel to achieve something in your life. 

Career Mula/ Moola Nakshatra Range 0° 00' Sagittarius- 13 ° 20' Sagittarius
Professions: Shamans, Medicine men, Healers, Doctors and other such people who administer poisons, shots and vaccines, Dentists, Ministers, Preachers, Police Officers, Detectives and Investigators, Judges, Hitmen & Soldiers, Researchers, especially in the fields of Microbiology & Genetics, Astronomers, Morticians and those who perform Autopsies, Those involved in Selling Herbs, Roots and Root vegetables like carrots, potatoes etc., Bodyguards, Wrestlers, Homicide squads, Politicians, Those practising Tantra (Aghori), Black Magician,Nuclear Physicists, Mathematicians, Professional Agitators, Gold diggers and Treasure Hunters, Horse Trainers and all those involved in Equine Sports, Psychotherapists, Astrologers, All professions involving investigation of any kind, Professions involving destructive activities, Lawyers, Public speakers, Writers, Spiritual Teachers, Working with Herbs and Roots, Investigators, Researchers, Medicine doctors, Gurus, Lecturer,  lawyers, philosophers, Political Rights Activist.

Career Purva Ashadha Nakshatra: Range 13° 20’ Sagittarius - 26° 40’ Sagittarius.
Professions: Hypnotists and Psychic Mediums, Sailors, Aviation, Pilots, Navy Personnel, Marine Life Experts, Shipping Industry, Fishing Professions, Professional Hosts and Hostesses, Entertainment Industry, Rock Stars, Professional Motivators and Inspirers, Teachers and Preachers of Motivational Philosophies, Managers of all types, Poets, Writers, Artists, Painters, All industries processing raw materials especially liquids, War Strategists and Weapons Experts, Costume Designers, Fashion Experts, Parajumpers, Hot Air Balloonists, Flying profession especially in regards to civilian transport, Beauticians, Herbalists, All professions associated with water and liquids in all its forms, Writers,  debaters, Travel Industry, Foreign Trades, Professions Associated with Water utilities. 

Career Uttara Ashadha  Nakshatra: Range 26°40' Sagittarius- 10°00’ Capricorn.
Professions: Preachers, Priests, Counsellors, Astrologers, Lawyers, Judges, Government officials, Military Professions, Equine professions, Pioneers, Explorers, Wrestlers, Sword fighters and other combat Sports, Athletes, Elephant trainers, Business Executives, Organizers, Defense Industry, Authority figures of all types, Teachers, Guards, High class Servants, Bird watchers and enthusiasts, Body Guards, Security Personnel, Rangers, Hunters, Construction Industry, Cricketers, Holistic Physicians, Government Jobs, Social Work, Military Work, Presidents, Leaders, Economist, Librarians.

 Career Shravana Nakshatra: Range 10°00’ Capricorn - 23°20' Capricorn
Professions: Teachers, Preachers and Educators in all fields,  Scholars, Linguists, Language Translators and Interpreters, Story Tellers and Narrators, Those involved in the Music Business and Recording Industry mainly Producers and Sound technicians, Telephone Operators and all those earning their livelihood by some kind of phone job, Those involved in organizational capacities in big and small corporations, News Broadcasters, Talk Show Hosts and others involved in the radio and television business, Modern day Counsellors, Psychiatric, Psychoanalysts and Psychologists, Those connected with Charitable organizations, clubs and societies, Speech Therapist, Counselors. 

Career Dhanishta Nakshatra: Range  23°20' capricorn - 06°40' aquarius.
Professions: Musicians, Dancers and Performers, All those involved in the Management side of the entertainment industry, Drummers and those involved in the rhythm sections of bands and orchestras,Those involved in military bands and other types of marching bands, Gemstones and Precious Metal Dealers, Athletes and other Sports Persons, Group Coordinators in all fields, Those in the Real Estate Business, Those who deal in Financial Transactions, Scientists and Physicists, Warriors and Military people, Makers of musical instruments, On a higher level those involved in Holistic Healing through Kundalini Yoga,   Managers in general. 

Career Shatabhisha Nakshatra: Range: 6 ° 40' Aquarius - 20 ° 00' Aquarius.
Professions: Electricians and all those who work with electricity, Technology Experts, Radar and X-ray Experts, Chemotherapists, Astronauts, Astronomers and Astrologers, Space Research, Pilots, Radio Operators, Martial Arts Instructors and Martial Artists, Aeronautical, Rocket or Space Engineers, Aeronautical Industry, Those who work in the Film and Television Industry, Trendsetters, Photographers, Science Fiction Writers and Enthusiasts, Nuclear Physicists and Physicists in general, Those working in the Drug & Pharmaceutical Industry, Physicians & Surgeons; Professions connected with the Production & Distribution of Alcohol, Drug Dealers, Waste Disposal and Recycling Industry, Those who work in the Production of Plastics, Petroleum and  associated Industries, Bikers and Motor Sports, Automobile Industry, Seafaring Professions, Detectives, Puzzle Experts, Explorers, Hunters and Inventors, Yoga and Meditation gurus, Zen Experts. 

Career Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Range 20°00’ Aquarius  - 03°20' pieces.
Professions: Morticians and all professions relating to death or the death process like Coffin Makers, Cemetery Keepers etc. Surgeons and contemporary Medical Practitioners (basically those who administer poisons as remedies), Fundamentalists, Radicals, Fanatics, Horror, Mystery and Sci-Fi Writers, The dark side of the entertainment industry, Weapon Makers, Occultists dealing with the dark side, Black Magicians, Perpetrators of dark technologies, Leather Industry, Extreme Ascetics involved in self mortification (like the famous Agoras), Police Departments particularly Homicide Squads, Soldiers, Metal Industry, All professions involving the use of fire and high temperatures, Those who deal with toxic substances and highly polluting waste products, Enemies of the environment like Lumberjacks, Environmental Activists, Pharmaceutical Industry.

Career Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra: Range  03° 20 pieces - 16° 40 pieces.
Professions: Yoga and Meditation Experts, Counselors and Therapists of all types, Shaman, Healers, Practitioners of Tantra and other Occult Sciences, Divinators, Renunciates, Monks, Hermits, Those working in Charity Organizations, Researchers, Philosophers, Poets, Writers, Musicians and Artists,Shop Clerks, Night Watchmen, Doormen, Historians, Librarians, Nonprofit Organizations, Philosophers, Teachers. 

Career Revati Nakshatra: Range 16° 40' Pisces - 30°00' Pisces.
Professions: Hypnotists and Psychic, Creative Artists of all kinds including Painters, Musicians etc., Actors, Entertainers and Comedians, Illusionists, Magicians, Watchmakers, Road Planners and those working in Rail & Road Construction Business, Time Keepers, Calendar and Ephemeris Makers, Astrologers, Professional Hosts and Hostesses (especially air hostesses, ship Stewards etc.), Gemstone Dealers, Those involved in the Pearl Industry, All kinds of Shipping and Marine Industry, Those involved with Foster Homes and  Orphanages, Driving or Transport Professions, Those involved with Religious Institutions, Air Traffic Controllers, Traffic Cops, Lighthouse Workers, Saints,Those involved with Road Safety, Driving Instructors, Travel planners, Travel agents, Foster parents, Making Calendars

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