Saturday, April 12, 2014

Moon in Synastry

Synastry is an astrological technique of determining compatibility between two people comparing the one person chart top on the other person chart. In this technique we check similar sign fall over each other sign in the birth chart to those in the other person’s chart. e.g. If your Sun in Taurus and your partner Moon in Taurus its mean your Sun sign falling on top of its Moon sign. It is very helpful in understanding of relationship between two couples, synastry shows how the energy flowing between two people when they meet with each other and what button they pushed of each other.

Moon Synastry with Moon: The synastry between Moon and the Moon is very emotional. This synastry show how they connect emotionally. Both the couples are connected intuitively with each other. Both feel connected emotionally with each other and can be quite happy in their own world. They have good understanding about each other’s emotions. They feel happy in each other company. Both the couples are emotional and understand each other’s emotional needs. They are always ready to support when it comes for any emotional needs.

Moon Synastry with Sun:
Sun and Moon are good friends in astrology Sun is the supreme soul, it is the only one and he is the king. Moon is the mind it is the reflection of Sun light. They are the real king and queen. They both are the luminaries which holding the universe. This is very good if it falls over each other. These couples have very powerful synastry. They have some kind of magnetic attraction between them which leads to long term relationship. If a man has Sun and fall over women Moon then it is good because women boost man confidence expression and support man, but it also fine if it is vice verse it is a powerful glue between them.

Moon Synastry with Mars: Mars is individuality, aggression and impulsive. Mars person is not patientful as Moon person. Moon is emotions and emotions can be illogical but Mars is very impatient, logical and black and white thinking. It just disturbs Moon’s peace and connectivity by asking question why, what and what not. It does not matter who’s Mars falls on other Moon sign. The synastry between couples is very impatient, argumentative, conflicting and aggressive. The person who have Moon suffer from Mars person. With this synastry both couples begins fighting with each other and it can get converted into the passionate emotional expression of desire. Moon in synastry with Mars give passionate attraction and increase sex drive in couples. It is like sex after fighting or argument.

Moon Synastry with Mercury: When Moon falls on Mercury the couples can communicate for long hours. They do not feel tired even after long chit-chat. Both the couples have the ability to communicate directly openly and honestly with each other. It makes both couples very communicative with each other. Both couples enjoy each other company and enjoy talking. The person who has Moon is good at relating other person, feelings and the way the other person thinks. Both the couples are able to talk about anything and everything without hesitation. They both have good communicative relationship. But sometimes it becomes exhausting and lacks in peace of mind.

Moon Synastry with Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and guidance. This energy has an uplifting effect for both the couples. This synastry activates the positive side of the Moon person, who feels extra special in the presence of the Jupiter person. If man Jupiter falls on women Moon very good. It always help, support emotionally, guide and support in long term goals in her life. And if women Jupiter falls on Moon, then women always guide and support men in his life. This synastry is always good in any case. Jupiter always give a hopeful, gracious, learning together and meaningful relationship.

Moon Synastry with Venus: This synastry is very good whether man’s Moon falls on women Venus or vice verse. Moon and Venus both are feminine and they want connection with people. Relationship is all about love and connection. Moon is about emotions and gentleness. Venus is about love and romance. It just makes couples more loving, connected, balanced, feel appreciated from each other and harmonious in relationship. They take care and love each other and they desire to be together. But Moon person need to careful not give too much love in relationship because in adult relationship we need mutual love and Moon is selfless love which does not work in long term adult relationship. The person who has Moon may feel used in love in a long term relationship.

Moon Synastry with Saturn: Moon is emotions and wants to be peaceful and connected and Saturn is discipline and long term goal. Moon in synastry with Saturn, this relationship can feel heavy and restrictive at times as both the couples feels dutiful and responsible for each other. The Moon person May feel too restricted emotionally due to Saturn’s person cold behavior. This problem occurs due to Saturn’s sense of insecurity. The people who have Moon begin to feel bitter towards the Saturn person. Although it gives sexual attraction but it is very difficult synastry. It is important for both the couples to understand each other energy. The Saturn person learn to ease off and the Moon person realizes that the more they can express love, the more Saturn person feel relaxed. These couples have serious and committed relationship.

Moon Synastry with Uranus: Uranus is the planet of Revolution, new adventure and Freedom. Uranus person is very unusual and freedom loving. This is very difficult synastry. The Moon person suffers in such a relationship. Moon person needs to understand the issues of the Uranus person and give the Uranus person much-needed sympathy and support and should allow the Uranus person their space and freedom so that their relationship works out. The Moon person needs to have patience and acceptance for Uranus person’s unusual nature.

Moon Synastry with Neptune: Neptune is the planet of the illusion, mysticism, and outer worldly aspect of life. This synastry is very difficult. This synastry create illusion and delusion in relationship. The Moon person has difficulty in understanding of Neptune person mysterious behavior. It needs a very mature mindset for Moon person to cope with it. Both the couples needs to understand their emotions and should be aware that they need to be very clear with each other about their feelings.

Moon Synastry with Pluto: Pluto is the planet of transformation. With this synastry the couples are drawn to each other and there is a very deep connection emotionally. Pluto has Scorpion qualities which can be controlling and manipulative. The Moon person needs to careful that Pluto person should not control and manipulate them. This means the person should aware of these tendencies and consciously taking actions so that they should not go into the destructive side of the relationship.

This is general synastry of Moon with other planets.

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