Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jupiter Transit/Shift in Cancer 2014 for Each Ascendant

Jupiter enters Cancer Zodiac sign

Jupiter in Cancer June 19th 2014 - July 14th 2015
Evolutionary principle of Jupiter is the capacity for expansion and growth. Jupiter the main planet of growth whether in the form of children, money, worldly or spiritual teachings. Jupiter is also related to the abstract nature of the mind something very big within us that we are not yet expressing all external forms of growth. One of the reasons Jupiter is debilitating Capricorn is because, Capricorn is very materialistic sign, Jupiter expand here materially in the form of money, and that's difficult. Jupiter exalted and cancer because of that the evolutionary process of Jupiter revolves through the heart. Cancer the water sign of the heart, here Jupiter expansive nature becomes an internally, creative and emotional force which elevates the emotions, and the basic feeling nature. The mystical an abstract quality of Jupiter, expressive through internal emotional intuition of cancer allows for profound spiritual unfolding and expansion toward a deep understanding our essential nature but also emotionally and philosophically in the highest sense.

Jupiter going through cancer exalted in the (transit) sky very powerful but it is going to rule different house for different Ascendant (rising) sign. So how it's going to influence each Ascendant is based on the houses, Jupiter rules from your ascendant and based on where Jupiter is going in the (transit) sky.

Jupiter Transits for Aries Ascendant: Jupiter is the 9th and 12 house ruler, and transit through your 4th house. Jupiter in 4th house giving you expansion through the heart of your higher philosophies and principles (9th house), Jupiter gives your sense of letting go (12th house) of your current philosophies and principles and your preconceptions about the way they were. You're currents ideas about your spiritual principles and your values can be transformed and this deeper emotional intuitive changed connected to and anchored in your heart.

Jupiter Transits for Taurus Ascendant: Jupiter is the 8th and 11th house ruler, transiting through your 3rd house. Jupiter in 3rd house is giving you courage, to facing your fear of transformation and connecting it with your highest good and having the courage to transform. Taurus people quite rigid and like things to be predictable under very much about value, wealth and resources, and this is why Jupiter can be difficult for you. Because Jupiter about abstract philosophical thread of the material expansion giving the courage to transform your fear of the abstract of the immaterial and alignment with higher spiritual purpose.

Jupiter Transits for Gemini Ascendant: Jupiter is the 7th and 10th house ruler, transiting through your 2nd house. Jupiter in second giving you wealth through your partner and career. Jupiter also showing a greater clarification of your personal values which expand those things as well so being more clear about your convictions and your deeper value system. Jupiter is going to improve your relationships and your career rather than having scattered values. The more clear you are in your values and value system the better is your relationships, career, contribution and duties.

Jupiter Transits for Cancer Ascendant: Jupiter is the 6th and the 9th house ruler, transiting through your 1st house of your personality (identity). This so really good for you to expand spiritually and connection to God's grace and group. Jupiter is going to change you and really elevate your vision of yourself and bring a great sense of dedication service. God's grace group spiritual teachings it's a great time for you to really sacrifice and work hard for those things. This going to change your life a lot more powerfully in the willingness to work hard and sacrifice instead of being in your comfort zone.

Jupiter Transits for Leo Ascendant: Jupiter is the 5th and 8th house ruler, transiting through in your 12 house of letting go of things. that shows a very creative transformation your nature. You become more courageous and very creating as things transforming. You become very creative and inspires to liberation, loss, letting go of your powerful identity, and need to be in control. It is challenging time for you this challenge will make you more introspective and gives you creative expansion in your personality through letting go and facing your fears.

Jupiter Transits for Virgo Ascendant: Jupiter is the 4th and 7th house ruler, transiting through in your 11th house. Jupiter will show how you really like to bring others into your heart. You think and reflect about how others feel about you, instead bring it into the realm of the world highest purposes. You should connect that love that you have for others. You need to transformation and gave service to others. You have a lot of ambitions but there often blocked in this sort of perfectionism, so you need to get out of your insecurity around others and connect with higher causes and service larger themes that you can serve.

Jupiter Transits for Libra Ascendant: Jupiter is the 3rd and 6th house ruler, transiting through your 10th house. Jupiter as a 3rd and 6th house ruler is about hard work and effort towards your principles and causes you believe in. You have that kind of nature to really want to fight, mainly for like human rights and things like that. Jupiter is going to your 10th house, where you can really connect to your duties and responsibilities. Jupiter is really bringing you duties and responsibilities that you believe in and the willingness to work hard and sacrifice for, which is important for you.

Jupiter Transits for Scorpio Ascendant: Jupiter is the 2nd and 5th houses ruler, transiting through your 9th houses. Jupiter transit is very powerful and trans formative for you. Jupiter rules your wealth houses and Jupiter is planet of money. Jupiter goes in your 9th house of Gurus grace, higher wisdom, and it’s also aspect in your first house is the great transit for you. Jupiter giving you growth in all areas includes wealth and improved family relations as well as romantic relationships and greater connection to gurus grace and all kinds of creativity.

Jupiter Transits for Sagittarius Ascendant: Jupiter is the 1st and 4th house ruler, transiting through your 8th house. Jupiter might show the desire to move, clarifying and transforming of your heart and your inner emotional life. Jupiter going for your 8th house which has to do with your deeper and the darker side of life, and that you can't just control everything through your high faulting philosophies and principles, and that pain in your heart is gives a change and transformation. Jupiter going for your 8th house has been exalted changes that really connect you with the deeper source of love in your heart.

Jupiter Transits for Capricorn Ascendant:
Jupiter is the 3rd and 12th house ruler, transiting through your 7th house. Jupiter really brings a lot of growth interrelations with others. Jupiter is very much that planet where you need to give up your personal desires. Jupiter really shows grace flowing from others relationship, and partners. Jupiter will show you the need for you to reach out to others to solve that pain and fear in your heart. Jupiter definitely gives improve in your relationships or the need to really change and be courageous about changing them and letting go of your need for control others.

Jupiter Transits for Aquarius Ascendant: Jupiter is the 2nd and 11th house ruler, transiting through your 6th house. 11th house is a major wealth giving planet and it's going to the 6th house of efforts so it shows the need to really work hard in order to earn a living. but if you do work hard and you apply yourself especially in the spirit service and the need for higher causes, as you are willing to serve and do what's necessary especially towards your highest ambitions and motivations and higher causes those things bigger than yourself that it can bring great wealth, but make sure that it should be in alignment with your higher principles.

Jupiter Transits for Pisces Ascendant:
Jupiter is the 1st and 10th house ruler, transiting through your 5th house. This is a very powerful transit for you, quite auspicious with Jupiter going through your fifth house. Jupiter is your ruling planet, Jupiter be aspect in your first house, it can be a wonderful time for your career, for your contribution, for your duties and responsibilities. To really improve, become congruent with your personal values and value system are based on your contribution is important for you. Jupiter brings important principles which are really valuable for you.


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