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Tenth House and Money (Career) Astrology

When using astrology for vocational guidance, it is important to differentiate the house ruling job from that career. A job is a chore that must be done in order to meet the daily requirement of survival. Certain routines must be established to maintain life, and these duties are sixth house issue. In tenth house you establish you establish your 10th house position territory. In the tenth house you find where you belong in a social sense. A tenth house sign or cusp shows how you are viewed when functioning in public. It represents the reputation you have earned, and image you project after discovered your potential for success.  The sign on tenth house describes the social position you want to attain, not only for ego-satisfaction, but to contribute to the society. The ruler of the tenth houses describes the experience needed to achieve success. It shows how (sign) you build your social image and where (house) energy must be expanded to attain professional goals. The tenth house sign and its ruler are strong indicator of professional choices. The tenth house sign, ruler, occupant’s planets and their aspects define the specific qualities for which you are recognized when performing in a career.

Aries Sign on Tenth House: Challenge, independence, and adventure are important to you. You are likely to take active interest in your occupation or profession. To be successful you must develop leadership quality. You must prove to yourself, by confronting, that you can face things with courage. Aries is the sign of warrior, it require courage and assertive initiative. You possess the initiative and drive to get the job done, and others look to your leadership for incentive and motivation. There is a natural tendency to work in a position of authority. Although many occupations are usually associated with men, there is an attraction to such areas as police work, or military service. Mars is the ruler of Aries, shows where (house) and how (sign) you acquire experience that determine the quality of your reputation and qualify the degree of your professional success. The experience describe the house containing Mars further define career, showing what you do with your energy that merits recognition.  The activities described by the house of Mars play an important role in defining career.

Taurus Sign on Tenth House: To make your Mark on the world, you must be determined. You need to root yourself in a career that encourages productivity. To get success in career, stability and presence are necessary. Your contribution to society involves offering it something of worth, something like fine art, food, finance, fabric, or fragrance and could make a living working in fields that allow for your natural talent. You need to see hear, touch, smell, or taste, the outcomes of your professional efforts, otherwise they are not real to you. You are not inclined to move from one thing to another, or change professions once you have established yourself in your field. Whether working for yourself or a big outfit, there is a certain amount of contentment, and satisfaction being involved in a successful endeavor or enterprise. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, shows where (house) and how (sign) you acquire experience that determine the quality of your reputation and qualify the degree of your professional success. You have the magnetic power to attract and accumulate what you need to succeed. The activities described by the house of Venus play an important role in defining career.

Gemini Sign on Tenth House: Success to you means freedom to mentality with variety of ideas and possibilities. Your reputation depends on your intellectuality and ability to adapt the change.  You May have a tendency to become involved in several occupational interests at once, and in areas with changeable conditions as part of their normal operations. You are ‘’idea’’ person. Communication and flexibility are the basis of your potential success. There is a natural inclination to be drawn to a business or occupation that involves speaking, writing, publishing, teachings, sales and crafting. Travel could also play a prominent role in conducting business affairs, or setting up business sites around local counties or the state. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, shows where (house) and how (sign) you acquire information is gathered, to be communicated and applied with in profession. Mercury house containing experience that determine the quality of your reputation and qualify the degree of your professional success. The activities described by the house of Mercury play an important role in defining career.

Cancer Sign on Tenth House: Your sensitivity makes you stand out from others in the professional arena. You need to be emotionally involved in your career, and use your instinctive nurturing ability at either a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Cancer on the 1oth house does not encourage high risk ventures. You May have a preference for working in the home, such as setting up a home office, or doing computer work for a company without having to go to a place of employment. You would meet with success working with people, or in a public capacity, such as in public relations. You could do well in the catering trades, or in domestic service, or owning a lodging business. There is a natural inclination to work with plants as a profession, and this would be conducive to farming or agricultural interests. Moon is the ruler of Cancer, shows where (house) and how (sign) you must be adaptable to minor changes occurring daily that could challenges your security regarding career. At the same time the experience ruled by Moon house strongly influence your public reputation and career choice. The activities described by the house of Moon play an important role in defining career.

Leo Sign on Tenth House: The key to success lies in the level of confidence you project regarding the expression of personal power and the strength of your personal presentation. To you, a job without a future, or one restricting self-expression, recognition and freedom is fruitless. Your capacity for hard work and a desire to achieve something in life indicates success in a chosen field or profession. There is a likelihood of attaining to important positions of reputation and honor. You need to be appreciated and acknowledged for the profession role you play. You could handle your own business quite well on your own. You have the power for original creativity. Your talents tend to the theater as an actor. The area of drama is indicated, and this could extend from the stage to television. A profession within the world of finance is possible, maybe in banking, investments, or the stock Market. Sun is the ruler of Leo, shows where (house) and how (sign) to find purpose, and expression. The house containing the Sun describes what you must do to substantiate your professional importance. The activities described by the house of Sun play an important role in defining career.

Virgo Sign on Tenth House: Your profession reputation is based on your ability to organized and work with details. You are concerned with perfection and, due to your critical eye, you are able to determine when things are out of alignment. For this reason, you do well, in position involving details in an artistic, mathematical or even surgical. Your role is one of a healer, be it healing of the physical body, the mental body, the office leger or the family automobile. Your main concern is to make things utilitarian. You are a natural administrator, and would be comfortable in an office situation. Clerical activities, and the handling of business affairs might appeal to your sense of getting the job done in a timely and orderly manner. Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, shows where (house) and how (sign) you discover what area of life provide the information you need to analyze and put to practical use through vocational profits. The house activities of Mercury describe what your reputation is built upon and the degree of your professional success.

Libra Sign on Tenth House: Your reputation is built on others ‘’awareness’’. You must be aware of the unique needs of each person you contact through profession, and recognize their needs as equal in importance to your own. To succeed in professional, you must cultivate social skill which play part of mediator, if necessary, to maintain balance and harmony in the professional arena. Your reputation based on how efficiently you create and maintain balance, socially artistically. When working with others, skill in rapport are needed. If pursuing an artistic career, balance is important in design, color, and musical. Competition and controversy are issue to be considered. Venus is the ruler of Libra, shows where (house) and how (sign) you attract social stimuli. Here you must appreciate the people you contact and develop social skill. You have the magnetic power to attract and balance what you need to succeed. The experience described by the house of Venus play an important role in defining career.

Scorpio Sign on Tenth House: Your reputation and the level of success you experience in career, depend on your ability to dig under the surface of issue, people, or structure to discover the very core of their makeup. Your intensity, with your power to regenerate or restore, could lead you to profession in psychology, research, police, and investigation, the mystery of reproduction, sex and even death. Due to your intense approach to profession, you project a quality others May find mysterious, intriguing, magnetic, and penetrating. Your professional reputation will be determined by how you use this power. Your ability to psychological merge with others and build power through the union qualities your level of profession success. Mars/pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, shows where (house) and how (sign) you find an area of life where experience provoke the regeneration required if professional success is to be attained. The experience ruled by Mars/Pluto house will be brought into your professional experience.

Sagittarius Sign on Tenth House: your reputation is based on philosophical orientation towards your career potential. The strength of your principle strongly influences your public image. To be successful, you must project honestly, idealism and enthusiasm regarding the possibilities of tomorrow. You need a career that gives enthusiasm, and optimism regarding expansion. Being goal oriented, you need opportunity to grow through career. Optimism gives you a gift for sales. Desire for expansive lifestyle could lead to a travel career. The way you deliver yourself when meeting the world, and the quality of the message you project, determine the level of your success. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, shows where (house) and how (sign) to find where you meet opportunity to expand your life. You bring the result of this expansion into your profession. Your reputation will be qualified by how you deal with the house placement of the Jupiter. The activities described by the house of Jupiter play an important role in defining career.

Capricorn Sign on Tenth House: Recognition, respect, authority, and organization are important ingredient in your career. You are the business person of the zodiac.  You need a career that gives you authority, structure, and build an important, productive place for yourself. You must establish a place in the professional arena and gain power and authority within. This position is very good for starting a business that would ultimately be a success, but it will require hard work and patience. You have a good organization quality, and a flair for administration that will help you to reach to a executive positions. Capricorn on tenth house want a professional respect. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, shows where (house) and how (sign) you must earn the respect you sek. The discipline developed and the responsibility met, in Saturn's house quality, the level of success you gain in profession. In some way the activities described by the house of Saturn play an important role in defining career.

Aquarius Sign on Tenth House: No matter who you are when functioning outside career, you need to be unique, innovative, and original when involved in professional venture and this leads you to seek occupations or professions that are at the cutting edge of technology, or breaking new ground for doing old things in new ways. Your reputation will be based on the quality of your progressive ideas and actions. Your vocational aspirations must revolve around what's good for the group or society rather than individual. Your interests encompass a wide range of potential career choices that would include computer technology, electronics, and many areas that would challenge your intellectual capabilities. The more creative and innovative the career, the more you will gain from it. Saturn/Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, shows where (house) and how (sign) to find out where originality is born that seeks expression through career. The activities described by the house of Saturn play an important role in defining career.

Pisces Sign on Tenth House: For you success extends beyond personal prestige, ego, or recognition and reaches into the realms of idealism and imagination. You are challenged to place your destiny in the hands of some higher power, believe in the value of what you have to contribute and allow that belief to sustain you. Whether you're healer, fisherman, an actor, a musician, or psychologist you must approach your work an inner confidence that those you will be touched. You are imaginative, creative, idealistic, and visionary. You May feel that you don’t have a place in the world, you are dreamer. Yet you have the power of faith to make your dreams into realities into realities. Openness to collective wisdom, and an appreciation for ethereal, are the qualities that leads to success. You have a tendency to be drawn to occupational areas that where you don't mind working alone, or in confined spaces. Jupiter/Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, shows where (house) and how (sign) you find faith in the unknown. The activities and experience described by the house of Jupiter/Neptune play an important role in defining career and your professional success. .

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