Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturn and Sun Together (Conjunction) in Astrology

Saturn is said to be the illegal son of Sun (Surya). Saturn and Sun keep enmity with other each other due to their relationship issue. In the zodiac wheel their position just opposite to each other, therefore these two planets are just opposite in nature. Sun is individualistic and egoistic planet and Saturn is humble and down to earth. When these two planets conjunct in birth chart there is always a tug of war between these two planets. However any conjunction of any planet is with Sun is very tricky because planets sitting with Sun are combust. When Saturn is 15 degrees in the same orbit of Sun it combust. What is the effect of these planets when sitting each other?

What is Saturn?
Saturn is our limitation in life. It sets boundaries to what we can and cannot achieve. The nature of Saturn is that we feel the pain and suffering of our limitation and the complexes.  Saturn is the taskmaster, fear, based on tangible things rather than just an imaginary fear. Saturn shows you the truth and reality of life. Saturn limits our ability of certain aspects of our life depending upon the sign and houses it is ruling. Saturn is the planet of the world and it makes us to be more practical and disciplined if we want to achieve something in materialistic world.

What is Sun?
Sun is the ultimate supreme light, king of solar system, if Sun vanish everything will vanish. Sun represents soul, father, vitality, power, self-esteem, ego, self-respect, honor, status, and authority. A real king is generous, giving, and humble. Sun gives the order to his kingdom (Sun rules overs all the planetary energies). A well placed and powerful Sun gives us confidence, vitality, and leadership quality which guide us towards truth of life. If Sun (soul) is not well placed in the birth chart the person face many problem in life.

Sun and Saturn Conjunction:
Sun and Saturn Conjunction depend on their sign, house and their degree. If Saturn is strong in this conjunction than person lack in self-confidence, face difficult circumstances and situation in which house it occur, conflicts and obstacles with authority figures and government. An afflicted Sun makes person indecisive, lack of self-esteem and low in vitality. It creates lack in power, and gives fear which makes person gloomy, depressive and not happy with people. As Sun denote father in astrology.  Father always try to teaches you something which you May not like initially but later in life you May realize it is good for you. This conjunction also weakens digestive power. As Sun is the fire and Saturn is the cold and humid planet it gives digestive problems, the person suffer from gas and bloating problem.  

If Sun is strong in this conjunction than person is serious, organized, disciplined, mature, have a strong sense of self identity, order and routine, and down to earth. Saturn always tries to make person humble and generous by giving some difficulty in life. These people are very realistic in life and ground with dignity. They know early on in their life who they are and what they want.

If this conjunction occur in the 4th house. The person suffer from both the side, mother as well as from father. 4th house belongs to mother and Sun loses his power in 4th house. Here Saturn is strong enough to make person suffer from strictness, and lack of mother’s love. The person also suffers from family member. Family is not close and affectionate. The Saturn puts lot of rules, regulations, and duties to the person. There is a great deal of responsibility and duty towards these things. In the house where this conjunction is occurring, there is a great deal of responsibility and duty towards these things.  If this occurs in the 7th House, the person would have a lot of responsibility towards the partner (spouse) and other people.

If Saturn and Sun conjunction is between 0-15 degrees. Saturn is combust and does not have the power to fight with the Sun. This conjunction means duty and serving to the higher power. If the Sun is debilitated and Saturn is strong then the person suffers from self-confidence, power, authority and ego, all the things which Sun denotes. But due to this person is very humble generous and grounded. There are many possibilities of this conjunction.  

Remedy for Low Esteem is to pour water on Shivling on Saturday and give water to Sun early in the morning.

Saturn, what we are here to learn