Sunday, June 22, 2014

Positive Use of Astrology Analysis

The thing about being aware of what is coming... It helps us in preparing ourselves mentally and deal with things in a +ve way... do the remedies , meditation and Pooja whatever we can  that helps in dealing with the things/situation.. we will see that it will not turn out to be that bad..

Personally.. Feeling angry, irritated and why it happens to me ... stop being angry or irritated or confused.... planets wants us to be.. take a pause when you have these strong emotion before acting ..  in these emotions we do more harm than good for us.. Why it happens to me = "I just need to deal with this"

Check this Video on TED.. I liked it..


When we know that tomorrow will rain we make plans and get ready for the weather so that we can do what we need to ... why not take the same approach with the Astrology guidance. Why Live in Fear of uncertain if we know there is hard time coming we just buckle-up and get ready.. if good times are coming then we plan to have a party.

I know it is easier said than done.. I have 3 planets in my 8th house and my Venus time/dasha is coming which is in my 8th house as well. Once I knew it .. I started preparing myself with the things that can help me deal with it.. the first thing about 8th house and Scorpio is that it gives me uncertainty(out of control) about things.. So for now i am trying to take care of things that makes me feel uncertain be it my skills (i am trying to learn a lot).. dealing with people... and trying to stay calm not getting  angry or irritated ( not all the time it works). This has made my mind a bit more stable which helps me in dealing with situations.. (I am spending better family time with kids)
Not all the things are in our control...but we can look inwards and self improve
 (Like for weather we cannot do anything, but we can have an umbrella to not get wet ) 

We need to look more inwards and prepare ourselves.. In-fact if we look at it.. Being not angry or irritated or scared makes our personalities better.. I am just using angry and irritated as an example (There could be other spontaneous emotions) 

As said there is always a method to madness.. Which makes us uncomfortable.. We just need to understand and accept  the method..  it brings peace of mind. Sometime we think certain thing is right and by good means it is.. but the system works differently.. The gap between what we know and how things works (write or wrong) makes us uncomfortable. For me personally once I knew/accepted the system.. I am preparing to deal with it and make myself ready for change.. 

Every person is different in different situations.. What I did just applies to me.. maybe I could have or can do better..  Will keep on trying..

So when we goto a Astrologer in our hard time .. ask them to explain the energies influencing our mind, relationships and behavior. Once we are able to understand it .. We are able to deal with the situations better.  Best wishes and Happy Journey through life.

update April-2015 : I can see that I am able to mange lot of things that are highlighted as stressful for me with not much of a issue most of the time .. so we can manage lot of bad influences in our chart with our behavior. I see here my chart stops reflecting who i am at present in certain areas of life.

(Knowledge should empower us to be engaged in life)

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