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Saturn in The Seventh House and Past Life Karma

Saturn is a taskmaster and considered as a “malefic” planet. Saturn always bringing difficulties and learning of in life to whatever house it is placed. The seventh house is the house of Marriage and general partnership. Thus having Saturn in 7th house would be viewed as a bad for Marriages. Saturn is the feeling of Separateness, in 7th house it give a Separative feeling deep within which makes it difficult for this person to relate to others. There can be many reasons for this, possibility of “unfortunate Marriage”, a cold and over-ambitious partner.

The basic interpretation of Saturn in the seventh house is difficulty with partner, distance sorrow, pain or constriction in Marriage or other close relationships in general. Generally these difficulties in the hand of destiny and not connected with the fault of individual himself.

Thus, Padmasambhava, the great saint of Tibetan Buddhism, says, “If you want to know your past life, look into your present condition.” The challenges of life in the present, in other words, are rooted in the past.

Saturn in the seventh house can give many possibilities. People like who are lonely or like to live alone, have unsatisfying relationships, people who are accepting of solitude and celibacy, and they used of it and they do not seem to suffer from it, and some have long, stable, and exemplary relationships. When Saturn is in seventh house the person is born with a blockage or hindrance. They need to learn fact of the life, and to work on it with the realism, discipline, and honesty. If Saturn is in good dignity then these people move on and make progress in relationship. But if Saturn in bad dignity then they feel blockage in relationship.

What can be cause of Saturn in the seventh or what is evolutionary lesson to the person.
Psychology the seventh house is about trust. Thus with Saturn in the seventh house, there is an inborn blockage to the trust-function. Those who have Saturn in 7th house cannot learn very much about trust all by themselves. For them trust is an interactive phenomenon. If you are born with issues around trust, you simply cannot resolve them without the help of people who are worthy of your trust.

Saturn in the Seventh and The Karma of Past life.

Why some people born with Saturn in the seventh? What happened before this lifetime that leads a person to take birth with this alignment? There are a many of possibilities. All have the common thing which can be someone in a prior life and of that wound having not been resolved prior to that death. Most of the possibilities fall into two main categories: abandonment and bereavement.

Imagine that in a prior lifetime you were abandoned by your loved ones or you never heard from again from your partner, or she or he went on to live a happy life with someone else, how long does it take to get over something like that? Or imagine that in a prior lifetime you were happily married to your true love. You were young and you had started your life with your partner. And your partner was hit by some car accident, and dead and gone.

Again, how long does it take to get over something like that? The question of “how long it takes to get over” such a grief in life which is unanswerable. Grief takes its own time to heal and everyone’s experience of it is different. One can repress grief for a while, but it does not go away. And one can cling to grief and become identified with it, to the point that mourning is unnaturally extended. We often observe people going to their graves with unresolved or unowned grief. Their grief May still be fresh and in their new birth chart we might see Saturn in the seventh house.

Saturn is fear, it give fear in Marriage when it placed in 7th house. We can imagine other past-life possibilities for this placement. Maybe in a prior lifetime, you took a premature vow of celibacy in some religious order and your natural urge to bond sexually became a danger and a threat to you, so you had to repress it, make it an enemy. You developed a fearful reaction toward anyone whom you found attractive. Or you May be abused sexually in your past lives and you don’t like to be with someone privately.

Trust betrayed you in a prior life. You died with that issue unresolved. You have now been reborn with that wound unhealed and with the power to heal it.

Many possible stories abandonment and bereavement are very different phenomena, but all this stories give emotional impact. If we trust someone and our trust fails, or others trust fails, in either case we internalize and trusting someone is not easy job. Whatever the case the person is born with a blockage to the trust-function and an evolutionary intention of healing it. There are a lot of sad stories out there. One out of every twelve people has Saturn in the seventh house, so it must represent a very large number of those possibilities.

Saturn in the seventh house teaches us quite a lot. Saturn teaches us to accept the truth of life. Let’s say if you lose someone dear one or someone has died and we think it is bad. Of course it’s hard to accept that we lost loved ones, the things we love the most.  But in reality we should not have attachment to the things too strongly and should be accepting that nothing last forever. Suffering does not comes from losing the things, suffering comes from the attachment to the things, and not to see death as a creative force rather than thinking something done harmful to us. In fact we don't lose anything this is an illusion around loss, but the real thing is that we don’t know how to LET GO the things. Hanging on the things too long is the main cause of suffering. The pain of suffering is due to no correlation or acknowledge with the lesson of Saturn, is that Nothing is Permanent.

In present life those people have Saturn in 7th house or Saturn conjunct with 7th lord, Saturn making their life difficult by giving breaks in relationship or and giving sorrow related with relationship. These people need to understand that Saturn making their mind mature by giving issues with  relationship. These people need to accept the situation rather than taking things serious and making their own life miserable. Everyone should Learn ''How to Let Go things not attached with the things or situations or with the person''.    

Saturn teaches, what to learn in this life

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