Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Personality Astrology

When you ask about your personality, most of the astrologer describes your ascendant. But this is half of the story about your personality. To have the full picture of your personality we need to look at the ruler of 1st house as well. This is known as ruling planet of the chart. This very important planet because we incarnate in this world with the identity of that planet. The ruling planet of your chart is determined by the planet that rules the sign on the cusp of your first house (your rising sign/ascendant), and where is the first house lord (ruling planet) placed will shows where you are most interested in our life or you destined to do those things. However, if you have a planet that is conjunct to your ascendant or ruling planet, that planet might be have big influence on your personality and if any planet situated in 1st house or other planets aspects to your ascendant will also have influence on your personality.

Ascendant or rising sign is our natural expression in the world. The way you present yourself to the world and the way others see you.  The ascendant ruler is important to understanding because understanding of your ascendant ruler gives you more detail about how you interact and approach the world. The ascendant ruler’s house and sign can tell you a lot about where you are likely to find a lot of significant activity in your life. That planet could be said to defined you, your outlook and how you appear to others. e.g. Someone with Sagittarius rising might be characterized as a Jupiterian kind of person, hopeful, optimistic, concerned with achieving vision and higher wisdom. Someone with Aries rising might be considered a Martian kind of person, impulsive and go getter. But this is not complete personality of you. For the complete information of your personality you need to check where is your ascendant lord placed, in which house and which sign, if this conjunct with other planets or aspect by other planets.

So if the Aries ascendant persons Mars is placed in 12th house in the sign of Pisces What does it mean? This get’s complicated as a Aries ascendant people you may think that you May be impulsive and aggressive, but that is not the case. Now your personality mixes Aries and Pisces sign because Mars is in Pisces sign. So you can be shy, not very active or passive active, and what you like most in your life? You like most of the 12th house things in your life. You like meditation, spirituality, isolation you May be a hidden personality, who don’t like to interact with people and don’t like to be a public figure.

Or if you have Mars in 8th house then Mars will be in Scorpio sign then you May be aggressive or impulsive but at the time you are very secretive in nature, you are very vulnerable emotionally and investigative. Now because this is placed in 8th house you like to explore 8th house stuff like, metaphysical studies, deep hidden mysterious of life, or you May be interested in some secretive activity.

Or if Mars is in 6th house, then what will be your personality ? Now Mars is in Virgo sign in 6th house. 6th house is the most difficult house in astrology and your ascendant lord in 6th house what does it mean ? It means you are dealing with most of the difficult thing in your life. And you feel dealing with people is just like a work. You are doing hardest work to achieve something. You spend a lot of energy in the tasks of daily living. There is also a general desire to improve themselves ( the 6th house corresponds with the attitude of service as well as self-improvement for the sake of that performing that service). This is a complex thing with a different possibilities. When analyzing the personality of a person, focus on the rising sign, and then find the house and sign of the planet in the birth chart.  

In the cases of the ascendant lord or chart ruler being conjunct or aspected by the planet, then it becomes a little more important to consider the influence of the planet that conjunct or aspect. . If someone is Aries rising with Saturn on the ascendant, the person will seem much more Saturnian than a regular Aries rising person might appear. You can be more serious and not so active in life as Aries ascendant people are used to. 

This is the reason that, two people having same ascendant will not have same nature. It modified according to placement of ascendant ruler, in which sign, house, aspects and conjunction with any other planets.