Friday, December 12, 2014

Axis Astrology

There are 6 axis in Astrology. Each axis is concerned with a unique set of theme of life. The Signs that are 180 degrees apart or opposite each other known as Signs in Polarity. The opposite ends of the axis describe opposite ways of life. An axis may connect two opposing houses e.g. First house and seventh house or second house and eighth house are the axis may connect two opposing signs.  Two Signs in polarity such as these often combine to make a whole, it is like two opposite friend's balancing each others weaknesses. Signs in polarity often feel a strong pull to one another. They have the opposite quality, often uneasy with one another, but those in polarity complement each other, even though tension sometimes exists between them.

Let’s take a look at each of these opposite, axis polarities in astrology.


Aries and Libra axis: 

Self versus others axis, this is the axis of relationship. This sign is about creating a balance between self and others. 1st house orients towards self-awareness and 7th house orient towards awareness of the other. This axis connecting the 1st and 7th houses, and is about learning life’s lessons through interpersonal relationships. If 1st is dominant then we learn most easily by observing the effects of our actions on others. If 7th house is dominant, then we learn most easily by observing reactions of others, and the things that they do. This is a subtle difference, since the interaction keeps going back and forth. These two signs opposite sign represent the will and willingness, give and take, self and other. Here we are learning to become aware of the needs, realities and give to other people. The lesson being learned in this axis is to balance the relationship.


Taurus and Scorpio axis:  

Security versus insecurity axis, it is the axis of dealing with underlying fears. This sign is about creating a balance between insecurity by securing the life by having some possession or value in life. We all have some fears in life, and all the security we do in life depends on these fears. This axis is about the 2nd and 8th house. 2nd house is about possessions and keeping safe, it is the house of comfort zone.  This is probably one of the most difficult axis to work with because it takes painful hard work to get out of fears of life. Second house seeks for peace by securing oneself at the expense of change and Scorpio yearns for change at the expense of peace. This axis seeks a balance of energy flow between the two axis by aligning oneself with processes of transformation (8th house), not allowing to push and making oneself secure. Here we are learning to become aware of volatility of life. The lesson being learned in this axis is to balance the insecurity with the security.


Gemini and Sagittarius axis:  

Logic versus Wisdom, this is the axis of logic and intelligence and integrate with insight of enculturation and vision. 3rd house is about to gather information and disseminate and focus on the intricate details of the component parts, while 9th house is about wisdom, vision and knowledge about abstract thinking (which you believe in something without any facts and proof). This axis is about to align the polarity with the intelligence, thought, facts, information and integrate with perception of philosophy and new horizons. 3rd and 9th house is about developing effective communication. When considering personal questions about communicating with others, we need to reference both the 3rd and 9th house axis. In 3rd house we are gathering thoughts, ideas, information, and putting the pieces together, and in 9th house we need to do something with the pieces gathered and building something and making a positive change in our life and in the world.


Cancer versus Capricorn axis: 

Inner peace versus outer action, this is the axis of finding balance between inner peace while fulfilling duties. This polarity represents a distinct contrast of needs for peaceful inside while doing duty without mental disturbance. 10th house represents strength and capability for fulfilling responsibility. 4th house represent inner peace, nurturing, emotional bonding, security and a deep sensitivity to be peaceful inside. 4th house is the house of moksha. It is the house of moksha from ego or self. In Mahabharata Arjuna the great warrior was finding difficulty with killing his own kith and kin in a war, due to that he was not peaceful inside. Lord Krishna says to him, you just do your duty and don’t attach with them. The meaning of this conservation between Arjuna and Krishna is related with 4th and 10th house axis. We incarnate in this world for fulfilling our duty ( 10th house) and still not disturbed by them and peaceful inside ( 4th house), so that we can get moksha ( liberation). If you can understand this concept, then it is for you to do mediation.


Leo versus Aquarius axis:  

Individual power versus social power, this is the axis of finding balance between individuality creativity and group’s creativity. 5th house about power means leadership and using power to accomplish something for self. The 11th house is about equality, ideal is that each individual has an inborn capacity to ascend to a level of consciousness. Here the polarity of balance between the self-orientation of personal creative expression to the collective orientation of universal ideals. 5th house wants distinction, and 11th house demands collective consciousness of the group. In this axis issues of self-importance need to balance with actions directed towards the greater whole. For this reason, there can be no human interaction devoid of compassion. The expression on the outside may take the form of a new solution dealing with a social or world issue. The 11th house is about joining in and participating in an already ongoing creative process. The lesson being learned in this axis is to balance between the groups creative action is greater than any single individual’s contribution. 


Virgo versus Pisces Axis: 

Service to the self-versus and service to the universe, this is the axis of finding balance between criticism and acceptance someone without criticism. 6th house is about criticism, perfection, organization and putting things place. This is the polarity between order and chaos. 12th house is also about centered in the invisible world, the psychic and the spiritual realm.  The 6th house is about conscious who live in daily routines, compares, contrasts and dealing with daily activities. 12th house is about conscious who believe in unknown e.g. prayer, meditation and let go, merges and dissolves with universe when things not working out. This is the axis of creating balance between protecting ourselves against being emotionally drained by other people’s needs, and still be present with them or when we drained out by criticism and perfection of life we need to calm down our mind with prayers and meditation.

In axis the pull may be strong in both directions, but this is the way of universe to act keep balance in life.