Sunday, December 21, 2014

Don't hit back at the Universe become a Sponge and be Happy

As they say mind is the most powerful thing. So that makes our thoughts  the most powerful and a vehicle of our desires to achieve what we want. LAW OF ATTRACTION SAYS. If we ask the universe .. it will figure out a way to give us want we want. This is all positive.. what happens when we have wrong/negative desires or feelings.

What it means is .. 

If we feel angry.. anger is the emotion which is being echoed to the universe.. we will get anger in return.

If we are mad at people ... we are throwing madness at the universe... Universe will give back madness with some bonus as more madness.

If we hate people... Universe will hate us back more

If we project EGO.. we will have to deal with the EGO of the Universe.

So if we believe in karma.. we should stop echoing -ve/bad vibration towards the we will get what we echo.. We should start absorbing the -ve/bad vibes thrown at us and not reflect or through back. This is one way of finishing THE KARMA.


It is easier said than done.. but if we start it today.. positive things will start happening .. which could bring us happiness.

Read the following other articles on self analysis.. you will see how lack of understanding and confidence in other people can make us angry.. once we know what drives the other people .. for us we will have less reasons to be angry or mad.