Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Enemy in Astrology

|| Enemies are Often Hidden in Family, Relatives and Friends ||

Enemies in life is very common, we all have enemies. The question is how bad? Now a day’s life so competitive it is difficult to find a good friend. However there are some astrological combinations which certainly give enemies in life to some people.  

The houses of of friends, is 3rd and 11th house, and house of enemies is 6th and 12th. If the 3rd house lord is debilitated and placed in 6th house or 6th house lord placed in 3rd house you May have rivalry with your siblings. 3rd lord in 8th house shows sudden abnormal behavior of siblings or friends. Same rule apply for 11th lord. 6th house for open enemies where you can see your enemy and fight with them. 6th house is the place of court and the most unpleasant house of life. The 12th House of sorrow, and confinement. The enemies of 12th house tends to be have most dominant enemies. With 12th House enemies, there is no honor. The difference can be seen especially by comparing the difference between the ruler of the 11th House in the 7th versus in the 12th. The ruler of the 11th if not in good dignity in the 7th means that your friends will alternate between being friendly and being competitive. But if the ruler of the 11th in the 12th is the friend who smiles to your face while plotting behind your back.

12th house is the house of secret enemies where you can not see them. The house that the ruler of the 12th occupies tells you where your enemies are hiding. If the ruler of the 12th is in your 6th house, they will be among your co-workers or employees. If the ruler of the 12th is in the 5th, you might not want to accept that your romantic partner can be your enemy. The house occupied by the ruler of the 12th can also tell you the particular area of life where you are the most likely to discontented with yourself, or experience the consequences of unconscious choices. If the ruler of the 12th is in the 2nd house, it might suggest enemy can be in your close family. If the ruler of the 12th is in your 11th house, you might have a pattern of disruptions in your friendships.  Thus, secret enemies are usually much more harmful than open enemy and they are more devastating to your esteem, since you often never see them until it's too late.

The condition of the ruler of the 11th shows the quality of these friends. If your 11th House ruler is dignified, then your friends will be of great help to you. If your 11th House ruler is debilitated, then you May need to help your friends more than they can help you. If your 11th House ruler is not strong, then your friends May wander through life without a clear path which is not to say they are unfaithful to you, but they May often be distracted. A fixed sign on the 11th House shows for longer lasting friendships. A well aspected eleventh house shows the ability to make and keep friends. Afflictions to the eleventh house indicate either Separations from friends, unfortunate friends or an inability to choose friends wisely. Good aspects from a planet in or ruling the eleventh house to a planet in or ruling the tenth house May show help from friends in the career.

Some planets badly placed opposite to the Sun and Moon and afflicting the Sun or Moon or the ruler of the Ascendant May have potential to give enemies. Mars in affliction usually indicates an uncompromising opponent. An afflicted or debilitated Mars May denote difficulties with individuals. If Mars debilitated in 5th house you May find enemies in colleges. The 7th House shows rivals and open enemies, opponents in business, etc. Malefics planets Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in the seventh house May show an unfortunate approach to others and develop the open enemies. The Moon and Mercury well aspected will give many friends, benefic planets in the 11th House, or the ruler of the 11th House well aspected, the same. The in good aspect to the always gives many favours and general success through friends. If there is affliction to the planet of friendship ( Mercury ) or if you find badly aspected or malefic planets in the 11th House deprived from friends. The 11th House shows the quality of friends. The nature of the ruler and planets in the 11th House will describe the type of friends that you have. Aspects from malefics, or a debilitated ruler of the 11th House in the 12th House brings up the possible danger that your friends become your enemies.

Rahu and especially Ketu is always trouble maker. Any connection of Rahu and Ketu to these house gives problem with enemies.