Tuesday, December 23, 2014

There is Never a perfect time , but we need to grow-up anyways (Self Analysis)

I am a father with two kids in the house. We are constantly trying to teach our kids something or the other. I have seen them struggling with the concepts and i try to figure out some creative ways for them to be able to learn new concepts.

When I look at myself and sometime questions ... how difficult it is for me to change myself. I have seen for me that change is very hard.. but in the end we have to accept it .. good or bad and move on with it. 

If we are feeling uncomfortable that means that there is something within us which needs attention.. be it relationship, work or parents relationship with their children.

Feeling uncomfortable is a precursor to change .. people either start avoiding things or accept it and change with it or find reasons to blame others for the discomfort.

In astrology there are 12 sections which indicates different areas of life , signs and planets indicate influences on us. A experienced astrologer can help you explain the areas of life which needs attention or how do we deal with a certain areas of life. This helps in providing guidance as we are able to do for our children.


House #Section of Life
1Dharma, Righteousness
2Value , Self Esteem
4Inner Peace
5Creativity , Learning , What we love most
6Social Service
7Other People
9Higher Learning,Wisdom
10Responsibility, Duty
12Surrender , Let go

 Following is a list of planets and their indications/influences.

SunSoul, Esteem, Leadership
MoonEmotions, Mind, Inner Peace, Mental Balance
MarsEnergy, Aggression
MercuryIntellect, Speech, Communication
JupiterFortune, Wealth, Inspiration , Hope, Truthfulness
VenusDesire, Pleasure , Sex
SaturnDetermination, Obstacles, Seriousness, Commitment , Status
RahuObsession, disturbance , foreign things, growth
KetuSpirituality, detachments

Following is a list of signs and their indications/influences.