Thursday, April 16, 2015

Waxing and Waning Moon Astrology

In Astrology Moon is a very important planet because Moon rules our mind and consciousness. according to our mind or conscious we perceive things. The world is same, people are same but it is our internal environment which is not same and according to that, we react to the people and things around us. The moon represents our instinctual responses to life and carries our unconscious memories from past lives.

What are Moon Phases?

The relationship between the Sun and Moon in the sky is what creates the waxing and waning light of the moon each month. As the whole moon cycle from new moon to new moon is 4 weeks long. The Moon Phases refer to the moon's orbit around the earth in relation to the Sun. In astrology, the Moon influences the mind depending on whether the moon is full, new, increasing or decreasing in your birth chart.  The moon phases repeat the same cycles every month. Every month there is the last quarter and decreasing moon, also referred to as the waning moon, leading to the new moon, the new moon first quarter and increasing moon is also referred to as the waxing moon leading to the full moon, and the cycle starts over again. The first quarter and last quarter moon are ninety degrees to the sun and are exactly half in shadow, half in light. The new moon is the moon's side in darkness. The full moon is the completely illuminated side of the moon.

Mostly people think that Waning Moon is not good and does not give good result. We should discriminate in our interpretation between what is called waxing and waning aspects.

According to vedic astrology, the Waxing or increasing Moon brings new ideas and activities. The Full Moon is the fully illuminated moon, and activities and celebrations are heightened in creativity and effect. The Waning or decreasing Moon symbolizes winding down of activities, and purification. And the New Moon is a time for reflection and introspection. The waxing side of the aspect cycle is where we come up with ideas, make plans to implement them, and actually put these plans into action, building something real, something outward and usually in the physical world. This is where we give. The waning side of the aspect cycle is where we work with whatever we have built and created, coming to understand what it is, how to best use it, and what it means to us. Here we are receiving, accepting what is, and learning to work with that. Waxing Moon helps the area of life it influences to grow. Waning Moon causes external areas of life to fade, while causing one’s inner worlds to grow. With a waning Moon, we experience loss of outer world in order to gain inner fulfillment and inner growth. Those people who have waning moon if they know how to manage their emotions they can really do good meditation practice.  

Moon represents pearl, purity, healing, and white color. White holds all colors of the spectrum. Silver is the other color associated with the moon. In Vedic astrology, wearing gemstones such as pearl, moonstone, silver or white quartz used for remedies for get benefits from the Moon energy. By wearing the silver and white colors you can make a connection with the Moon and it helps you to stay calm and cool. 

Moon, Emotions, Mother

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Benefic and Malefic Planets in Astrology

In Vedic Astrology there are nine planets and according to their nature they known as benefic (good)  and malefic (not good) planets. Rahu and ketu always considered malefic planets for everyone, but these are the points which helps you to your soul growth after giving mental suffering.

The Benefic (good) planets are: Waxing Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. These planets considered mild and benefic in general.

The malefic (not good) Planets are: Waning Moon, Mars, Saturn and Sun. These planets considered cruel in nature and malefic in general.

But this is not the truth. The planets is benefic or malefic depends on the house ruler ship of the planets according to your ascendant.

Every planets rule different house according the ascendant and on the basis of that planets considered benefic and malefic.

In vedic astrology there are some house which is considered malefic and these houses are 6th, 8th and 12th, and depending on your ascendant these house rules by different planets and these planets considered malefic for that particular ascendant and they known as functional malefic planets because it does not matter whether they are benefic planets.

Every planets rules two signs in vedic astrology and have its mooltrikona signs which means the sign which is strong.

        PLANET                       LORD                     MOOLTRIKONA SIGN

  1. Sun                                  Leo                                         Leo
  2. Moon                              Cancer                                   Taurus( 4 - 20 degrees)
  3. Mars                               Aries, Scorpio                       Aries
  4. Mercury                         Virgo, Gemini                       Virgo
  5. Jupiter                           Sagittarius, Pisces                Sagittarius
  6. Venus                             Taurus, Libra                        Libra
  7. Saturn                            Capricorn, Aquarius            Aquarius

So if these planets mooltrikona sign falls in 6th, 8th, and 12th house that planet is considered malefic.

So lets see what are functional malefic planets for each ascendants:

Aries: Mercury (mooltrikona sign Virgo falls in 6th house), Rahu and Ketu.

Taurus: Venus (mooltrikona sign libra falls in 6th house), Jupiter (mooltrikona sign sagittarius falls in 8th house), Mars (mooltrikona sign Aries falls in 12th house), Rahu and Ketu.

Gemini: No mooltrikon signs falls in 6th 8th and 12th house. so no functional malefic planets for gemini ascendant, Rahu and Ketu.

Cancer: Jupiter (mooltrikona sign Sagittarius falls in 6th house), Saturn (mooltrikona sign Aquarius falls in 8th house), Rahu and Ketu.

Leo: No mooltrikon signs falls in 6th 8th and 12th house. So no functional malefic planets for Leo ascendant, but Moon considered malefic as it rule 12th house,  Rahu and Ketu.

Virgo: Saturn, (mooltrikona sign Aquarius falls in 6th house), Mars (mooltrikona sign Aries falls in 6th house), Sun,( mooltrikona sign leo falls in 12th house), Rahu and Ketu.

Libra: Mercury (mooltrikona sign virgo falls in 12th house), Rahu and Ketu.

Scorpio: Mars (mooltrikona sign aries falls in 6th house), Venus (mooltrikona sign Libra falls in 12th house), Rahu and Ketu.

Sagittarius: The Moon (mooltrikona sign Taurus falls in 6th house), Rahu and Ketu.

Capricorn: The Sun (mooltrikona sign leo falls in 8th house), Jupiter (mooltrikona sign Sagittarius falls in 12th house), Rahu and Ketu.

Aquarius: The Moon considered malefic as it rule 6th house, Mercury (mooltrikona sign virgo falls in 8th house), Rahu and Ketu.

Pisces: The Sun (mooltrikona sign leo falls in 6th house), Venus (mooltrikona sign Libra falls in 8th house), Saturn (mooltrikona sign Aquarius falls in 12th house), Rahu and Ketu.

So whenever these planets mahadasha run the person suffer through some difficulty in their life according to their house ruler-ship of the planets.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sun in 12th House Career

In astrology as we know 12th house consider malefic house and if your 10th lord placed in 12th house is known as dur yoga means there can be trouble in your career,  but there are many other career possibilities when Sun in 12th house.

First we need to know what is 12th house ? 12th house is the house of loss. This is the house of where any one can see whether it is through internet or through T. V. This is the house of foreign land, hospital, jail, ashram, non charitable institute, behind the scene ( working in film industry), meditation, yoga, temples etc. Now what is Sun ? Sun is the power, vitality, authority, leadership, politics, creativity  etc. Now you need to mix the both of them and especially if you have Pisces energy in 5th house and Sun rule your 10th house. 

When Sun in the 12th house there are chances of you to public exposure and you can be  very pronounced leader. It's means that the person's who have Sun which is self-expression, creativity and the personal creativity will have an effect on the public. You are the person whose self expression and inspiration for the public.  Sun in the 12th house which means whoever you are or whatever you represents will inspire the large crowds. So you have the potential for leadership qualities.  You can be and politician, you can be an artist, you can be priest ( pundit in temple) and  you can be in a famous show business doesn't matter exactly in what form but whatever you are seems to interest the large scale of public.  But it doesn't mean that everybody that has a 12th house Sun will tap into this potential, because not everybody will be ready for this kind phase. 

Many people in the 12th house Sun have something very unique to offer. They have special destiny but if they cannot control and relates they can be lost in 12th house energy until they find it. So there's something that person not able to totally ready to access this maximum potential of that house and this is a very important point a person with a 12th house Sun. The more they really trying to be famous the less they will succeed, you cannot control your success. You simply have that integrity to be creative and trust  the power of the collective conscious. You cannot impose fame and recognition, it has to come to you and this is the 12th house dynamic. The more you try to impose, the more you will lose grip on it and you actually experience the other thing which is unknown. Many people Sun in the 12th house came up from past life in which they remember that they had a larger-than-life function and so coming to this life,  they want to do it again. So more they want to do it again the less it happens, so you need to just takes as it is.

Your personal individual creativity will work and its opportunities will come. 12th  house Sun can also manifesting public working regards to children because Sun is the natural ruler of 5th house and children, education represented by 5th house. 12th house is the house of hospital so you can be a pediatrician and a schoolteacher working with children in foreign land. 12th house is the related with hospital and healing so everything relating to related to the work the medical field.  Sun is giver and represents saving lives, so you can be in the business of saving public means you can be doctor and have institution e.g.  Hospitals. 

12th house is about hidden things, means where you can not express yourselves and actually it's the house in which you can have largest exposure. So in reality this is the house that is not about hiding at all. So you can be working in film industry behind the scene as a film director where everyone knows you but no one can see you. Many people go through a 12th house experience can feel overexposed and therefore they will wants these anonymity to compensate and hide for some of time in their life.  So there is no need to disappoint, if you have Sun in 12th house what you need to do explore what kind of creativity you have. There are other factors also in the birth chart which leads you to the powerful dynamics of Sun in 12th house. 

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Twelfth (12th) House Astrology

In astrology, the twelfth has been called the house of sorrow, servitude, loss, mystery, and  the house of one’s own self-undoing. The twelfth is regarded as the most mystical of all houses, a place of deep spiritual realization, and enlightenment. So in some way 12th house also have some the most positive house of all.

The 12th house is the last house really shows the place where we can connect with the collective conscious and unconscious. Everyone has a 12th house and according to the 12th house condition, we can assess what is the level of evolution of the person. if you have the venus in the 12th  house  it may have different meaning according to dignity of the planet and it all depends on your level of evolution.  Everybody's tapping in 12th house for their own spiritual quest.  If we related to spirituality this is the house where we all come from this “universe’’ which means, it's the house in which we can associate ourselves with the absolute unity beyond of separation and understand that we are on the same boat we owe basically trying to achieve the same things. The 12 house is the house of surrendering to higher energies into his higher consciousness because you don't have a choice. 
The 12th house is what belongs to everyone  it's the air,  it is the resources, and it's the weather. Everything that is part of nature is the 12th house. So the 12th house relates to that collective collective atmosphere. The best thing about the 12th house is it's impersonal. You don't own anything in the 12 house, and you have no control. Everyone has free access to ask something from unknown but you don’t know whether you will get or not. Its is the house of prayer, meditation and divine powers. 
Although 12th house is the hidden house but in the 12th house you can see pain, a true compassionate person, a individuals that can really great public figures. People that can move to the collective conscious they can change history.  You can also have a person selling food in the market, because that person that has offering a public service and he doesn't choose who will come and buy his food and will go. 12th house, It's all open to the public there's no personal contact and this is what happens with a 12th house you have no control. So in 12th house you have to accept everyone, you cannot discriminate in your open store. This can be overwhelming because you have to serve these different kind of unknown people who entering in your store.
So through the 12th house we learn surrendering, acceptance of whoever will enter in your life. You have to open to everyone without any discrimination.  So there is a very strong requirement to adapt, to open, and to be flexible. You have to let go of control and see that specific energy. So 12th house feels like open to all the surprises possible and if you don't have the power of adaptation you will lost in your 12th house and you become easily overwhelmed. So there's a lot of potential in 12th house. In 12th house basically you have to flow with stream and whatever the way it will take that's where you're going. It doesn't mean that's your lost at sea or you cannot navigate your boat. You can choose whatever you want to sell in your shop. but once you exposed in 12th house you have to open up you have to adapt. 
If you don't have immunity you may be easily become overwhelmed. Those people who have 12th lord in 1st house they exposed to the public in every way, exposed to the public's ideas, exposed to the public action and exposed to the public anger as well.  It simply because they overly exposed and don't have enough of an immunity. They can become paranoid because they don't have defenses, everybody's coming from everywhere and they simply feels unsafe.
Most public figures have a very heavy 12th house or Pisces energy in tenth house because these people have to explore these dynamics. 

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Kuja / Mangalik Dosha Astrology

Mars is the planet of energy within us. When mars is powerful the person is energetic constructive and helpful to others, but if it is badly placed in the chart the person is violent and destructive in nature. Individuals having more mars energy are very passionate, romantic and sensual in nature. This is why in a relationship if one person have this type of energy and other does not the problem occurs. Manglik Dosha occurs when Mars is placed in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or the 12th house in a horoscope. Manglik dosha is more severe when Mars is placed in the 7th or the 8th House. The other houses experiences milder afflictions only. So if the planet Mars is in any of these mentioned houses in your birth chart, it may have affect your relationship and compatibility. In some ways it's a type of a personality which needs similar energy to feel comfortable with. you need to find other person who is suitable for you by compatible technique.

Exception of Manglik/Kuja Dosha: if both the partner have manglik dosha eveness occur, however manglik dosha is not cancel but both partner's energy bring balance in relationship.

Cancellation of Kuja/Manglik Dosha: Manglik dosha can be cancelled fully but in certain sign of Mars its effects can be reduced.

 When Mars occupies the following specific locations.

1. Gemini and Virgo as 2nd house.

2. Aries or Scorpio as 4th house.

3. Capricorn or Cancer as 7th house.

4. Sagittarius or Pisces as 8th house.

5. Taurus or Libra as 12th house.

6. Mars Aquarius in any house, there is no Manglik Dosha.

7. Mars is conjuct either Jupiter or the Moon. 

8. Ascendant occupied by Jupiter or Venus.

9. Mars is in the 4th or 7th in the sign of Cancer, Scorpio, or Capricorn.

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Three Dimensional Relationship Astrology

When someone wants relationship reading, it just not one way. Relationship is three dimensional means, which approaches the subject from three dimensions. In three dimensional relationship we analyse three factors.

1. Individual capacity for love in relationship.
2. Synastry part
3. Kuta system.

1. First we need to analyze each individual's chart because the individual charts going to show their capacity for love. So each individual is going to have a capacity and tendency which is shown in the charts toward what kind of relationships behaviour they have  in them towards others.  Because your behaviour shows the commonality in partnership. So the one thing is common in relationship is YOU. Relationship strat from individual’s own behaviour. For instance what they like or what they dislike in relationship. if someone have hot temperament, definitely it will show in their relationship too. The first part of relationship astrology often overlooked.  It  just means you are the individuals and what kind of tendency and capacity you have for love. So that must be assessed first.

The first part done by assessing the planet Moon and Venus in the birth chart. Moon shows receptivity of emotions and in what way you react in relationship. Venus part shows how much we are willing to adjust, compromise and attract in a relationship.

For e.g. if you have Moon with Saturn its mean you have tendency to take things seriously and tends to be more serious in relationship. And if you have Venus with Ketu it means you have hard time in to be happy in relationship.

2. Second part is the Synastry part. Synastry means when you lay one chart on top of another and see how each individual's planets are relating with the other. It shows what kind of buttons get pushed when two individual interact with each other. This is very important because it shows what kind of energy gets activated around you and them. If is something positive then you respond favorably positive to them but if something negative that you might be on the defensive around them and protect yourself.

For e.g. If you have Moon in Taurus and the other person have Jupiter in Taurus then it going to feel uplifted emotionally and supportive toward each other. if you have moon in cancer and other person have Saturn in cancer and this synastry going to be heavy emotionally.

3. The third part is kuta system. This part comes in Vedic astrology. The Kuta system in vedic astrology is Kundali matching of the two individual depends upon the Moon Nakshatra because Moon is the significator of mind and mostly we relate with other person from our mind. The Kuta system is more like a soul connection between two people. In kuta system we check on deeper level at the compatibility between the two individual on the spiritual, psychological, subconscious level. It measures the flow of the life force, or energy, between the two people, whether harmonious or inharmonious. Any obstructions to this flow may create a loss of power. Several of the matchings measure to see if there is such an obstruction to the flow of the couple's energies. Vedha, Rajju, and Strii-Dirgha are these most important matchings and any one of these that is afflicted will cause serious difficulties within the relationship. If Rajju, Nadi, or Rasi are unacceptable, there may be an exception present that wards off the great difficulties that may be created; the relationship will its weaknesses, but ones that are workable. If Strii-Dirgha is afflicted, but the exception for Rasi Kuta is met, then Strii-Dirgha will be OK as well.

1. Vedha Kuta: Obstruction - a terrible blemish – mutually repellent nakshatras. When you have the connection of “obstacles” , then partners will face constant challenges in trying to be together. When “obstacles” aren’t present between partners then they able to overcome any outside interference and live peacefully.

2. Rajju Kuta: Rope - binds a couple to misfortune based on similar body part. Rajju should not be same. If they have same rajju they may face some problems in life. When you have the connection of “misfortune,” it’s difficult to relax and enjoy each other in relationship. When you don’t have the connection of misfortune between your stars, you enjoy a far greater chance of being able to have your connection easily unfold and grow.

There are five Rajju:

Pada Rajju: The couple will wander and not be settled in life. The partners could become psycho­logically ‘unstable’. The person becomes restless and develops a desire to ‘wander’. Consciously or unconsciously the person will create circumstances that keep them away from each other.

Ooro Rajju: This may in due course lead to sexual problems on the physical or psychological level. There may be a feeling of frustration. The subtle or sublime experience of sexual satisfaction will be denied. Gradually the interest will decline.

Kati Rajju: On the mental level it may lead to states of anxiety, tension, feelings of insecurity, unreasonable fear and similar complexes. Loss of courage and confidence will lead to lack if initiative and hesitation in taking up responsibilities. Each one of the partners may develop some of these problems not necessarily the same or all of them.

Greeva Rajju: One of the partners may find the conversation of the other very uninteresting, rude and without affection. The intentions of one will not be clear to the other, there will be frequent misunderstanding. This may lead to serious marital problems.

Siroh Rajju: The couple may have fits of temper and unreasonable anger in one of the partners. Consequently there may be violent incidents. One of them may develop the desire to go hell, to cheat on the other, to be unfaithful. At times there may be a compulsive desire to be promiscuous or indulge in extramarital relationship.

If the Rajju kuta of husband and wife are in different Rajju, then they will live happy married life.

3. Strii Deergha: Shows the distance between the Moons. The shortest distance should be from the man’s to the woman’s Moon. This Strii Deergha or women moon to man moon distance is the number one reason for unhappiness or break up in relationship. There is energy flow in the zodiac, energy flow from Aries sign to Pisces sign. This energy flow checked from moon sign of man and woman. Women always in receiving role and man always in giving role, there should be less distance from man moon to woman moon for good relationship. But if it opposite there will be emotional problem between couples and relationship could break.

If these three factors does not match we should not go further because these there are main indicator of good marriage.

The Kutas are:

1. Nadi Kuta: Dosha - balance in emotional element. Basically Nadi Kuta is emotional styles between two people when they interact with each other. Nadi Kuta should be different should be different to get maximum 8 points. if nadi kuta is same between two people then 0 points are attained. So it shows how nadi kuta is important in between two people.

There are  three Nadi:

Windy: Those people who have windy nadi they are more intellectual side and talking too much.  if two people have same windy nadi then these people have problem in talking too much intellectually and conversation may go nowhere and it can convert in argument. .

Fiery: Those people who have fiery nadi they are more aggressive side.  if two people have same fiery nadi then these people may have heated arguments and this can lead too much anger between the couples.

Watery: Those people who have watery nadi they are more emotional side.  if two people have same watery nadi then these people have problem in too much emotions and if one person become too emotional then other person can not manage because he or she have have same elements and conversation may end up in messy emotions.

So one should be different Nadi so that Nadi element can be balanced.

Nadi Kuta can be manage if  your three main points ( vedha, rajju, and stir dirga) are clear.  If you understand your behaviour and try to understand your partner nature and to try to cooperate. A person can manage his/her Nadi temperament by developing more patience, tolerance and meditation practice.

2. Bhava kuta: (Sign) - Friendliness of Moon Sign Aspect - Whether there is
similar / supportive mental outlook. 2/12 - 6/8 - 5/9 Difficulty. 7 points.

If moon 2/12 from each other then you may find that you may be required to give up something else important in order to make the most of the relationship. Throughout life there will be more causes for loss and disappointment. Also, sacrifice and greater compromise will be necessary in order to be productive as a couple.Though the Moons can be in an inharmonious position from each other, the woman's flexibility and devotion will minimize any difficulties. As a result, if your Moons are in the 2nd and 12th from each other you may find it worthwhile to make the necessary sacrifices to be together. If your Moons are in the 5th and 9th from each other the competition will be friendlier and you will be able to appreciate learning from each other tendency to look at things from a different perspective. If your Moons are in 6th and 8th from each other the conflict will be reduced to an acceptable level and there will be able to appreciate each other's differences.

If You don't have Bhava matching,This gives the same troublesome effects as not having Strii-Diirgha,  but if you having stirr dirgha and nadi kuta is matching then this bhava kuta can be manageable.

3. Gana: Temperament - We all have our own nature. We all have different point of views about life, values and beliefs. It’s good if you and your partner are of the same temperament, best when the woman has the higher temperament. 6 points are given.

If you same gana 6 points are given e. g. deva and deva or manusya and manushya or rakshasas and rakshasas.

If you have dissimilar like deva and manusya 4 points are given.

If you have  dissimilar like deva ( women )and rakshasas ( man) 2 points are given. But if women have raksasas and man have deva or manushya the 0 points given.

The three Gana ( temperament) basically related to the behaviour style.

God (Deva): Deva’s are always trying to keep everything the way and they show that they are good in nature. Deva’s are very traditional it can be very stuck in their ways.  So deva’s have high quality of belief system without to question about their beliefs system. Davis are more about higher principles, have sacrificial quality, more tolerant, more forgiving and more generous in nature. Mostly they want peace and harmony.

Devil (Rakshasas) Temperament: Rakshasas temperament is also known as demonic. they are more strong, demanding and eccentric individualized people. Rakshas nature  is trying to shake things up and more into in exploring about mystical and spiritual path of life. These people have that seed principle in them which kinda disrupt things due to their highly curious nature. demonic temperament sounds crazy but also the temperament that has a lot of courage, lot of  enthusiasm and passion in them.

Human (Manushya): Manushya are kind in the Middle of two,  these are the people more like peace loving they wants to being with people in holding things together. Manushya are very much about practical things and they are very much about relationship. Manushya people wanting to you to live a pleasant, stable, solid, and happy life.

However neither is better even though the Deva sounds good. However it is better if women have high temperament because woman can handle man eccentricity better than man. Its hard to a man to handle women eccentricity because man does not have much tolerance and patience and they expect from women that she  should be more patient and tolerant.

If your gana temperament is not matching means you have dissimilar gana e.g. women rakshasa and man deva or manushya then still Gana temperament can be manage if there three main points ( vedha, rajju, and stir dirga) are clear.  If you understand your behaviour and try to understand your partner nature and to try to cooperate with them and this gana temperament is not big deal for you. a person can manage his/her gana temperament by developing more patience, tolerence and meditation practice.

4. . Graha Maitram/Rasyadhipati: The lord of the Moon sign ( Rasis ) is friendly or not.
Friendliness of Moon sign lord, shows a similarity of interests. 5 points.

if Moon sign is not friendly towards each other then you may feel quite differently about certain things, and comfortable in different situations. Compromise will be more necessary, but if your Vedha, Rajju, Strii-Diirgha are clear then dissimilar graha maitram manageable.

5. Yoni Kuta: Sexual compatibility – shows the capacity to bond through sexual experiences. When you and your partner are compatible sexually, you’ll be able to bond through intense experiences. While partners that are disruptive with each other may not able to find compatible sexually themselves and disappointed or bored with each other sexually. 4 points.

Moon is the planet of peace and how you feel. Mainly the planet of sex is Venus. There are many couples who have 0 sexual compatibility from moon but still have good sex because of Venus good matching. So if you don’t have good moon sexual compatibility check your Venus and Mars.

6. Dina or Tara: Day matching - important for the woman to feel cherished. - 3 points.

Count the constellations of the boy from that of the girl and divide the number by 9. If the remainder is 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0 it is good. e.g. if The constellation of the boy (pushya ) counted from that of the girl (Bharani) gives 7. This is divided by 9 leaving a remainder of 7 and hence there is no agreement, and no units of strength are scored on this account.

So If The Man's Moon falls in an unfavorable nakshatra from the woman's, thereby reducing the possibility that she feels good about what he proposes to her. It can therefore be a bit more difficult for the woman to be cherished and the man to be appreciated for what he does. This will only be a problem if one or both or you tend to be demanding, in which case one or both of you will end up feeling disrespected and not very loved. If, on the other hand, you are both easy going and not pushy or demanding, then Tara not being met will cause no real problems as long as your Total Points are okay.

7. Vasya: Attraction ("Dutiful")- Special inner connection. A partner can really be in love with each other and they’ll have an extremely hard time resisting one another or staying apart with each other. – 2 points.

The person whose Moon is both Vasya and the Food of the other will be aware of the other's needs and provide for them, but may occasionally feel that they have no choice in the matter. The other will appreciate this to some degree and, as a result, feel more devoted to the other.

8. Varna/Caste: Man should belong to a higher class. Women have adaptable nature . if man have low conduct the women automatically pull down so man should have high conduct. – 1 point.

The man's attitude of surrender and acceptance with what life gives will improve the woman's capacity for peace and help her feel good about herself regardless of what she has accomplished. on the other hand  if  woman's attitude of surrender and acceptance with what life gives may diminish in the face of the man viewing life as a struggle. Varna is the least important of the matchings and as long as Vedha, Rajju, Strii-Dirgha and your Total Points are okay, this will not cause any even remotely serious problems.

Mahendra: Another special connection. The moon nakshatra of the man counted from the women's Moon nakshatra should be 4th, 7th, 10th, 19th, 22nd, or 25th. This promote well-being in the marriage and increase longevity of the marriage. This connection gives you an extra affinity for each other and can help you find long-term soul purpose in your relationship, which can continue to make your relationship more and more meaningful.

The total amount of points to be gained is 36. A minimum is 18 points is fine, to be a good match 21 points should be obtained.

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