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Sun Sign Astrology

The Sun is the center of the Solar system. All the planets rotate around the Sun. The Sun is the giver of light to all the planets, and all life, comes from the Sun. Sun is the soul, purpose, supreme self and power within us. Sun makes a cycle through all twelve zodiac signs in a year, one after the other. By being born in the zodiac sign Taurus and you being a Libra are just have two different soul purpose. The Sun sign represents what we are trying to develop, the qualities we are trying to incorporate into our eternal being and what our soul the eternal Self being needs to experience to connect with the supreme self. So what are different meanings of Sun in different signs in astrology?

Sun sign Aries

Aries is the sign of individualism and self-centered. Sun in Aries is looking for spiritual growth for self. Want to be centered around one's Self and eternal part of your being and like to work independently. The Sun in Aries often gets accused of being egocentric, selfish and self-absorbed. Rather than being self-centered, Sun in Aries is trying to recognized supreme self. This is the process of recognizing and asserting the Self . A process that has to start with developing a strong ego and the sense of 'Me' but ending in being a selfless person, like father fulfill his duty selflessly towards his children.

Sun sign Taurus

Taurus is the sign of practicality and sensuality. Taurus is all about being in a physical body and using the five senses to interact with the world is working on grounding the Self into the material world, on using one's resources and skills to make one's Mark. While managing all these things Sun recognizing that there is a spiritual dimension other than that. Sun in Taurus looking for security orientated, and needs of the soul to find the certainty of the eternal Self rather than relying too heavily on material matters such as money or sensual pleasure.

Sun sign Gemini

Gemini is the sign of communication. Having found one's Self, in the Gemini sign related stuff things is the challenge to the Self, out to the world. Gemini is very good at taking small, and gathering pieces of information and using their intelligence and to reach a new truth. Sun in Gemini is interested in everything and explores many avenues as the soul Seeks to explore and understand the versatile world. Here Sun searching for knowledge and try to find in Vedic scripture and try to understand about life with the logical mind. Sun in Gemini are to do with truth versus false.

Sun sign Cancer

Cancer is the sign of motherhood, home, and family, and deeply sensitive inside. Cancer is a deeply sensitive sign which May feel slighted or aggravated without due cause. Sun in Cancer explores emotions and nurturing family members. Sun in Cancer has been associated with homely cook, food and drink, with people's welfare and well-being to the close ones. The soul purpose of Sun in Cancer is to nurture and then let go, to support others, including one's family, without becoming overly possessive, least expectations from family members, sacrificing and to understand the emotional value in life.

Sun sign Leo

Leo is the sign of royalty, creativity, power and self-appreciations. Sun in Leo wants to be to do something big in the world. Sun in Leo is known for flowery, arrogant, bossy. And kind of have domineering style. Sun in Leo have natural talent for acting, drama and self-appreciation. These people are born actor and the natural entertainer. The soul purpose behind this talent and creativity is that they convert their power and creative expression into the spiritual energy.

Sun sign Virgo

Virgo is the sign of service. Virgo is the discriminating, faithful, the able administrator, the cleaner and organizer of life. Virgo are good at making beautiful things. With its strong connection with grain and the harvest, Virgo May well be the field hand, the mill owner, and the hay maker. This is the sign that pick small details of life. The Sun in Virgo should avoided, being over critical and setting standards that are impossible to reach in the soul's search for perfection. The purpose of Sun in Virgo is to give selfless service for mankind which should comes from the heart.

Sun sign Libra

Libra is sign of balanced and harmonious sign. Libra has strong connections with pleasing others and indecisive by nature. Sun in Libra people are good diplomats, good negotiator, the Marriage broker, the interior Decorator and the deal maker. Sun in Libra is very eager for relationships. The soul purpose of Sun in Libra is to avoid losing one's self in the others and in the relationship and find the inner balance and harmony and create beauty and harmony all around, that enables one to take one's whole self into healthy relationship with everyone.

Sun sign Scorpio

Scorpio is the sign of intensity and passion. This is the sign of birth, death and rebirth and the shadow side of humanity. This fearless sign goes into all the taboo areas of life. Sun in Scorpio associate with medicine, alchemy, healing, policing, anything secretive, and with the occult life. The Sun is is ready to explore some of very dark and mysterious places. The Sun in Scorpio should avoid becoming conflict in 'power-over' struggles with others. The soul purpose of Sun in Scorpio is to find the insights in these things, and that will lead to its own and other's healing, which leads to spiritual growth.

Sun sign Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign that seeks the deeper meaning of life. The challenge Sagittarius is to keep this quest focused and grounded. Sun in Sagittarius is a free spirit and a soul searching for understanding about life and looking for bigger picture in life. Sun in Sagittarius looking for recognition that one has to live the questions before one can find answers. So, the priest, the philosopher, the teacher and the gambler, and the explorer are the possibility to have Sun in Sagittarius. Soul purpose is to explore the world and expand and horizon of humanity.

Sun sign Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign that seeks the outer life stability and the inner spirituality. Capricorn lives tend to center around authority and the establishment. So the captain of industry or commerce, the lawyer, judge, churchman, administrator, teacher, lawgiver and keeper, and those in the higher rank of power will likely have a Sun in Capricorn. Sun in Capricorn is looking for change of humanity's and can move this human consciousness into higher consciousness, which leads to reconnect to the soul's wisdom and use that, to become a wise mentor for humanity and uplift the mankind.

Sun sign Aquarius

Aquarius is the sign of revolution and evolution. Aquarius is the humanitarian can see further than most and recognizes that change is essential, for the the soul and for society are need to grow. Sun in Aquarius is free-thinking revolutionary, the scientist, the humanist, the astrologer, Renaissance man, and innovative. Aquarius can become stuck in some area of life. The soul purpose of Sun in Aquarius is to come out in a way that benefits and uplift the humanity and it is seeking for revolution and evolution and very humanitarian that can see further and recognizes that change is essential for the society and soul to grow.

Sun sign Pisces

Pisces is the sign of duality, psychic, prone to escaping from burden of life, is about spiritualism and enlightenment. Sun in Pisces people are caring, can include careers of all types which include caring, , those who have taken up the religious life, artists and poets, saviors and Martyrs. The Sun in Pisces must detach from the emotional undercurrents that can so easily trap in it, and rise above these to become one with the universe. The soul purpose of Sun in Pisces is to achieve enlightenment.

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