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Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Seventh House Astrology

The seventh house is the house of partnerships, relationships, Married life. Here we begin to respond to our personal needs with the others. The seventh house describes our relationships, which reflect us back to ourselves. In relationships we see ourselves doing and saying things we never imagine we would. Through our partner's feedback and responses, we discover that how others see us is very different from how we see ourselves. This also explains why we tend to attract certain types of people into our lives, and the opportunity to recognize ourselves mirrored reflection. This is the ultimate relationship which shows our faults and shortcomings which gives us opportunities for self-knowledge and growth. Planets in the seventh house are very descriptive of the relationship experience and even the types of people we attract. The outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in the 7th house May give difficult relationships. Not only can they represent partners that are challenging, but being in the seventh house, also gives them a  strong influence on the whole of the individual's life.

Uranus in the Seventh House: Uranus is the Planet of rebellion, revolution, independent, unique, unconventional, dictators, Freedom and creativity are important to this Planet
Uranus in 7th house shows a need for independence that can work against efforts to find relationship, or can indicate relationships that are not readily acceptable to others because of their unconventionality.  It also can show unusual partnerships and relationships that are exciting and provoke growth and change. Uranus in your 7th house can also give an unusual relationship, or liking for an unusual person. These people are attracted to people who are very different from others, unconventional, unusual, rebellious and independent.  They can be unpredictable in relationships, and difficult to rely on.  They don’t want to feel tied down to anyone, and it might be hard for them to commit to someone. They need someone who will give them plenty of space and not try to force on them something before they ready. Because these people unique, It takes time for them to understand each other and relationship could be full of misunderstanding. To have good relationship these people need to develop the tolerance, cooperation, and should give freedom to partner.

Neptune in the Seventh House: Neptune is the Planet of spirituality, Illusion, confusion, compassion, and dreams, abstract thought and the mysterious. Neptune also represents creativity, artistic, poetry, painting, music and dance. It also rules Neptune movies, television, photography, and theatre.  Neptune is creating an illusion of what is enchanting on the outside and captivating within. Neptune has a mystique and superficial, which doesn't reveal itself easily. Neptune in the seventh shows confusion and can lead the individual to pursue the "wrong type" of partner. There can be Deception or over idealized romanticism that leads the individual into unnecessary sacrifice. Neptune rarely is positive in seventh house. You could also be attracted to artists and creative types. The native with Neptune in the Seventh House has high ideals and high expectations when it comes to partnerships. Neptune searches for the idealistic, infinite, dreamy and sacrifice in love. The Neptune idealism May also extend to that level they May attracting traumatic type of people, like alcoholic, handicapped, whom they can sacrifice everything for them. They might get lost in taking care of partner and need to work hard at maintaining their own Separate identity. Neptune in the 7th looking for idealistic love which is not possible in real life and often relationship is painful.

Pluto in the Seventh House: Pluto is the planet of Power, psychology, regeneration, reproduction, vindictive, revengeful, obsessive, mysterious, secretive, destruction and death.  Pluto in the seventh attract partners, May be possessive, jealous, controlling, powerful, intense, and passionate.  Pluto in the seventh gives a fascination for powerful people, although it also May cause these individuals to attract weaker, needy people who proceed to gradually drain them of their own power. Their relationships May have a pattern of trauma and dramatic, and occasionally May attract an abusive partner, and challenging partner. These people May experience struggles over power and control in relationships.  Pluto in the 7th house can denote natural attraction to each other and a deep researching of each other’s psyches and there will be strong personal opinions in the relationship. The relationship bond could be powerful. Pluto in the 7th house can indicate a Marriage that will come very late. If Pluto is well aspected or not particularly challenged, then the relationship could be manageable and the difficulties in relationship can be worked out.  These people need to trust, learn to communicate openly so that they can avoid misunderstanding.

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