Sunday, September 14, 2014

Being at Peace Inside Astrology

We have to learn ourselves how to be at peace within ourselves.. It is a constant struggle and we need to keep on trying to be at peace within ourselves. 

Why being at peace within ourselves is important  and what are the benefits of it?

One of the main thing is to Understand ourselves. Why is this important.. if we understand ourselves we know what we like , what we don't like , where we are comfortable and what makes us feel uncomfortable. When we know this we know how to act and behave in a certain situation. This is certainty very helpful in being at peace with ourselves.

  1. When we are at peace .. We are clear in our mind and we speak thoughtfully as we are not distracted by the surroundings, noisy thoughts , irritation, scared mind to express ourselves
  2. When we are at peace .. We can clearly analyze and see the intent of the other person communicating with us. With a calm mind we are able to spend time while having a conversation so we are able to better communicate and take care of our interest.
  3. When we are at peace.. We understand our desires and how much we want and understand the limits of the desire. it is very important to understand it as without understanding the limits we are chasing a miraz. 
  4. When we are at peace.. We are not irritated as we understand what we want and have the patience and understanding of what it takes in terms of time and effort to archive it.
  5. When we are at peace.. We are mindful of others and are good listeners this helps us deal with people better .. being a better listener makes us understand what the other person is saying which is so important to live life.. most of the time we see people dealing with each other without understanding them.. how can we be at peace without understanding others that are around us.
  6.  When we are at peace.. we are healthy because we have a calm mind and are able to deal with situation in less stressful manner which promotes better health.
  7. When we are at peace.. we are helpful as we understand our place in the universe and have a better understanding of society and our duties.

We can do mediation, self analysis to help ourselves to be at peace of mind and lead a healthy and happy life. There are some astrological influences which makes our mind stable and peaceful.. even if we don't have those combinations we need to practice and work on ways to have a peaceful mind, so for some it will be more effort to be at peace of mind. We can use Astrology to understand what energies effect us and figure out a way to deal with it. We are responsible for our peace of mind and happiness.. So we should act on it and deal with it.. We can use escapism to avoid unpleasant situations , but eventually when we have to deal with it .. it causes more grief.. so knowing how to deal with situations bring us peace. Imagine we are avoiding certain situation.. that is uncomfortable.. being uncomfortable doesn't makes us feel at peace.

When we are angry, irritated, distrustful and not peaceful inside the outside world looks like a chaos and not livable, When we are at peace inside we start seeing good things around and it feels like a place we want to be.  The outside world didn't change .. it is just that we are looking at the world when we are at peaceful inside.. HAPPY JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE. 

It took me more than a year to analyze and balance myself (for some it could be less time, may be I had to work more on it :-)). I don't think i am perfect.. this is a constant practice we need to do in life as life brings us different challenges every day.


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