Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Pluto in Synastry

Synastry is an astrological technique of determining compatibility between two people comparing the one person chart top on the other person chart. In this technique we check similar sign fall over each other sign in the birth chart to those in the other person’s chart. E. G. If your Sun in Taurus and your partner Moon in Taurus its mean your Sun sign falling on top of its Moon sign. It is very helpful in understanding of relationship between two couples, synastry shows how the energy flowing between two people when they meet with each other and what button they pushed of each other.

The outer planets (Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune) have a powerful effect in our personal lives, and the synastry between one person's outer planets and another's personal ones will create changes that affect the relationships. The synastry of Pluto with other planets can create powerful, magnetic forces of attraction between people depending on which planet falling on each other. The Pluto partner seems charismatic, powerful, transformation, intense, deep, manipulative, obsessive and controlling. Often this partner actually holds some kind of power and quite obviously has the capacity to cause change.

Pluto brings change through the principle of letting go and jumping into the unknown. Most lessons, this is likely to be learned through the many different challenges in the relationship. The Pluto partner May challenge the other person's darkest shadows and fears. This can generate very powerful karmic lessons about realizing that there are things we cannot change and must accept that we do not have power over all aspects of our lives, at least of other people in our life. This lesson can be expressed by the partner, who May have characteristics that are considered unacceptable, and even dangerous, and that are often specifically the things we hate most. The partner who is perfect in every way but one, and that fatal flaw is the one most feared and suffered by the other person. On the other hand, when the karma is accepted and the partners are willing to face the Plutonic shadows, these relationships can offer the opportunity for profound spiritual growth and personal change because, Pluto's lesson of accepting what we cannot change and learning to let go is the most fundamental spiritual lesson to the partner.

Pluto Falls on top of Sun:
The Sun represents ego, purpose, and power. This synastry show a clash of ego and power struggles between couples. The Sun’s person finds Pluto's intensity disturbing. The relationship is personality and identity transforming for the Sun person. The Sun person feels major changes in his identity. However the Sun’s person through light on Pluto's person dark behavior and there is changes are likely to occur in both couple's in life direction. There is also a possibility of changing in life purpose due to upheaval in relationship.

Pluto Falls on top Moon: The Moon represents emotions and inner peace. This synastry show intensity of emotions and cause strong emotional reactions and the lunar partner to respond in unexpected ways. These synastry often are felt as threatening or challenging, and the Moon individual can feel vulnerable and wounded emotionally. The Moon person is likely to feel “controlled” or manipulated by the Pluto person. Pluto person tries to manipulate and control over the Moon person’s emotions. The relationship will be responsive to both conscious and unconscious, and telepathy, psychic connection between partners.

Pluto Falls on top of Mars:
The Mars is aggression, competitiveness, passion, and sexual desire. Pluto in synastry with Mars enhanced aggression, passion, competitiveness and intensifies sexuality between couples. The relationship can be explosive, challenging, conflicting and sometimes violent. Pluto is dominating and controlling and Mars is independent and free spirit. Both are not able to n tolerate each other and there is power struggles between them. Mars is strength and Pluto is depths. Both couples attracted each other due to these qualities but the relationship is volatile, and couples changes dramatically through their interaction with each other.

Pluto Falls on top of Mercury: The Mercury is idea, thoughts, intelligence, learning, communication, and fun of life. Pluto in synastry with Mercury, intensifies ideas, thoughts, and communication and undergoes some profound changes in your understanding and in your ways of thinking, and develops a deeper understanding with your partner. The Pluto partner helps to open you up to new ways of thinking. The partners can feel very close to one another because they share many things with each other. The intensity of learning experiences with partner will transform mentally. The Pluto person May attempt to control the Mercury’s person thoughts, and May be overly forceful in imposing his views on the Mercury person. The relationship is transforming mentally.

Pluto Falls on top of Jupiter: The Jupiter is hope, inspiration, luck, wealth and divine grace. Pluto in synastry with Jupiter give depth and intensity, of luck and fortunate and together you have an ability to expose truth and enjoy your journey wherever your aspirations together. There May be clashes over differing moral, ethical or philosophical perspectives, and there May entirely change the faith and the life opinion in the relationship. The Pluto partner could make Jupiter person dissatisfied with anything less than what you desire. On a positive side the Jupiter partner, give optimism, hope, and bring luck and the Pluto person, bring depth and intensity, and both the partner can learn and explore mystery of the life together. Pluto will make this tendency of Jupiter even stronger, as Pluto’s natural tendency is to intensify.

Pluto Falls on top Venus: Venus is love, romance, balance, harmony and compromise in relationship if you want to happy. Pluto synastry with Venus is creating intense, passionate magnetic and strong sexual attraction towards each other. The intensity of love and sex deepens over time rather than lessening. A desire to control, manipulate or sexually dominate to partner arouse in the mind of Pluto person. This should be managed so that relationship doesn't turn into a love hate relationship. Pluto and Venus is about deep transformation in love and sex. A transformation of attitudes about love and relationship will occur due to an intensely passionate physical and spiritual love.

Pluto Falls on top Saturn:
Saturn is the primary significator for karma, especially through the principles of limitations and lessons. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, hard work, reality, dedication and time. The Pluto person learns about the limits of power struggles in a the relationship. The Pluto person Feels lack of power, want to destroy whatever is blocking path, heavy depression, deep disappointments, and fear of losing control. Transformation in relationship is through limitation, slow and painful. Pluto partner learn Lessons from the dark and hidden behavior of own, lessons learned through hardship and difficult life tests in relationship. On the other hand, when the karma is accepted and the Pluto partner are willing to face and accept the Saturn lesson, these relationships can offer the opportunity for profound spiritual growth and personal change because, accepting what we cannot change and learning to let go is the most fundamental spiritual lesson of all.

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