Friday, May 1, 2015

Family Relationship How Astrology can Help

Family is what makes us complete and we all dream to have a nice loving family.. Does it workout by itself may be not .. We all have to work hard and keep it together. We all know what we can see and hear .. But what about what's happening at the emotional and subconscious level. If we have a clue of how everyone is perceiving the relationships it may help us. Synastry is mostly used for analyzing relationship of a couple . It can be used for understanding relationships with any one, be it parents, guide or anyone.

In a family following are core relationship 
  1. between husband and wife. 
  2. son/daughter with mother 
  3. daughter/son with father
These all relationships can get entangled as we stay together and grow.This is especially required as today we are not able to spend much time together. With this insight we can be close, connected and have an enriching relationships in the family.

Relationship between Husband and wife is complicated with time we start taking each other for granted or we have conflicts which we cannot resolve.  With this insight you will know what buttons not to push and what are the needs of spouse.. which can lead to a loving and comfortable relationship.

Relationships with Children

Child’s perception of mother can be analyzed by certain influence in the birth chart of the child. It indicates mind of the child and how a child is able to relate to the mother. By understanding this a mother can connect with the child at an emotional level.

Child’s perception of father can be analyzed by certain influence in the birth chart of the child. It indicate child personality influence of the father and where a child will need recognition from father.  By understanding this a father can have some insight into how the child is thinking.

Mother if we look at it plays the most important role in raising the family. They nourish the family, is amazing at multitasking and can relate to everyone at a emotional level. Some how we assume and expect this from the lady of the house. Traditionally women has done this role, today the role is changing and women's are contributing in higher percentage in workforce as well.

As we are longer in marriage and children grows they some how figure out keeping their emotions ,insecurities and fear to themselves and somehow not let it out due to the fear of being miss understood ,appearance of being week or emotionally vulnerable.
How can astrology help you to be the super women that could do all with a smile. Here astrology insights can help you by understanding the subconscious influences on the family.. Some of it even we are not aware of. With this insight ... What is happening between your child and universe a mother can engage and figure out a way to induce freewill and thoughts that may steer your child and relationship from harms way and let your children achieve their dreams by educating them to be able to make right decisions.

If the chart  reflects a learning karma in relationship as a mother you can guide their child to be more mature and mindful in relationship and not let someone take advantage of them and be diligent in relationships with better communication.

If the chart reflects a tough karma in career.. As a mother you can teach your child to be hard working ,focused and have better communication and presentation skills. 
If the chart reflects health related concerns.. As a mother you can teach your child to be better and mindful of what they are eating and how they build their eating habits.. This could keep them healthy for life..

If your child has challenge in communication you can work on it from the beginning to improve their communication skills so that they don't feel shy or lack of confidence when speaking to others.

If you work closely with an astrologer .. An astrologer can in fact list the areas where your child will be naturally inclined can use this as a guide to make your child excel and succeed.. Also an astrologer can highlight areas where your child will be withdrawn .. Sometimes these could be important in the materialistic world which they need to learn and be better at. As a mother you can introduce these areas as necessary evil of life which needs to be taken care even if we don't want to.

As a mother you have an opportunity to induce healthy habits in your children and loved one's life, good habits and freewill can minimize the effects of bad influences on us.
With all these insights you will internally feel connected with your family and will be happy.  This is a comprehensive consultation for the family for $175, I expect proper feedback. Your success is my success as if you are happy you will easily refer people to me.If interested Contact me for the details about what will be covered int he consultation or order it using the consultation page

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