Monday, June 1, 2015

Cancer Ascendant July 2015 Vedic Horoscope/Forecast/Transit

The major theme of this month will be the Sun, Mars and Mercury all aligning in the sign of Gemini transiting and highlighting your 12th house of subconscious. Mercury Sun and Mars is heating up and activating your 12 house. 12th house is a more complicated area of the chart because the 12th house is the last house the more hidden area of your life. It can represents what's going on behind your back or you might be where you are doing things more behind the scenes are more secretively. But there are some very positive energies related with the 12th house. The Sun is putting a spotlight on the 12th house, you may be doing a lot of soul-searching and reflecting on what's going on in the past year and getting ready about what you're preparing for what you may want for the next year. Mercury is how you gathering information what you're thinking, talking and what's in your mind. So when Mercury goes in 12th house with the Sun you feel like you're coming out of the shadows. You are more focused on developing something more behind-the-scenes. Mars is the planet of war, ego oriented, aggressive assertive, and invitation. Where Mars goes there is to be a lot more impatiens, restlessness and activity. Mars being in the 12th house is more self protective and more withdrawn. You might want to be left alone and want to do their own thing but Sun and Mercury also there's so a lot of attention to the 12 house. It can be favorable for studying, researching, doing a lot of behind-the-scenes development, and preparing for some long-range future plans. Mars is very energetic but in 12th house alone behind-the-scenes could also be a time you're feeling just exhausted from all of this activity. The 12th house is also about spiritual practices looking deep within the psyche reflection and soul-searching. Mars is little bit impatient doesn't want to really meditate but it can be directed for doing more physical spiritual practices like yoga, dance and any chanting that sort of thing whether to read them getting the physical with the mental with the spiritual.

The Full Moon: The full moon always brings a lot of emotions to ahead. It could be a time of culmination of letting go or just bringing everything into sharp focus. This full moon falls in your 6th house is putting the spotlight on your sixth house matters. So this could be more of a time that you need to change your routine,  get back to exercising or you need to change your diet and or get back to the diet so there could also be a refocusing on health matters. The sixth also be day-to-day routine, sector of service. You could be volunteering some work and taking care somebody who need your help. You have a lot of work duties to take care of so could also be just a very busy day.