Monday, June 1, 2015

Virgo Ascendant July 2015 Vedic Horoscope/Forecast/Transit

The major theme of this month will be the Sun, Mars and Mercury all aligning in the sign of Gemini transiting and highlighting your tenth house of business and career matters. The Sun is putting the spotlight and drawing your attention to your career, your life purpose or any kind of important business matters. Mercury is what's on your mind what were thinking about how we process information. Mercury is negotiated, a communicator analytical, discerning, good for business is really putting a spotlight on what's really important for your career. Mars is the planet of war, ego oriented, aggressive assertive, and invitation. Where Mars goes there is to be a lot more impatiens, restlessness and activity. Mars is being ambitious and driven and motivated courageously helping to you in your career goals. You are so energized and motivated but little bit anxious or more irritable. You may feel a little bit more confident, mature, motivated, enthusiastic, driven and more courageous. There is tremendous focus of energy is in your tenth house of career matters in this month.

The Full Moon: The full moon always brings a lot of emotions to ahead. It could be a time of culmination of letting go or just bringing everything into sharp focus. This full moon falls in your 4th house is putting the spotlight on your fourth house of home family, real estate, personal areas for your living situation.