Monday, June 1, 2015

Capricorn Ascendant July 2015 Vedic Horoscope/Forecast/Transit

The major theme of this month will be the Sun, Mars and Mercury all aligning in the sign of Gemini transiting and highlighting your 6th house. The major themes is all around your work and involve some help improving in getting back on your diet and exercise program. The sun is putting it spotlight in your sixth house. So your attention the focus of the month is all were getting the job done or finding the job. Mercury is negotiated, a communicator analytical, discerning, and good for business. Mars is the planet of war, ego oriented, aggressive assertive, and invitation. Where Mars goes there is to be a lot more impatiens, restlessness and activity. This is very favorable for enhancing your job skills and getting a lot of work done or interviewing and looking for work. The thing Mars it tends to be more selfish, Mars is the leader, and it wants to do its own thing. Mars in the sixth house of coworkers, employees, so you're more prone to arguments disagreements and impatient. So if you can work alone the happier you will be and the more productive because you just don't have the patience to work with other people who may be going slower than you.

The Full Moon: The full moon always brings a lot of emotions to ahead. It could be a time of culmination of letting go or just bringing everything into sharp focus. This full moon falls in your 12th house is putting the spotlight on your 12th house.  You may be tired and you may want to get away go on retreat. It could be very favorable for meditation, spiritual practices and for soul-searching. You may be more inclined to be of service to those in need and you will get out in your community for service.