Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Karma and How Fate / Destiny Works Together

You may have heard people say.. it is in my fate or destiny so i kinda need to live with it. How is fate possible .. If we planned to go out and then decide not to go out.. is it the fate was not to go out .. How do we know? Is there some element of free will?

Definition of Karma found on web: The sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. 

So in someways our actions is driving our fate
  1. Actions(Karma) ----> Drives------> Fate/Destiny
    (as our fate is based on the past and present actions)

In some ways fate needs to originate at some point in time, somewhere, somehow.. accepting fate/destiny without the context of Karma will be incomplete and disastrous. If fate exists without karma then we don't need to take an action and be responsible for anything that happens.. oops!!! 

FateKarma (Action)
1It is in my fate to argueThink before you argue
2It is in my fate not to like youFind a reason for not liking.. give love to get love
3It is in my fate to be angryStop being Angry and be Practical to resolve the issue
4It is in my fate to misbehavedKarma won't let you misbehave
5It is in my fate to be miserable or UnhappyFind the reason and fix it
6It is in my fate to be poorFind some work or get better and not be Poor

Imagine how the world will be like if it was all in the fate and no one had any control or freewill.... I think it is the nature of a week mind not to take responsibility of the actions if they don't turn out to be as expected or desired and have fate as a reason for it. Most of the successful people take the responsibility of their actions (karma) and deal with what doesn't work out the way it was expected.

If we don't save for old-age when we are growing-up.. we cannot blame fate for now be able to afford our selves when we are unable to work.

If we don't educate our children when they are young.. We cannot blame them for not having a successful career.

When bad things happen to a person.. it is said probably "it was in their fate" as there is lack of explanation as to why it happened to them. In a way whatever happened get over it and do what make things right. Instead people accept it as a fate and do nothing.. which is like disengaging in life and bringing misery.

The gap between the desires/needs and the KARMA causes unhappiness and creates uneasy mind. The thought is to make desires/needs as less as possible so we have to engage less or have KARMA aligned with desires/needs to have a peaceful mind. We cannot escape  KARMA as we need to take care of this body and not be a burden on society. KARMA is a must the only question is .. will it be less or more. Even becoming a yogi is a karma. I don't see it any differently..  we have to engage at some level.
With yoga and meditation we see things clearly with a peaceful mind, able to make the right calls and engage in life. KARMA IS ABOUT ENGAGING IN LIFE. imaging the opposite.. people don't know what is going on and what will happen next :-).

When we engage in life we are peaceful inside as we are working towards a goal and have a sense of purpose .. which is so different than a drifter who has no idea what is coming next as they are driven by fate.

There are many books written on successful people .... have not seen fate as a major factor in what they have achieved. Luck has been attributed to their success in some instance as they were able to see the opportunity and were the right person in the right place at the right time. In someways this can be attributed to Karma as they were willing to engage in life. 

let's assume everyone believes in KARMA. We will become a self governed society .. every individual will be careful of their action as they know for anything bad they will do they will be answerable.

Astrology can help us find where we are challenged in this lifetime. It can be used as a tool for self understanding and improvement which in-turn helps us in getting engaged in life. Don't let Planetary influences be limiting on you.

Change your fate now by engaging in GOOD KARMA,

Without Karma there is no Fate.. we need to accept  & understand. 

What we do today will make our tomorrow, So we are creating our own fate/destiny.

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